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Difference between an Israeli mother and Palestinian mother. Must Read

17-10-2002 19:27

Difference between an Israeli mother and Palestinian mother. Must Read

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Sharon’s Legacy Of Hopelessness

17-10-2002 19:20

The dream that has been Israel has been replaced by hopelessness. That is the mood in the land. After two years of the intifada, that is the legacy of Sharon.. n

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The Media Detox Plan

17-10-2002 18:55

Are you experiencing any of the following: difficulties in formulating independent opinions; a belief that media, corporations and government actually tell the truth or are committed to what is best for this planet and its inhabitants; certainty you could never survive without a bigger car/new trainers/waterproof mascara?

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Breast Cancer Scandal

17-10-2002 17:12

So, Zeneca, the originator of Breast Cancer Awareness month is the manufacturer of carcinogenic petrochemicals, carcinogenic pollutants and a breast cancer drug that causes at least four different types of cancer in women, including  breast cancer.  I ask you to stop and think,  "Is something wrong with this picture?

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Peasant struggles and the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) in Brazil.

17-10-2002 15:14

Short Historical Notes on the Landless Movement - Brève note historique du Mouvement des Sans-terre
The authors of the following text have been active members of the landless movement of the Brazilian rural proletariat.

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17-10-2002 13:14

Serious sabotage and damage commited during an invasion of New Tribal Missions HQ in the UK

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Cheap coaches to Florence

17-10-2002 13:05

Cheap coach tickets

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Independent Student Media Project

17-10-2002 11:24

The Independent Student Media Project ( is a new activist website based in the UK.

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Colombia Solidarity events in London

17-10-2002 10:48

forwarded from Colombia Solidarity Campaign:

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israeli settlers on the rampage

17-10-2002 09:34

attack journalists

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I'm an American tired of American lies

17-10-2002 09:11

I'm an American tired of American lies

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17-10-2002 06:37

Get it while you can

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Photos of HM the Queens 2nd last day in Canada

17-10-2002 05:14

Photos of HM the Queens 2nd last day in Canada
Photos of HM the Queen on her second last day in Ottawa
By Jake Wright (article 1)

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WTO in Sydney Australia (november) : Update

17-10-2002 02:05

Will The WTO Cancel Their Sydney Meeting?

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Guerrilla Film Screening - European NewsReal - this friday, london

17-10-2002 01:05


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Action Alert: Write the UN Security Council to Stop the Rush to War!

17-10-2002 00:51

The United States Congress has voted for going to war with Iraq— failing in its duty to represent a deeply divided American public. For people around the world who are troubled by what this conflict could bring, the vote in Congress is distressing since US military action now seems all but inevitable. There are still ways, however, to express your opposition to a war on Iraq and stop this invasion.

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WAR RESISTANCE: workshops and actions (ARROW)

17-10-2002 00:28

More planning and strategy meetings around anti-war NVDA:
Groups around the country are organising contingency plans for nonviolent civil disobedience if / when the war starts
Over 2500 people have now signed the Pledge of Resistance, committing themselves to taking part in (or supporting) acts of nonviolent civil disobedience in the event of war.

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Corporatewatch: PR Industry Profits From WAR...

17-10-2002 00:00


Corporatewatch on how the PR industry has been quick to exploit business opportunities arising from the war.

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This is what caused the terrorist attack in Bali

16-10-2002 20:57

Terrorism breeds out of conditions of poverty and hopelessness and there are plenty of people in Indonesia who have good reason to hate Western governments and big business.

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PEDAL FOR PEACE - 31oct2002

16-10-2002 19:12

Text from flyer adversiting action availaible at