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Protest G8 Global Knit-In

25-03-2002 02:08

protest G8

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mail massacre!

24-03-2002 22:37

mail massacre!
30,000 consignia jobs to go, 12,000 tomorrow in parcelforce, 3,000 urban post offices to go. Looks like Tony's going to do to the posties what thatcher did to the mining communities.

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Will the Sun never set on Empire: A Plea to end Genocide

24-03-2002 22:32

First Nations in British Columbia are under attack. Treaties which should have been signed before the colony entered confederation are still be stalled, and racist backlash is accompanying a referendum on treaty negotiations which amounts to an exprensive white supremacist opinion poll. First Nations leaders generally call for a complete Boycott.

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CONSULTA GOING ON!! ... after Bcn success

24-03-2002 17:05

We are announcing the inauguration of THE
SOCIAL CONSULTA. To subscribe, do the following:

- Go to the following link:
- Enter your e-mail address where it is requested.
- Follow the instructions...

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Guerrilla Theatre in Cambridge

24-03-2002 16:56

The Cambridge Students Against the War (CamSAW) performed yesterday, Saturday 23 March 2002, an act of public guerrilla theatre in opposition to the inhumane and illegal treatment of prisoners detained in Guantánamo base.

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Observer article: Anarchists plan jubilee mayhem

24-03-2002 16:19

Observer - the oh-so-liberal paper who last mayday brought us the ourageous lie that anarchists armed with samurai swords would menace London - strike again

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UK customs are 'CUNTS'

24-03-2002 16:18

More top people boycott britain because the appalauling behavour of custom officals.

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Anarchists plan jubilee mayhem

24-03-2002 16:11


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Dover live exports demo

24-03-2002 16:02


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mayday critical mass

24-03-2002 16:01


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america realises we no longer support them!

24-03-2002 15:45

Britain’s once-ironclad support for the Bush administration is wavering amid snide comments, satire and concern over Iraq and israel.

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Anti Incinerator march a Success

24-03-2002 15:31

Reprt on growing public anger at a Public Private waste incinerator being built near Swansea

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24-03-2002 11:18


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Behind Colombia's Civil War

24-03-2002 02:21

James Petras is one of the world’s best known authorities on Latin American politics. He has recently retired as professor of sociology at the State University New York. While he was on a CISLAC (Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribeean) -organised speaking tour in January last year, he was interviewed for a forthcoming CISLAC documentary on Colombia. The following is from that interview.

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International Restorative Justice Week

23-03-2002 22:45

Join the support for an alternative to the current
criminal justice system in the U.S.A..

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Boycott Israilli goods - Palistinian solidarity protest, London

23-03-2002 20:36

Protest on Oxford street Calls for boycott of Israili goods, protestors assaulted by store security

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Defend Iranian lawyer Nasser Zarafshan

23-03-2002 20:21

In the last days of the Iranian calendar year, Islamic authorities in Iran have sentenced Nasser Zarafshan, the lawyer of two of the families of victims of serial political murders in Iran, to 5 years imprisonment and 70 lashes. This follows a closed trial during which Mr Zarafshan was accused of 'exposing state secretsÆ, possession of alcohol and firearm in his office. Mr Zarafshan and his lawyer have maintained throughout that 'alcohol' and a gun were planted in his office, while he was in detention.

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2,000,000 March in Rome against proposed liberalisation of Labour Laws/Terrorism

23-03-2002 17:04

Reports on IMC Italy (1) say that up to 2,000,000 people are marching in Rome today against proposed changes in the country’s labour laws which would make it easier for employers to fire and hire workers. The demonstration, which follows close on the heels of a similarly massive demonstration against neo-liberal economic policies in Barcelona went ahead despite calls from the Berlusconi government to suspend it in the wake of the controversial murder of Italian government adviser Professor Marco Biagi (2).