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Bono's plea - "Go To Gleneagles, not Edinburgh"

15-06-2005 01:04

"While Bob Geldof had called for the marchers to drop everything and head for Edinburgh, Bono appeared to encourage them to descend on Gleneagles Hotel itself...."

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URGENT! Defend Mukhtaran Bibi! - Pakistani Women's Rights Activist Prevented F

15-06-2005 01:02

Today's (14 June) New York Times has an article by Nicholas Kristof entitled "Raped, Kidnapped and Silenced" about the case of Mukhtaran Bibi, a Pakistani woman's rights activist who has been essentially kidnapped by Pakistani officials to prevent her from coming to the US to do a speaking tour on Women's Rights in Pakistan. There is an urgent international call out to defend Mukhtaran Bibi, whose life is in great danger for her courageous fight against mutilation of women in Pakistan.

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International day of protest for S. Korean Dogs and Cats

14-06-2005 22:31

In an effort to shine a spotlight on the illegal trade in dog and cat products thriving in South Korea, IDA is joining Animal Freedom Korea and others for an international day of protest.

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Ex-army chief wins Lebanon vote

14-06-2005 20:58

General aoun
Lebanon's former army commander and his allies have handed other opposition groups a surprising defeat in parliamentary elections

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Convictions and Corrections

14-06-2005 20:46

The psychologists' report concluded that people ignore corrections irrespective of the certainty that a news report was notorious. The truth is unimportant, one must say. Whether something fits and confirms the worldview is decisive.

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Make Pverty History demo, Bristol

14-06-2005 19:26

A video of the demo.
900kbit stream.

Link to film:

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Gold market and TW debt

14-06-2005 19:19

This is an article looking at the link between Third World debt, the IMF and the gold industry, there is also an appeal at the end to put mail/fax the largest corporation involved.

(article taken from

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Proposal for Oxford University to link with Bir Zeit University

14-06-2005 19:11

A proposal to forge links between Oxford University and Bir Zeit University in Ramallah, Palestine.

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Rearranged medic training in London this weekend

14-06-2005 18:34

The Action Medics group has rearranged the training this weekend. It was due to be in Portsmouth, but is now in London.

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manchester mobilising against the G8

14-06-2005 18:28

this article tells of manchester mobilising against the G8 group events and the sketch to scotland...

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G8 Camp site

14-06-2005 18:03

Rural Convergence Update: Equipment List, Art Resistance and Call for Crew

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Asylum-seeker accomodation centres scrapped

14-06-2005 17:10

The government announced the stopping of the accommodation centre building programme last Friday (June 10th). The only centre which had gained planning permission was Bicester. Now the pressure is on to make sure that Bicester is prevented from continuing at the public inquiry from July 5th.

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benefit dinner for the rebels against italian repression

14-06-2005 15:15

benefit dinner for italian prisoners

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Update on Flag and

14-06-2005 14:49

The server hosting,, and related websites and email lists has been offline since Monday, June 6.

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14-06-2005 14:05

Cambridge has a long heritage of bikes on the car clogged streets so why does it not have a critical mass?

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BBC news

14-06-2005 13:52

"With fighter jets and executive planes buzzing around the giant Airbus A380 at the Paris Air Show, like flies and midges around a shire horse on a humid summer's day, it was the giant's dignified, slow ascent that made the greatest impression."
- Jorn Madslein, BBC news online

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use the old nursery

14-06-2005 13:49

we should have use of the building that we squatted specifically for the weekend event, 'technopolis' for the next couple of weeks so folks are welcome to use it for meetings and events if they wish to

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It's OK to be anti-Jewish Politics! Really!

14-06-2005 13:49

If it's OK to be anti-Republican or anti-Christian Fundamentalism, or even anti-God, it's OK to be anti-Jewish Politics. For this article and more, including ground-breaking documentaries, please visit

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Microsoft censors its blog tool

14-06-2005 13:48

Reporters Without Borders: Microsoft is censoring it's blog service for Chinese users.