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Rob Robinson sings anti-war song - video

26-03-2004 15:49

Anti-war singer/song-writer Rob Robinson sings his won composiiton: "The Pople's Anthem".

You can get a CD of his anti-war songs at by e-mailing him at:

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26-03-2004 15:37

The end of another week and yet more Israeli terror this time with the murder of Hamas` spiritual leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin.
Marks and Spencer supports the terrorist state of Israel, don`t support them!!

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26-03-2004 14:50

An office occupation of a Marshalls PLC building took place yesterday (25/03) in Elland, West Yorkshire, as a group of up to 25 activists from Yorkshire, Manchester, Derbyshire and Lancashire decided to ram home the message that corporate exploitation and destruction of our woodlands will not go unchallenged.

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Memorial Service for Tom Hurndall – TOMORROW SATURDAY 27/03/04

26-03-2004 14:36

1) Memorial Service for Tom Hurndall – TOMORROW SATURDAY
2) Report from Jayyous, Palestine & Action alert

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Today in Palestine 26th of march

26-03-2004 14:34

a summary of the events

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The Palestine Children's Welfare Fund Project – Oil from Jayyous

26-03-2004 14:31

1/The Palestine Children's Welfare Fund Project
2/Demonstration At the Wall

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stoke squatters require help

26-03-2004 14:12

Free space collective in the North Staffordshire area has located a building to liberate and need people to help.

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'DUST OR MAGIC' is a conference on now at Wadham collage

26-03-2004 13:50

'DUST OR MAGIC' is a conference about how people do 'good stuff' with computers: games, hypertexts, web sites, interfaces, software tools. It's for everyone who's seriously concerned about the fate of creative work and creative workers in the 'new-media' workplace. We talk about software and hardware, design, industry economics, workplace politics, psychology, each others' work, and the practicalities of making things that delight, as well as making a living.

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Interview with Richard Clarke spills all

26-03-2004 13:42

on NPR's Fresh Air - Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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Scottish Prison resister. Letter Campaign

26-03-2004 13:40

Invasive phone message costs & costs!!!

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26-03-2004 13:38


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Dublin Mayday - Resistance

26-03-2004 13:07

Next Dublin Mayday meeting

Saturday March 27th, 3pm
Occupied Social Centre "Ex-Grand Banks"
156 - 158 Fortess Road
Tufnell Park
Directions: Opposite Tufnell Park Tube Station [Northern Line]
Bus: 134, 214, 390

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Marshalls hit in 9 Ladies Solidarity action

26-03-2004 13:06

People blockaded and occupied Marshalls in Mansfield Woodhouse today, in a protest against their involvement with quarrying at the 9 Ladies site in Derbyshire.

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French riot police attack firemen with tear gas in Paris (photos)

26-03-2004 13:04

On the 25th March firemen in the whole of France took to the streets to demonstrate for the recognition of the dangers involved in their job and the safegarding of their regulations.

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Cambridge against the G8?

26-03-2004 11:36

The G8 (the leaders of the richest and most powerful nations) are holding their annual meeting in the UK in 2005. In keeping with the commitment of people around the world to oppose the policies that come out of such meetings, a network has been set up to co-ordinate resistance to the meeting next year.

See for more details.

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Peace Protesters to Appeal over Demo Ruling

26-03-2004 10:47

Peace protesters have decided to appeal against a High Court ruling that the
police acted lawfully when officers blocked their bid to attend an anti-war

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Israel 'fabricated' child-bomber story

26-03-2004 10:10

The army was also asked to explain why it had TV cameras ready at the roadblock more than two hours before the event.

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African People's Solidarity Committee - audio

26-03-2004 03:38

Audio clip of Penny Hess speaking at the 12th Session of the World Tribunal for Reparations to African People

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imperial arrogance: US in Haiti

26-03-2004 01:28

by Justin Felux
The media has already forgotten about Haiti. Even some of the alternative press has stopped paying attention. We must keep Haiti under the radar.

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26-03-2004 01:10

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