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Mass arrests of Zapatistas in Chiapas

05-02-2011 12:27

116 Zapatistas living near the tourist resort of Agua Azul, were arrested on February 3rd during a protest against their eviction from the tollbooth leading to the tourist resort

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Nottingham Anti-Mubarak Demo

05-02-2011 12:23

On Friday 5th February, Nottingham Stop the War Coalition organised an "emergency protest" in support of anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Egypt in front of the Council House.

The protest was announced as beginning at 5pm. When I turned up in the Market Square just before then there was nobody there and I briefly assumed that I'd got the time wrong. Fortunately I was wrong and an initially small group formed and began to grow.

When people began organising themselves into something resembling a protest, rather than just a bunch of people standing around, there were perhaps 40-50 people. Apparently the protest had been announced at some mosques and the number continued to swell, reaching towards 100.

Protesters were short on placards, although somebody did turn up with a large and unfortunately mis-spelt sign calling for "Victory for the Egytian Revolution." Once people got going there was vocal chanting, including, "Hey ho, Mubarak has to go!" Protesters also chanted, "From the Nile to the sea, Egypt soon will be free," a variation of the well-known, if controversial, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." (It would be churlish to point out that, unlike the Jordan River which marks the boundary of historical Palestine, the Nile actually flows through Egypt.)

The protest included a broad range of people, including lefties, punks, students, women in headscarves and others. It was overwhelmingly made up of relatively young people. (Presumably a sizable proportion of the Eqgyptians in Nottingham are here as students.) If the corporate media coverage can be believed, this would seem to reflect the demographic of the pro-democracy in movement in Egypt itself.

After some standing around chanting, protesters went for a brief march around the square, before returning to the front of the Council House. It can sometimes be difficult to work out what people are chanting, even if you know what the issue of concern is and at least some passersby seemed confused by what was going on. (This can't have been helped by the limited number of placards and the absence of leaflets explaining why people were there, both usually available in vast numbers at such events.) I overheard one person asking their friend, "Are they from Egypt?" There were also a small number of hecklers, although they were typically unimaginative, with one person offering the astonishingly insightful comment, "You're in England!"

According to the Post, there had already been a silent protest at the University of Nottingham on Tuesday, attended by around 200 people who had relatives in Egypt. A further protest has been announced on Sunday 6th February outside Vodafone on Clumber Street, in support of a call by Egyptian trade unionsl for international solidarity. Protesters claim Vodafone "collaborated with Mubarak" in his attempts to defeat the revolution. Another demonstratio will be held in Market Square in the event that the army or police move against the demonstrators, with a celebration in the same place "when" Mubarak goes.

Nobody should have any illusions about the direct political impact of such protests. It is difficult to imagine Mubarak remaining stalwart in the face of protests by millions of Egyptians only to crumble when he discovers that there are 100 people in Nottingham's Market Square. Targetting Vodafone does put a local face on a distant issue, but it is not obvious what we are demanding from Vodafone. Withdraw from Egypt? Restore service for normal Egyptians in the face of demands from the government?

What is important, however, is the impact of a wave of international solidarity on protesters in Egypt. It is to be hoped that messages of solidarity from across the world will lift the spirits of demonstrators who have been on the streets for days and been the victim of horrific state-sanctioned violence. Solidarity protests also give a voice to Egyptians outside the country, who may be concerned about friends, relatives and loved ones.

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Earth First! Dinner Served!!!!!!!!

05-02-2011 11:58

Earth First! Dinner Served!

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We Are All Egypt!

05-02-2011 10:54

We are all Egypt!
Rightly proud of their history, Egyptians like to announce, especially to other Arabs, that Egypt is the world’s mother. The Arabic version is far more tender and poetic 'Misr Um el Dounia'! Light-hearted banter will often ensue between Egyptian and non-Egyptian friends when that statement is brought into the conversation. Today, I think every Arab will concede that, indeed, Misr Um el Dounia!

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When in Trouble Play the Race Card

05-02-2011 10:27

Its now the "muslim extremist" card but no coincidence with Con-Dems slash and burn approach to the economy coming under attack from across the political spectrum that this speech is made now.

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Cairo under military occupation

05-02-2011 10:07


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UG#535 - Peter Dale Scott on The US War Machine & C.O.G.

05-02-2011 03:27

This week, 2 contributions by Peter Dale Scott, a long established researcher into what he calls 'deep politics'. We begin with a talk on Continuity of Government from the 2010 Santa Cruz 'Understanding Deep Politics' conference, and conclude with a 90 minute interview on the contents of his new book, "The American War Machine - Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and The Road to Afghanistan", interspersed by 8 minutes of Dwight Eisenhower's valedictory address from half a century ago in which he warns of the military industrial complex.

