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Test of The Ring: Think Like Bush or Real Education

M. Mirnada | 06.03.2005 21:24 | Analysis | Education | Zapatista

The Test can assist you in smashing your brain-washing to actualize the severe changes that dignity/honor call down upon our thinking, the clarity of our goals, the design processes of our strategies for change-the purpose & operations of institutions that shape our lives & deaths.

Can U Shock Yourself Into Consciousness: DO the Test
Can U Shock Yourself Into Consciousness: DO the Test

Half Wat through the Test Mikle said"its like Eureka - only the Opposite!"
Half Wat through the Test Mikle said"its like Eureka - only the Opposite!"

COndi took the Test at 12 and Joined the Fascists Honor Society
COndi took the Test at 12 and Joined the Fascists Honor Society

United States of South America

Test of the Ring: No One Has Ever Passed It, Some Go Crazy, Some Just Cry

By Marcel Miranda,

How to Fight Killer Capitalism, Methods, Plans and How to Tap the Inspirations All Around Us

Aristotle’s Philosophy of Friendship

In the Nichomachean Ethics Aristotle presents friendship as a virtue or something that requires virtue (something we consider good). For our purposes “ideal friendship”, “perfect friendship”, and “true friendship”, are the same thing: the highest degree of friendship. Aristotle explains that in perfect friendship we love because of the essential nature or value of good character. He calls this friendship “friendship of the good,” because it can only exist between those who are good and virtuous. Perfect friendship is more lasting than friendships of utility or pleasure because, although we receive utility and pleasure from this friendship, when utility and pleasure cease to exist, the friendship does not. Aristotle contends that perfect friendship is the truest from of justice; true friendship is rare because justice is rare. Perfect friendships tend to require time and familiarity as well.


I used to think that ideology mattered...

Well you will have to wait for the rest of that sentence, but here is where it came from...

I am a Revolutionist!

I believe that creating a better future for all things requires severe changes in our thinking, the clarity of our goals, the design processes of our strategies for change and the purpose and operations of the institutions that shape our lives and our deaths. Toward this end is presented the Test of the Ring.

I. Define the terms you use continuously as they arise. Define the context of your discussion (the world that your analysis exists in) and any tiny changes that arise as you process and move around the ring. Be alert to the time frame that is assumed in your analysis and predictions, and be prepared to defend timeframe assumptions at any point in the process. Definitions, context and time are not constant. They interact and evolve. So, we must be aware of any shifts in these items and when there might be enough change in any of them to affect our plans or our way of thinking.


Power/Politics; Imperialism/Capitalism; Love/Priority; Green/Sustainable; Self Defense/ Terrorism; etc. / meaninglessness…

The Ring

A. Begin your journey of discovery by explaining your longterm goals (Vision) for your region and then for the world. Examine how the two might conflict or compliment.

B. Describe short objectives/goals and how they lead to the longterm goals. (Remember: definitions updates, timeframes, contexts).

C. Then explain how you achieve your short term objectives: Strategies, tactics, tools and any assumptions. Then examine whether any of this impacts or changes the long term goals of your region or the world.

D. Examine possible uncertainties by developing scenarios that might evolve in Part B or C. Consider what changes in strategy or tactics ( or assumptions) might be needed. What will be the response of your adversaries and challengers?

E. At this point you have either encountered problems (or you certainly will be challenged on many points) and now find your self back at point A pr B on the Ring; or if no significant problems arise then you have circled the Ring.

F. Now you must proceed again with more details and added criticism.

* Note: It is advised that you give yourself this test and then have a friend (or a critic of your views) give you the test.

** Test of the Ring to be Updated –Help us evolve it!

One update is:
to be thorough you should cycle various perspectives through your plan after you have made it around the ring once or twice. Try doing the test with emphasis on the perspective of Psychology/Social Psychology; environment; crime/criminal gangs; Death Squads; demographics; technology (good and bad); wisdom/traditions; chaos...

Another useful idea is to write down an outline of how you proces the ring and save it so that you can see how you/your perspective changes over time.

Ex. :


Definitions, Contexts Defined, Roadblocks and Brainwashing Problems


A. Killer Capitalism (Modern Capitalism): 1. Markets, Politics and International Structures; 2. Consciousness; 3. Morality

B. Power (politics): 1. The Real left; 2. The Holloway Thesis

C. Imperialism (Fascism): 1.

D. Democracy: 1. Liberal Democracy (Democratic Republics) ; 2. Classic Socialist; 3. Participatory Planning (Market and non-Market)

E. Strategic Thinking: 1.
F. The Real Left: 1. Participatory Socialism; 2.


A. Strengths and Weaknesses of USA Empire: 1.
B. Agents of Change: 1.Strengths and Weaknesses of the Resistance; 2.
C. Other Views: 1.

III. Roadblocks, Bottlenecks and Brainwashing

A. Slogans: 1. Think Local Act Global; 2. Small is Beautiful; 3. Save the Earth; 4. The Ends are the Means; 5. Power corrupts; 6. Bikes/Food not Bombs; 7. Love not war; 8.

B. Blocked Thinking:
1. Goals Confused with Strategies; 2. Traditions, Family, Peer Pressure, Self Doubt
C. Fear and Loops of fears.


Section I:
Context & Examples of Strategic Thinking

ITS Like Eureka! Except the Opposite

The More You Think ABout What Groups are trying to do... the more you will find that they do not make sense: logically, spirituaLLY, intuitively, historically or in any kind of time rationality ... check it out - AT YOUR OWN RISK... report your results immediately - While U Still Can...

The Real Conspiracy Hides Among the Fake Ones
by M Miranda Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005 at 11:18 PM United States of South America

Miamian-Ex-CUbano Narcos, Venezuelan/Spanish Bankers, Cancun development - Argentine Military Narcos - ALL CONNECTED -

Narco escándalo sacude a Argentina: Kirchner confronta a los militares
El hombre tranquilo de la Patagonia fuerza un nuevo acercamiento a la política de drogas

Por Al Giordano; Especial para The Narco News Bulletin
2 de marzo de 2005

Una nueva estrella surge en la búsqueda de América de una política más honesta y efectiva de drogas. Su nombre es Néstor Kirchner, es presidente de Argentina y recientemente ha despedido a un grupo de militares de alto rango en un narco escándalo que sacude al país. Ha confrontado recientemente a narcotraficantes de cuello blanco en el negocio de las aerolíneas, llevando las cosas a ampliar la investigación en el involucramiento español en el tráfico de drogas.

Comment from Miami Indymedia

Ringer; by Jackie o Friday, Mar. 04, 2005

I'm thinking of doing the Test - but i don't even know how to define those words, concepts, blah blah - They don't teach us to think in college - is there a life tutor somewhere?

You are probably right about the Cuban-Traitor (miami mafia) and the Spanish Drug-Delaer Cancun thing. I know a guy in the government in Cancun and he tried to expose what he knew about drug money and the construction boomb there - something about the Mex Green party invovlved too.
Figures since Cancun - or the hotle district has got to be the gaudiest, flakiest, sickest display of gringo - wacko culture that there is....

Hope someon can do the test...

M. Mirnada
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