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Censure motion: Bush and Cheney to be impeached?

20-12-2005 19:03

Censure motion hits Bush on Iraq, 'torture'...
Dem senator seeks advice on impeachment

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Infousurpa n4

20-12-2005 17:58

Weekly independent poster of activities of london's social centres

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Let’s Cut Through This Deafening Silence!

20-12-2005 17:57

A violent attack is underway in Italy against the law n. 194 which regards the ‘norms protecting maternity and voluntary pregnancy termination’.

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20-12-2005 16:47

Could other forbidden weaponry have been used at Fallujah?

Such as a mini-nuetron bomb?

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No Solution for Migrants Left to Die in Desert

20-12-2005 15:58

Sub-Saharan migrants are still left languishing in the desert after being left to die by Moroccan security forces.

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Stop the WTO Negotiations! Save Jobs!

20-12-2005 14:35

After ten years under the WTO, unemployment has increased everywhere in the world.. Many transnational businesses try to distance themselves from responsibility for working conditions by outsourcing work.. Joy to the world, not only to the superrich!

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sustainable energy, short films, food and poetry

20-12-2005 14:35

get clued up about energy

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It was beautiful

20-12-2005 14:33

saturday club got together during dosummats anti over consumption month to say you cant buy beauty...

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Lesbian hunger-striker ends 33-day fast

20-12-2005 11:57

Zimbabwean still fighting for release from detention - A Zimbabwean lesbian protesting against her detention without trial in a Bedfordshire asylum centre has ended her 33-day hunger strike.

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Take Action: 100's of protesters still detained in Hong Kong

20-12-2005 11:15

Hundreds of anti-WTO protesters are still detained in Hong Kong after December 17-18 protests. This is a call for action to write a letter demanding that the people be released.

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America!. America!. Anti war music video

20-12-2005 09:32

“America, America!”a music video that cocks a snook at the great American empire and exposes the American war machine for what it is - global terrorism.

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Solidarity Cafe Night - Thurs 22 Dec - Broadway Market occupation

20-12-2005 09:20

Solidarity Cafe Night -Thursday 22 December

Tony's Cafe
34 Broadway Market
Hackney E8
7pm onwards.

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Causachun coca! Wañuchun yanquis!

20-12-2005 02:35

We are living a new time "and the Third Millennium belongs to Peoples, not to the Empire!"

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Kong Yee Sai Mau (No to WTO): The Battle of Hong Kong

19-12-2005 22:15

Sat Dec 17, Hong Kong—It’s 1:30 am in Hong Kong. We have just returned to the house after being in the Hong Kong streets all afternoon and evening in the most intense street battle that we have ever seen. We are taking turns showering the teargas and pepper spray off as we write this up. Farmers, workers, women’s organizations, fisher folk, Hong Kong youth, migrants and other movement people from Korea, across Asia and around the world marched on, broke through several police lines to less than a block from the site of the WTO conference center and laid siege to it until we were dispersed with teargas and mass arrests tonight.

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Rising tide's actions Saturday 16th December 2005

19-12-2005 18:01

Marching down the High Street
Rising Tide london and several independant activists took part in various subversive consumer free christmas actions on Saturday. A number Department stores such as Gap, Nike Town and Self ridges were targeted

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EU fines likely for Bayer and Chemtura

19-12-2005 14:11

European Union regulators plan to fine Bayer and Chemtura this week for fixing prices of rubber chemicals, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the investigation.

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Crush christmas Consumer Chaos Cardiff

19-12-2005 14:03

outside starbucks
Depressed looking Santa's roamed Cardiff city centre shops amid pre-christmas consumer frenzy

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Brilliant Fools - Harold Pinter, John Le Carré And The Media

19-12-2005 13:50

The media are, and always have been, the supreme obstacle to change. But you would not know it because all media corporations apply the same potent label to such a thought: ''Unthinkable''.

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Police brutality and inhumane treatment of prisoners at WTO summit in Hong Kong

19-12-2005 10:22

The brutality and inhuman treatment of the protestors against the
World Trade Organisation (WTO) by the Hong Kong police comes as a shock and must immediately be stopped.

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AMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on the seasonal shows of 'piety' and 'compassion

19-12-2005 10:22

On the day when the mainstream UK news outlets are running the alleged story about alleged class division between John Prescott and his boss Tony Blair - and on the alleged rift between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair over the British EU rebate...
in contrast with the absence from the main news media in the UK of anything like decent reporting on how BOTH Prescott and Brown are as much responsible as Blair for continuing with the policy of impoverishment of huge parts of the world’s populations...