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Cardiff wide Assembly for Education

05-02-2011 02:32

Thursday 10th February. Birt Acres Lecture Theatre, Bute Building, Edward VII Avenue (next door to Temple of Peace) @ 6.30PM

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Support Demo for People of Egypt

05-02-2011 00:23

5.00pm 4th February

Folks gathered outside the Council House in the Market Square in support of People of Egypt.

Over 100 folks gathered outside the Council House in the Market Square in support of People of Egypt.  A few speeches and a march around the Market Square, all got together at very short notice.  Developments in Egypt happening by the hour  presently. 


Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"




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Anarchist bookfair organising meeting

05-02-2011 00:22

getting ready for May 7th
Wednesday 9 February, from 7.30pm sharp, at The Smiling Chair, 40 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 (see
Regular organising meeting of the Bristol anarchist bookfair collective planning this years Bristol bookfair on 7 May 2011 at Hamilton House.

If you would be interested in helping put on this years anarchist bookfair in Bristol then come along - we need more anarchists with the time and energy to contribute to the success of the bookfair (and if you cannot make it contact us, or check the website - there's plenty of ways to help out).

On the agenda we are likely to have:
1. Finalising drafts for printed colour publicity / and online publicity
2. Update on venue issues - rooms needed/booked; kids space; cafe
3. Update on stall bookings and resolving any issue around questionnable stall requests (ie from non-anarchist projects)
4. Workshops proposals progress
5. Finance / fundraisers
6. Other bookfair related events incl. night at The Cube on 2 May

If you haven't been to a bookfair organising meet before check out our website to see whats been going on so far....

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Egyptian protesters return to the streets Friday for 'Day of Departure' demos

05-02-2011 00:03

At least 100,000 demonstrators held protests in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and other cities in Egypt Friday, calling on the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down immediately. Friday's 'Day of Departure' protests came after a group of Mubarak supporters attacked demonstrators with clubs, pipes and guns on Thursday, killing four.

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Nottingham supports Egyptian revolution!

04-02-2011 22:23

Nottingham demo in support of Egyptian revolution. Overe a hundred students and trade unionists. Support the revolution on Sunday 6 December outside Vodafone, who collaborated with Mubarak. Voda called on their customers to support the regime.

Support the Egyptian revolution! Sunday 1pm, Clumber St, Nottingham

***Forward this widely***

Tonight well over 100 people demonstrated in support of the Egyptian revolution.  Called at a day’s notice, the word had gone out to students, activists, trade unionists and had been announced at Friday prayers in one of the Mosques.

We demonstrated in response to the brilliant protests, and at the request of new free Egyptian Trade Union Federation, calling for international support and solidarity.  Word was 2,000 demonstrated outside the Acropolis in Greece, and similar protests were happening in Bristol, London and Liverpool – and they’re just the ones we heard about by phone.

“From the Nile to the sea, Egypt soon will be free!  From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”  “Hey ho, Mubarak has to go!” chanted young Muslim women.  Students had made a banner saying “Victory to the Egptyian REVOLUTION”.  People had made their own placards from pictures of Mubarak being kicked out, to DEMOCRACY NOW.  People were talking about Ben Ali, the Tunisian dictator, and  hoping the wave will spread to Saudi Arabia.

Vodafone was heckled for allowing Mubarak to use their networks while shutting off the protesters.  On Sunday at 1pm, Vodafone on Clumber Street will see a joint protest with UK UNCUT, linking the demands that they pay their taxes and that they do not support dictators.  Vodafone says they only did what the government told them.  Sorry Vodafone, that excuse didn’t work for war criminals, and it won’t work for you!

After nearly two hours and two marches around Market Square, 40 protesters met to discuss the next steps.  After Sunday’s Vodafone protest, it is agreed that:

If the army or police move against the revolution, protest 5pm Market Square.

When Mubarak goes, celebrate 5pm Market Square.

One Muslim woman made one of the most passioned speeches I’ve heard for a while, brilliant as she had never spoken in public before.  Another Carribbean woman had never been on a demonstration, but is joining us on Sunday and organising her friends to come.

We urge you to join us on Sunday, and remember:

If the army or police move against the revolution, protest 5pm Market Square.

When Mubarak goes, celebrate 5pm Market Square.

