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Road Alert: New Road Building Proposed for the Peak District

16-08-2004 18:12

details of road proposals & links to info sources & opposition

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UK sleepwalking into a surveillance society

16-08-2004 17:45

The UK Information Commisioner Richard Thomas has criticised the introduction of ID cards saying the UK could "sleepwalk into a surveillance society"

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Naseh Ghafor roadblock protest photos

16-08-2004 17:44

Photos from Naseh Ghafor Burngreave Road blockade 7/8/04

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16-08-2004 16:32

New Zealand cuts diplomatic ties with Israel - $1.2 trillion missing from the Pentagon - Young American girl murdered in cold blood by Israeli soldier - Are Americans not getting these stories because the U.S. is in a perpetual news black-out?

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16-08-2004 16:19

the greedy criminal bourgois classs set to have more sleepless nights as the despicable poor are considered worthy of education and health care by the 'tyrant' Chavez (unfortunately such dickheads are taken seriously)

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Faslane protest - Stop Britain's Nuclear Weapons! coach from Oxford

16-08-2004 16:16

Book your place on the coach from Oxford to the blockade at the Clyde Naval Base, Faslane, where Britain's nuclear warheads are stored.

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Dick Cheney, Hugo Chavez and Bill Clinton's Band

16-08-2004 14:24

palast has the inside info...

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Privatisation of council housing

16-08-2004 14:01

Privatisation of social housing can and should be stopped. Those council tenant who have already been privatised have found themselves far worse off.

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UK 'sleepwalking into Stasi state'

16-08-2004 13:22

click on the links-

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Occupiers ready for bloodbath in Najaf. Internation action needed now

16-08-2004 13:04

As journalists are expelled from areas in and around Najaf and the “official”death count of GI‘s rises to 943 ( the stage is being set for a major blood bath in one of the Muslim world’s most sacred cities. U.S. leaders are drawn, in desperation it seems, to the one source of power left available to them, military might. Even now they can not see the utter hopelessness of this path, the Iraqi nation now totally united against them. Below please find the most recent details on the war against the people of Iraq. . Please pass this news to all others. jamie

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Rumour: Carter and Gaviria of the OAS are fighting

16-08-2004 12:52

All depends on the Carter Center and the OAS. These groups are in frantic negotiations with the Coordinadora Democratica (opposition) right now. Rumour (I´ll confirm as soon as possible) is that Carter and Gaviria of the OAS are fighting. Carter apparently thinks that the vote ought to be accepted. Gaviria believes that some kind of "solution" should be sought in spite of the clear vote.

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Naseh Ghafor Milton House protest

16-08-2004 11:21

Milton House Protest
A couple of photos from the protest at Miltion House in Sheffield.

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Open letter to the 'Independent' newspaper

16-08-2004 11:10

Open letter to the 'Independent' newspaper in responce to their article by Hannah Baldock that claimed early results from the referendum in venezuela indicated that Chavez was loosing...

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Video.Edinburgh demo in support of the Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela

16-08-2004 10:53

Edinburgh in support of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela
see video at

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Chavez cheated - of course

16-08-2004 10:41

With over 94% of the votes counted, more than 58 percent of the turnout voted to keep Chavez in office while 42 percent favored ousting him. Needless to say, opposition leaders rejected the results as a "gigantic fraud."

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Venezuela's Chavez Wins Recall Vote: CNE Announces Results

16-08-2004 09:46

The people chose Chavez: the opposition failed to obtain more votes that those who wanted Chavez to stay. The "no" option obtained 4,991,483 votes representing 58.25%. The "yes" option obtained 3,576,517 votes, representing 41.74%.

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New Food Policy Website

16-08-2004 09:23

The World Food Policy web site is a platform for discussion of Majority World Food Policy issues.

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Result of the referendum in Venezuela

16-08-2004 08:34

The result of the referendum is a victory for Chavez and the bolivarian revolution: 58% voted for the NO (to the rejection of Chavez). People celebrating on the street.

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16-08-2004 08:20

As of 4:05 am, and with 94% counted, Chavez wins with 58% of the vote.