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Take Action: 100's of protesters still detained in Hong Kong

no-wto | 20.12.2005 11:15 | WTO Hong Kong 2005 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

Hundreds of anti-WTO protesters are still detained in Hong Kong after December 17-18 protests. This is a call for action to write a letter demanding that the people be released.

Hundreds of anti-WTO protesters are still detained in Hong Kong after December 17-18 protests.

Send letters to the Hong Kong CEO to ask for their immediate and unconditional release!

Mr Donald Tsang
Chief Executive
Office of the Chief Executive - Hong Kong SAR
5th floor, Central Government offices, Main Wing
Lower Albert Rd, Hong Kong
Phone: + 852 2878 3300
Fax: + 852 2409 0577

December 19, 2005

Dear Sir,

Many citizens (more than 1000) from different countries, have been arrested by the Hong Kong authorities during the last two days, 17 and 18th of December 2005.

They were participating in the massive peaceful march organized by La Via Campesina, an international farmers’movement. The purpose of the march was to express the Via Campesina position with regards to the WTO agenda.

As a result of the police intervention, many farmers and their allies were injured and 1100 of them were arrested. They are still detained and are not allowed any direct contact with our delegation. They are also denied contacts with a lawyer, which is a violation of their basic rights. We do not even know where many of them are, and it is urgent that we are able to give information
to their families and friends.

We are extremely concerned about them, about their health and the conditions during detention. Many of them are sick and require medical attention. All have to fly back to their countries today.

We are therefore requesting that you implement necessary steps with the Hong Kong Authorities to ensure their immediate and unconditional release.

We are confident that you do not wish to violate any universally recognized human rights as established under the International Human Rights Convention and meanwhile the following must be ensured: a full list of detainees and the place of detention; that all their physical needs be assured, that those who are sick are allowed to get medical treatment in their own countries, and that
they have access to a lawyer and to a translator.

We reiterate that your urgent intervention is most necessary we and ask for your written confirmation of the steps taken ( ),
as well as verbal contact with Indra Lubis : 92690520 or Nico Verhagen : 60539397.

Yours Faithfully

Alberto Gomez,
International Coordination Committee of La Via Campesina

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