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UG#696 - The Morality Play of Austerity (Bailing out The Shipwrecked Plutocracy)

29-11-2014 20:46

Three looks at the Financial 'Crisis':- First, Professor Mark Blyth, author of "Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea" looks at the promotion of austerity as a financially necessary measure, uncorrelated to bailouts. Next Les Leopold, another new speaker on the show, author of "How To Make A Million Dollars an Hour - Why Hedge Funds Get Away With Siphoning Off America's Wealth", describes financial chicanery of dubious legality and even less morality. We conclude with a stirring speech by regular speaker, Chris Hedges, who sets the austerity in the context of a dying empire, and assets that the only consistent position for those of conscience is outright rebellion against "the dehumanizing ideology of totalitarianism capitalism".

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Texas - The BESTIAL State of USA

29-11-2014 01:30

The State of Texas (aka the Bestial state of the USA) continues to execute people at an alarming rate - ignoring and violating International Human Rights Laws and Standards.

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Is Africa Over the Watershed?

27-11-2014 18:01

At a first glance it might appear so. The Ouagadougou bubble has burst, another old fart was overthrown without colonial soldiers rushing in, and the same chaos that burdened Africa with the colonialist contact is also bringing it home. There is still heavy bleeding going on, as the consciousness of that continent is playing the loudest fiddle in the human rights abuses emanating from these afflicted by colonialism in the active sense, but the inner-African containment of the Burkina Faso crisis on the model of the Ulan Bator – Beijing treaty has pissed off the colonialist so much that it fell to the temptation to claim it as its own achievement while in earlier such instances it had been humiliating African regimes to call in the evildoers such as into Mali, the Central African Republic or Sudan. Yet as the limits of that tactic are, it has not led to Ouagadougou ousting the already present colonialist mercenaries in the Sahel. So there is no reliable precaution against a fallback into collaboration with the failed states in Europe and North America. Some African states have indeed smeared themselves with unspeakable historical guilt by enabling the colonialist regimes to expand their lifespan against natural decay. The lesson of Gaddafi, that anyone who remains involved with imperialism on an international scale domestically degrades himself to that level and in addition is at risk of being dumped at whim, is far from already having taken hold everywhere, and the few and far between taking upon themselves the tremendous task of teaching their fellow Africans about the culture-deprecating evil that is going on around the cradle of humanity still have a lot to do (see Jun 3, 2013 + Feb 21, 2014 + May 4, 2014).

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Freedom's Womb

26-11-2014 11:55

Freedom's Womb is a unique video guitar message

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Revenge4Rémi, StreetFires4NuclearIndustry, PrisonSociety&GreenCapital

25-11-2014 18:01

(November 25th in Bristol:)

French police have killed Rémi Fraisse while they try to rout a combative forest occupation that prevents the Sivens dam. We have burned a vehicle in the service of the French multinational GDF (who work towards the new nuclear reactor not far away at Hinkley Point on top of other nuclear projects in many countries, force dams on irreplaceable Amazonian indigenous lands with the support of Brazil's military, provide facility management for the police force in this region, run utilities on the Shetland Islands for one of the biggest oil and gas terminals in Europe, manage multiple French prisons, and all around design technologies which attempt to disguise industrial capitalism as sustainable development for the same banks and commercial entities as always).

This was in the Long Ashton area, where we then also burned an audacious 4x4, two luxury sports cars, and a vehicle of OCS (who are considered one of the top security companies in the UK, providing guard personnel, patrols, CCTV instillation and monitoring, etc.).

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Audio: Sylvia Pankhurst - The Suffragette as a Militant Artist

24-11-2014 22:23

A recording of Hester Reeve discussing the value of re-historicising the suffragette as a militant artist in order to celebrate the unique suffragette contribution to human rights and creative citizenship. This Sheffield Humanist Society meeting was held on 18th November 2014 at the Farm Road Sports and Social Club, Sheffield.

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Does Theresa May's latest statement on domestic coercion she's fit for Purpose?

