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Is Africa Over the Watershed?

Internationalist Observer | 27.11.2014 18:01 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Iraq | World

At a first glance it might appear so. The Ouagadougou bubble has burst, another old fart was overthrown without colonial soldiers rushing in, and the same chaos that burdened Africa with the colonialist contact is also bringing it home. There is still heavy bleeding going on, as the consciousness of that continent is playing the loudest fiddle in the human rights abuses emanating from these afflicted by colonialism in the active sense, but the inner-African containment of the Burkina Faso crisis on the model of the Ulan Bator – Beijing treaty has pissed off the colonialist so much that it fell to the temptation to claim it as its own achievement while in earlier such instances it had been humiliating African regimes to call in the evildoers such as into Mali, the Central African Republic or Sudan. Yet as the limits of that tactic are, it has not led to Ouagadougou ousting the already present colonialist mercenaries in the Sahel. So there is no reliable precaution against a fallback into collaboration with the failed states in Europe and North America. Some African states have indeed smeared themselves with unspeakable historical guilt by enabling the colonialist regimes to expand their lifespan against natural decay. The lesson of Gaddafi, that anyone who remains involved with imperialism on an international scale domestically degrades himself to that level and in addition is at risk of being dumped at whim, is far from already having taken hold everywhere, and the few and far between taking upon themselves the tremendous task of teaching their fellow Africans about the culture-deprecating evil that is going on around the cradle of humanity still have a lot to do (see Jun 3, 2013 + Feb 21, 2014 + May 4, 2014).

The inside-out analysis of such a crucial consideration is to be focussed on the positive developments though, and it happens that these are not to be found inside Africa but coming directly from the global frontier of abolition. The fifth Islamic State message is such a great leap ahead of the earlier takes that it has set loose an avalanche of consciousness whose effects cannot yet be entirely framed already. But as the fallout materialises in the imperialist centres and around the world, it is already clear that the desirable consequences are overwhelming any negative ones. It has by now dawned upon the relatives of the victim who should have been in his place, prompting the regime to hastily rotate out the culprit, and what it means that Washington has crossed the threshold beyond which even the most complete change of mind of a war criminal does not make a difference any longer.

The employer of the victim has just turned its neck back and forth once too much so that the headscarf requires to be tied anew. The imperialist military has just changed its proclaimed intent with those it is attempting to conquer back and forth once too often to be of any use to be included into any reliable intention. The Pentagon is over the cliff, kicking the air and missing the dandelion seed inspiration. The silent victim is displaying in its restless eyes the awareness of knowing of all this, and at the same time of the inevitability of being in place of some of these who are watching. What follows then is a cultural shock reaching deep into the brains of these who have invested their hope into any form of imperialist propaganda.

Beginning with a multiple long distance echo in the voice of the lead executioner, a truckload of “special effects” of propaganda machinery depravity is surrounding the death of dozens of victims who must have felt swarmed by video technology like someone dying alone under the sky by nasty animals of all kinds. Besides the North American soldier who had substituted his oath the execution involved a large number of Syrian troops taken prisoners of war whose executioners show their faces in full awareness that Syria is being betrayed by the imperialists as if they had noting to fear from it. Yet while for the North Americans the conflict with the Islamic State is an internal affair and everybody there knows that the exchange of the converted cheerleader against the flip-flopping minister does only depend on their own raising of will and not on the behaviour of any other countries, this is entirely different in the case of Syria.

It is to be remembered that the Pentagon leadership breakdown was preceded by a similar incident in the White House guard corps. The origin of the shock waves bringing about these results has been Dr. Assad and his role as a dissident doctor, who since the closing of the Syrian embassy in Washington has served as a valuable medical assistant to dissidents in the “West” who have got locked into conflict with phoney military-industrial complex “doctors” and are fit to handle these toxic creatures such that all it takes to collapse their professionally ignorant house of cards is yet another business card with an academic title on it. Dr. Assad then inserts that card into these cases and as a result by now has obtained the heads of quite a number of phoney “spin doctors” around the world for whom he could easily have got his servicemen back in prisoner swap with the Islamic State.

Yet Syria has been denied by the so-called “international community” to reap the fruit of its honest efforts. Although a mortal enemy of the Islamic State, mostly because his state is in so many ways just like the imperialist ones, since the diplomatic cutting of ties Dr. Assad has put himself into the situation of Ali, who takes the place in the bed of Muhammad as the “grand coalition” of death squads is coming in its last ditch effort, only to find the hunted one having poured dust on their foreheads and left behind Ali as a witness. That proof of conspiracy is visible to the naked eye of open consciousness on dozens of faces of spies, soldiers and abusers masquerading as medical staff in all these imperialist regimes, and even naive onlookers can notice these people touching themselves as if to check the truth in the truth.

The Islamic State has in it fifth message now framed this enormous diplomacy deficit with a balancing scheme that takes the Syria of Assad as the central bank of the entire imperialist system. Only when the evildoers who have been significantly convicted are handed over to the fruit of their abuse waiting to apply the appropriate treatment to them there is any way for the current political structure of Europe and North America to avoid being vanquished in its entirety. For a doctor – or more precisely “doctor” – complicit in imperialist spying being finger-pointed by Dr. Assad in a dissident abuse case is the ultimate flash flood of psychoactive truth – with the murderers mark on their foreheads, for these scum existences now there is no other way than the most high profile death.

