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The Anti KFA McCarthyite Witchunt in the UK -the real denial of human rights !

UK Korean Friendship Association | 20.11.2014 10:50

Whilst criticising the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over fictional "human rights " violations
the media and establishment in Western countries have launched a McCarthyite campaign of
blacklisting and persecution of pro DPRK activists

For some time a nasty and insidious media campaign was waged against the UK Korean Friendship Association , the proud defenders of the D P R Korea and standard bearers of Juche-based socialism had been conducted. Certain hostile forces , believed by some to the south Korean puppet regime or by others to be a combination of the US and south Korean governments, have waged a campaign internationally against the KFA and other pro –DPRK organisations by using their paid agents in the media . There have been instances of this in Ireland, the Netherlands, France , Austria Switzerland and Thailand. There have been attempts to hound people out of jobs , to get them blacklisted and make them unemployable.

At first there were sneering attacks from right wing blogs and also snide remarks in diary columns by a certain right wing racist journalist in the "Sunday Times ". In January 2012 The website "NK News ", which very much a front for the CIA and south Korean National Intelligence Service and populated by assorted so-called "experts"(over-paid DPRK bashers in universities) carried an slanderous article entitled "Britain's useful idiots-the curious case of Britain's pro north Korean community ". The article was a classic McCarthyite fingering exercise.(the article was also published in the south Korean puppet "Korea Times )
Later in 2013 when UK KFA picketed the south Korean puppet embassy to protest against the visit of fascist puppet Park Geun Hye . A couple of characters from the "NK News " came up and illegally film the picket in an effort to intimidate us . By a strange coincidence so-called DPRK defector " Joo Il Kim "(in reality a south Korean businessman living in New Malden) came up and run around like a monkey playing tricks and making provocations. The NK News pair and their pet monkey Joo Il Kim broke UK law by filming the picket without permission . A well dressed man was spotting talking to the 2 NK News 'reporters' , one of the picketers overheard the conversation and said that he appeared to giving instructions to them as if he was their controller or handler.

Then on the 17th of March 2014 the "Sunday Times " owned by Rupert Murdoch's "News International " monopoly and believed to have close ties with British and US intelligence(ironically Oliver Hotham the so-called "NK News " reporter had also been a "Sunday Times " journalist). carried an article called " The Dear Leader's Dear Friend in the UK " about UK KFA Official Delegate Dermot Hudson. This article named his workplace. This unfortunately led to him being called to a series of meetings and hearings and disciplinary action been taken against him . One meeting lasted 3 hours at which Mr Hudson was asked questions like "how many times have you been to the DPRK " and "how many times have you been to the DPRK Embassy " . It is thought that such questions were prompted by a third party . Mr Hudson charged with 'Serious Misconduct'(an insulting allegation) and was issued with a First Written Warning and told very starkly that the post of KFA Official Delegate was incompatible with employment at any level in the organisation !.(apparently even as a cleaner or teaboy ) What a shameful piece of fascist McCarthyism and witch-hunting ! Mr Hudson went through an internal appeal as well as an external one but no one would listen so as result of this Mr Hudson was eventually forced to retire early on paltry pension .( a "constructive dismissal "?) Thus the employer concerned took the side of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets. Around the same time another KFA member ,employed by a different employer, was subject to disciplinary action on trumped up charges. It can also be mentioned in passing that although not a KFA member a schoolteacher , Ms Lesley Larkum who been to the DPRK and is a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain(Marxist-Leninist) which is itself a member of the Co-Ordinating Committee of Friends of Korea of the UK was subjected to a scurrilous attack in the Mail in which plumbed new depths of gutter-press journalism.

. The aim of this sinister witch-hunting campaign by the media was to silence supporters of the DPRK , first and foremost the Korean Friendship Association which is the first and foremost organisation that supports the DPRK. Chiming in with the so-called "human rights "offensive the imperialist reactionaries have stared a campaign to try and shut down UK KFA . . Regrettably certain employers have colluded with this insidious and dirty campaign that smacks of modern day McCarthyism and fascism. Ironically those that claim to defend "human rights " are the ones involved in smearing and blacklisting KFA members and officials , basically denying their human rights to them. This is truly scandalous and shows the hypocrisy of the US imperialists and their poodles in the British establishment.

UK KFA will not silenced by this witchunt !


UK Korean Friendship Association
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