23-11-2014 16:40

Interior Minister (UK Home Secretary) Theresa May got a good outing via SkyNewsPressPreview last night (Saturday 22 November 2014) with the Personal Profile plug via the Mail on Sunday.
That would come in handy when she has to sell the main wares gearing the State up with more powers to exercise control on the lives of the innocent majority!
How does her planned law change on curbing domestic coercion fit in with that Agenda?

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The students are back in town

20-11-2014 19:49

Yesterday's student demo (Wednesday 19 November) saw up to 10,000 people on the streets of central London (organisers' estimate), some scuffles with the cops at Parliament Square, and breakaway groups targeting the Business ministry and a few other venues. Earlier, the NUS head office got a new paint job with "Scabs" scrawled across the windows, after the students' union pulled out from backing the demo.

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The Anti KFA McCarthyite Witchunt in the UK -the real denial of human rights !

20-11-2014 10:50

Whilst criticising the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over fictional "human rights " violations
the media and establishment in Western countries have launched a McCarthyite campaign of
blacklisting and persecution of pro DPRK activists

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MFE Failure Anniversary

20-11-2014 10:34

Today is the anniversary of the March For England 2013 failure to turn up in Brighton on their 'revenge march.' Yet another embarrassment for MFE and their bullshit rhetoric.

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Call-out for support for fracking resisters: Thu 20 Nov in Manchester & Wrexham

19-11-2014 23:02

Papers have been lodged in the High Court by the landowner against 'persons unknown' at the Borras Community Protection Camp in Wrexham seeking possession of the currently occupied site of the proposed GP/Dart/IGas test drill.

Support is requested in the morning (Thu 20 Nov) at the court hearing in Manchester and at the camp near Wrexham. Full details below.

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The ABC of Media Power - Des Freeman and John Pilger

19-11-2014 21:33

Q&A on the ABC of Media Power with John Pilger and Des Freedman to launch 'The Contradictions of Media Power' held at Goldsmiths on 18th November 2014.

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Fascist Demonstration Sat 29th Nov at Greek Embassy, London #antifa #GoldenDawn

19-11-2014 20:55

Nov 2013's demo - Peter Rushton front left
British, Polish and Greek fascists intend to hold a demo outside the Greek Embassy, Hollland Park, London on Sat 29th November 2014. So I thought I'd cast a quick eye over a few of the organisers.

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Get the bloody arms trade out of Bristol

19-11-2014 17:33

Babcock chief executive Peter Rogers said: “We are delighted that we are growing and strengthening our partnership with the Ministry of Defence through the acquisition of DSG.

“We are committed to working with our customer to ensure we are responsive to the evolving needs of the Army whilst achieving improved performance levels, enhanced operational agility and greater cost efficiencies.”

We need this like a hole in the head!!

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US Planes Supplying ISIL with Weapons, Foodstuff. Iraq Intel Report

19-11-2014 14:04

ISIS are used by US to destabalize Syria and the middle-east

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Muslamic Play Rug (real Ebay item): The Ultimate EDL / BF Winterval Present @edl

19-11-2014 01:20

Don't be stuck without present ideas for your EDLer / Britain First / NWI friends this Winterval, whether they are dyed in the wool Islamophobes retweeting Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, or are hardcore Hitler fans such as Lacette Brooks...... All will adore the Muslamic Play Rug (real name - not a hoax)...

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Demo Against Police Harassment at Bristol CID (report)

18-11-2014 12:15

Badgers at Bristol CID HQ
Last month a statement was released about police harassment in Bristol and the South West - . On Saturday, some anarchists in Bristol decided to pay the police a visit of their own...

(for advice on dealing with police harassment, please see this guide - )

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Audio from #ORGCon2014 - The UK's Digital Rights Conference

18-11-2014 01:38

Attached are recording from four of the sessions held at #ORGCon2014, on 15th November 2014.

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Paul Morris AKA Green Arrow has arrived on Twitter! @edlnews @slatfascists

17-11-2014 22:43

Veteran BNP stalwart, and troll of the old Lancaster Unity website, Paul Morris, has arrived on Twitter posting toxic racism including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

The long-time fascist loser is calling himself Kevin Smith, the creator of the Green Arrow cartoon strip but his twitter URL is a dead giveaway: -