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An intensification of the criminal economic, financial and blockade of Cuba.

14-10-2003 19:22


Dignity and steadfastness in the face of imperialisms growing hostility and arrogance.

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Sheffield Stop the War meeting

14-10-2003 18:00

Special Meeting: Crisis in the Middle East
There can be no peace without an end to occupation

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Even More Stills of Manchester Camp X-Ray

14-10-2003 17:29

Manchester Camp X-Ray 1
Even More stills of Manchester Camp X-Ray

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russia in brief

14-10-2003 17:17

Stories from Russia

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More Stills from Manchester Camp X-Ray

14-10-2003 17:13

Manchester Camp X-Ray 1
More stills

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Stills from Manchster Camp X-Ray

14-10-2003 17:06

Manchester Camp X-Ray 1
Stills from video clips of Manchester Camp X-Ray.

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US elections to be stolen (again) -fraud in the voting machines - the memos

14-10-2003 16:50

these are the memos that diebold corp is so hot about- they are trying to shut down US sites that have them up. they are PROOF of a crime to defraud and get around US election law. spread them as far and wide as possible

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Legal Action Against War (LAAW)

14-10-2003 16:31

LAAW ( Legal Action Against War ) has been set up by concerned citizens to investigate and utilise every possible legal avenue available to prevent Britain using military force to resolve international disputes.

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Monbiot's anti war party

14-10-2003 16:28

Guardian report of George Monbiot's plans for a new political party.

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Residents evict ‘terror gang’ from park

14-10-2003 15:59

Concerned residents in Blackbird Leys gave warning to a teenage gang on Thursday that ‘enough is enough’ following a series of vicious attacks and muggings in and around Gillians Park. Around 60 people, some of them relations of the gang’s victims, turned out to picket the park and serve an ‘eviction notice’.

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Stop Bush!! and Invitation to OSAN first meeting

14-10-2003 15:53

Are you interested in doing something during Bush's visit to the UK?

The Oxford Students' Activist Network (OSAN) is a new organisation that seeks to
create a platform for co-ordinating actions and campaigns on a wide variety of
issues, and act as a space for radical politics in Oxford.

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rebellion in Bolivia- summary of Monday events

14-10-2003 15:42

contre les estudiantes
original by tom - 14.10.2003 12:00

The number of the dead has risen to official 58, over 200 badly injured have been treated in hospitals. Tanks and other heavy military vehicles have been moved to the city centre to shoot the rebellion.

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Trade Union delegation to Iraq. Visit to Oil refinary.

14-10-2003 15:38

American guard
Final stop on our journey around Baghdad was to the Oil refinary to meet the recently unionised workers.
Pics:Guy Smallman

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US propaganda goes pear shaped

14-10-2003 15:37

The US Army is at the centre of a PR nightmare after a stunt aimed at showing how life has improved for Iraqis dramatically backfired.

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Trade Union delegation to Iraq. Visit to rail workers

14-10-2003 15:00

Train maintanance
Alex Gordon is a national executive member of the RMT
Pics:Guy Smallman

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Trade Union Delegation to Iraq. The Occupation.

14-10-2003 14:50

American Patrol.
Shots of the occupation troops taken through the window of our transport.

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November, Libertarian Social Forum in Paris

14-10-2003 13:38

Libertarian Social Forum : an event in the anticapitalist landscape.

From 11th to 16th of November, the Libertarian Social Forum will take place in Paris and Saint-Ouen (93), in parallel to the European Social Forum. Tired of institutionalized lies of reformist idea of change ?

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Police remove anti-gm demonstrators from Allianz Insurance offices in London

14-10-2003 13:20

This morning, Tuesday 14 October, at 9.30am fifteen demonstrators, including some dressed as a corn cob and a cow, occupied the offices of Allianz Insurance[1]. Police were called and all but one of the demonstrators was removed about twenty minutes after the occupation began. One of the demonstrators met with a Director of Allianz and the demonstration ended peacefully without any arrests.

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Dublin: Bin tax campaign escalates and shuts down entire service

14-10-2003 12:42

The bin tax campaign in Dublin today reached a new level. In the last few weeks 15 campaigners have been jailed for protesting. Today we responded with force.

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Immigrants are ruining cities, says bank

14-10-2003 11:50

Business campaigns for ban on immigrants in Dutch cities. Larger cities also favour dispersal policies, to remove existing minority concentrations.