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Infousurpa n4

infousurpa | 20.12.2005 17:58 | Free Spaces | London

Weekly independent poster of activities of london's social centres

If you don't understand anything, sorry, my english is not the best.

We started to do this on LARC (London) like the same, of the
one in Barcelona. The idea is the same of there. Once a week everyone from
different social centres or other places in London came to LARC to take
it. But it's not all. People there, used to bring the posters and flyers
they are making and everyone take the others posters and then post them in
their social centres. Is different here, because people in London doesn't
make a pannel in the front door of their houses to put the infousurpa and
the other posters. And there, in some of the university buildings and
other public spaces "there is" a place to post it to.

By the moment it's just starting. If we are more people and it's going on;
the idea is to do an other poster (or include all in the same) with the
news of the week. But people must contribute with the e-mails.

But we must be patient in Barcelona it started 7 years ago more or less.
And there, people have a very high community sense "now" (People have the
feeling of being a squatter). I think that only in Barcelona there must be
200 squatted houses, 30 of them social centres, and more or less 80 more
which are squatted by activists. Is not like in London that people squatts
nearly "only" because it's free. In Barcelona nearly all the houses have
the squatters flag outside the building to be recognise easyly. An other
thing is that in Barcelona exisits a Squatters assembly twice a month to
share the information about evictions and openings or campaings to make

Why to do this?

Because if the posters are in the main door of the houses, people of the
street can see it. In Barcelona there are more or less 100 main doors with
the infousurpa, a poster newspapper called contrainfos and the other
posters. If the info is only on internet or inside the buildings, you can
only now about it if you search for it. (It's only for activists).

The other thing is that makes a community feeling. People go to share the
information in a place once a week. It makes network.

And at last, if our news are not in the mass media we can post them in the
streets to everyone can now about them.

Finally. We only can do this if we are thinking on it, sending the
information, going there to share the posters, and finally post them in
the doors.

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