It is only natural that a doctor singled out by his former colleagues to be sacrificed as to prolong the existence of their fraud would be taking that path. And it is now crystal clear as well that the Islamic State is not another “corpse economy” monster of the kind of the alphabet soup the imperialist has been pouring upon Syria for so long, but the realisation of the truth that Dr. Assad is only the front-end of an international complex of evil, and by now a positively turned front-end as well being more useful to the dismantling of imperialism than the imperialist runaway agents preceding his turnaround.

(Insertion: As the ink has dried, the news is coming up of the slaughtering of civilians in Raqqa in an apparent response to the court scandal and ensuing unrest in Unitedstates. This proves though Assad is above all the medical competence of the imperialists he is still not aware of what is above him, and what is the deep message of the Islamic State video, ignorance of which seems to have overheated his air force. Although a good check and balance against Sisi, Cameron, Netanyahu and so forth, when faced with the permanent solution to the problems he claims to keep at bay, he apparently behaves as much as a spoiled brat as these. Why can´t Syria keep its desire for revenge until the appropriate way is revealed, although it is universally recognised that there is no need to present a list of names to bicker about to receive the exchange objects earned?)

The most obvious sign of this fact can be found in the current crisis of Unitednations Securitycouncil. After the failure of Gaddafi it is indisputable that veto membership there is not a desirable goal for Africa, as the body is only a temporary construct that becomes obsolete once the atomic weapons are dismantled, and there is no meaningful ambition for an “African nuke.” The reasonable perspective is abolition of the veto, which requires abolition of the “nuclear” (atomic that is – the atom is more than its nucleus) arsenals, which requires the replacement of majority voting with the consensus principle, which means a veto for every member state in the assembly, which means that consensus is always incomplete, which is a fundamentally good thing because that means that the number of wrong decisions is drastically reduced. One such wrong decision by the current Securitycouncil that indicates that the watershed is not yet passed in the sense that Africa would have taken Unitednations with it is the recent extension of the enemy list by adding an African organisation. By that the defunct structure is abandoning the Fiji prisoners of war in Syria. That it is in fact defunct can be seen from the bribes the Fiji regime received in response to the unvetoed death verdict from these who would like to purchase their way into the monopoly veto. But it is to be spread out in the assembly instead.

In comparing the conditions before and behind the watershed (after which the blood spilled in defeating the capitalist states feeds a flow toward the future rather than toward the past) it is standing out what Al Baghdadi said after wrongly proclaimed dead, namely that all the diplomatic coalition-building effort was a mere media farce and that the imperialist in fact wanted the influential scholars rather than the depraved pilots. The coalition-building against Africa has led to the absurd situation that the imperialist went to collect a deliberately misnamed “support group” designed to outnumber all African states in Unitednations, thereby indicating the meaninglessness of assembly voting. While the Islamic State proudly is outside of Unitednations, Africa is inside of it, so it can only give up its nationalist fragmentation when the number games in the assembly have definitely ceased and up to that point maybe it would be better to split up into twice as many states just to increase the number of votes in the game. It is obvious that no one inside Unitednations is really over the watershed until the entire thing is. The width of an African independence movement – both in terms of geography and of perspectives – can not unfold independently as long as any participation in “democracy” number games is going on.

The most hopeful news coming out of Africa is the pillage of the ebola stations, after it became clear that the alleged medical aid is merely a pompous pretext to turn entire countries into septic tanks for business experimentation. The people who have risen up against this phoney invasion of ignorance and incompetence have shown the way not only to their continent. The exiles in North America have realised that they do not want to be in the shoes of Obama, and began to throw stuff at it (food not bombs) so John Cantlie can use the footage. Even in the imperialist centres the social conflict is no longer rotating around “greenhouse warming” but exploitation and oppression of which the former is a mere symptom. The “climate effect”, that is the phaseout of the so-called “moderate climate” and the discovery of those who lived in it that they now are sitting on a fence between tropical an polar tendencies is relevant to Africa in so far as it shatters the illusion of climate zones at different levels of affection. By that it is becoming more and not less likely that the “greenhouse” can be closed down before it heats up so much that no one would come to repair the water cooler because the climate is too crass to enter. For now, the conclusion is that it was a grave mistake to build one in the first place and put any “honey pots” for ebola inside. But that is not news to anyone who has observed the deterioration of Unitednations after the Vatican threw the towel twenty months ago.

It is by now obvious that “warming change” is a symptom of a military-industrial complex gone crazy, such as is colonialist occupation, “military advisers” and diplomatic hypocrisy. By crazy we mean that it is taking humanity into risks of extinction against our declared and undeclared will and at the same time deceiving itself with a totalitarian apparatus attempting to paint them as chances. Hence, Africa is going to be over the watershed once Dr. Assad has received for proper treatment and forwarding the mass murderer Hagel and all the unnamed phoney “abuse doctors” he legitimately obtained. Then – and only then – Africa can open up its internal disputes without having to fear military interventions and diplomatic defamations. But it may as well be that the entire question is asked on the ground of wrong pre-configurations, such as in the story of the Hindu businessman who thought that he could grow men like coconut. Why would a man have to spend all that time within the womb of his mother if he could just be made on a plantation? So he went to produce men like coconut until the predictable crashes vanquished him.

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