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Memorial Service for Tom Hurndall – TOMORROW SATURDAY 27/03/04

ism london | 26.03.2004 14:36 | Anti-racism | Repression

1) Memorial Service for Tom Hurndall – TOMORROW SATURDAY
2) Report from Jayyous, Palestine & Action alert


1) Memorial Service for Tom Hurndall – TOMORROW SATURDAY 27/03/04

apologies for late notice.....

Memorial Service for Tom Hurndall
Westminster Cathedral
3pm Saturday 27 March 2004

Tom Hurndall - student photojournalist aged 22 - was shot in the head
on 11
April last yea, while shepherding children to safety in a refugee camp
Rafah, Gaza.

After spending nine months in a coma he died on 13th January 2004.

Tom's family and friends would like you to join them in paying tribute
to Tom at
this special interdenominational memorial service celebrating Tom's
commitment to truth and humanity.

For additional information: or


2) Report from Jayyous, Palestine & Action alert

Wed, March 24, 2004

ACTION ALERT - CALL THE DCO (District Coordinating Office)

[Jayyous, QALQILIA] At 2:00AM Wednesday morning as many as 50-60
Israeli soldiers entered the West Bank village of Jayyous, where they
homes, hit villagers with their weapons and arrested six men. They
the homes of six families and stole all of the family members' cell
phones, and
in one case, papers and photographs. A family member of one of the
men said, "They came in and treated us like animals." The Israeli
claimed they were "looking for weapons." NONE WERE FOUND.

At least 40 soldiers entered the Salim home. The family members were
blindfolded and handcuffed. The home was searched three times by
groups of soldiers. When one of the family members asked the soldiers
they entered his house, a soldier hit him with the end of an M16 rifle
and he
was forced and held to the ground. After three and a half hours, they
arrested the eldest brother, Haitham Saleem and confiscated all of the
cell phones. Haitham is a 34 year old shopkeeper who is not involved in
political activity. He has a heart condition and it is vital that he

The soldiers then ransacked the the house directly next to the Salim
home and forced all the women and children out into the streets at

More than a dozen soldiers then went to the home of Wajdi Musleh. After
breaking in and tearing through the house, the soldiers forced all of
women and children into one room, and pulled aside an elder in his 70's
blindfolding and handcuffing him. They then forced him to kneel on the
and hit him. The parents' bed was destroyed in this process. The
soldiers then
forced 21 year old Wajdi into the courtyard and arrested him.

The soldiers used a bomb to open the front door of the home of Adam and
Ziad Harami. After ransacking the home, breaking open one of the doors
leaving it inoperable, they told the whole family, "If you do not give
us all of
your phones we will damage your whole house." They arrested dam Harami,
a 20 year old student at Al Najah University in Nablus and Ziad Harami,
a 25
year old barber from the village of Jayyous.

The soldiers then tore through the homes of Shadi Towfiq Mahmoud Saleem
and Abdel Rahim, damaging many items in the homes. They arrested Shadi,
a 21 year old computer student at the Arab American University in

The soldiers damaged the front door when entering the home of Ahmed
Mohammed Towfiq Yousef Khaled. They 'searched' the home and stole
pictures of the family. They arrested Ahmed, a 21 year old
at Al Najah University in Nablus.

Please call the DCO and demand the IMMEDIATE release of these men.

Israeli DCO: +972.9.775.9217
Palestinian DCO: +972.9.294.2755

(Within 48 hours we will know where these men have been taken....and
follow with additional phone numbers)

A list of the names and ID numbers of the arrested are below:

Haitham Gehad Nimir Saleem – 996620548
Wajdi Hussein Homid Musleh – 907482533
Adam Ghassan Ahmed Harami – 907482574
Ziad Ghassan Ahmed Harami – 904190758
Shadi Towfiq Mahmoud Saleem – 949564991
Ahmed Mohammed Towfiq Yousef Khaled – 907482491

When you call, tell them WHERE you are calling from. We need to show
that THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING and they can not get away with this!

For any questions, please contact:
Tracie: +972.66.416.132 or +972.65.203.543

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