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Special Eviction Alert: This Monday@ 2pm

04-02-2011 22:22


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Sunday anti-cuts protests in Taunton

04-02-2011 22:22


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Roundup of Internationals in Cairo

04-02-2011 19:57

This is part of a series of posts from European anarchists who wanted to send reports of the Egyptian uprising and pool calls for international action in solidarity with the rebellion.

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Campaign Training for Teachers & Students

04-02-2011 19:22

How can we work together and use our classes to organise and defend our rights together?
The government wants to cut free English classes.
This will cause big problems for teachers' jobs and ESOL students.

Come and learn practical campaigning tools that have been adapted for ESOL classrooms and to share ideas for the campaign against the cuts.

St Nicholas of Tolentino Church
Lawford’s Gate, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0RE.
The workshop is FREE but please email to register a place

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is the main publicly funded English language provision in the UK, and an essential service to many asylum seekers and refugees.
....But now, the survival of ESOL is under threat.

Proposed government cuts to ESOL would mean that from Aug. 2011:
Only 'settled' people looking for work & on JSA or ESA (Jobseekers or Employment Support Allowances) would get free classes.
Students on other benefits who currently get free classes will pay fees for the first time and students who currently pay will pay more.
Those who cannot pay new or higher fees, will be unable to learn English, to gain Citizenship or stay in the UK.
Some of the most vulnerable migrants, including asylum seekers, would not be able to attend classes and this could contribute to their exclusion, depression and anxiety as well as making it harder for them to understand their legal cases.
Costs would increase in other areas, e.g. interpreters.

If people can't speak English how can they help their children at school, find work, take part in their community or assert their rights?

Fight the Cuts- take Action for ESOL
1. Sign the national petition at
2. Write to your MP & John Hayes (Minister for FE, Skills and Lifelong Learning)
Twitter @ActionforESOL and
Facebook- Action for ESOL

Action for ESOL is a national campaign which brings together ESOL learners, teachers, trade unions, and refugee/ migrant rights organisations.

I am an experienced trainer, campaigner and English teacher, organising the workshop with support of Reflect ESOL Project,
Reflect is an innovative approach to adult learning and social change, which fuses the theories of Paulo Freire with the methodologies of participatory rural appraisal. Originally developed in pilot projects in Bangladesh, El Salvador and Uganda between 1993-95, Reflect is now used by over 500 organisations in around 70 countries worldwide and is being used in teaching ESOL in the UK.

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Stroud Views & Burblings Issue 3: Housing Special

04-02-2011 18:58

"Do my cuts look big in this?"
Latest Issue of the latest free newsheet to hit the streets of Stroud.
500 issues are now printed and ready to be handed out. Let us know if you can help distribute them or if you are friendly with a local pub that might take a bundle

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Mark Cassidy undercover 1995 - 2000

04-02-2011 18:52

This article recently appeared in Big Issue in the North.
It's about infiltration of anti-fascist / anti-racist activity in Hackney from 1995 - 2000.

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Another tiny gesture

04-02-2011 18:28

On Tuesday and Thursday this week we took a night walk through the city. Filled with disgust at society as we see it, we struck rapidly and repeatedly against various symbols of capitalist culture. 

Cameras pointing into the streets were smashed with rocks. S.U.V's and sports cars had their tires slashed and paint stripped. Cash machines were covered in paint.


We know these acts are small, we know that they will not bring capitalism and it's abuses down, but we see them as part of a larger struggle. A struggle in which all individuals are able to strike back against state and capitalism's vicious oppression. We make gestures like this to make it known that there are some who are burning with hatered for the system in it's entirity. More than anything else these acts are a training ground for us, as we seek to practice acts of self-defence against those who attempt to keep us violently chained to the prison society.

Fuck the State.

Fuck Capital.

Destory all Prisons.

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"Police, who are you really working for?", Mozaz, 13/01/2011

04-02-2011 17:01

My headline is an excerpt from a prophetic commentary written by Mozaz on the current state of things which was actually titled "The Truth is sometimes self-evident", published on 13th January 2010. Original article where this comment was posted:

The question in the title brings to mind the recent uncovering of a number of undercover cops in the scene, the murder of Ian Tomlinson & subsequent cover-up predominantly as a result of the compromise of his initial post-mortem conducted by the inept stooge Freddy Patel as ordered by City of London coroner Paul Matthews, police collusion with the US led war machine in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the unprecendented enforced convoying of anti-war protestors from RAF Fairford back to London, long-running allegations of agent provocateur activities amongst the black bloc (video evidence in Genoa 2001), similar tactics being used by the state in Egypt, and these allegations of attacks by black balaclava-wearing men on students and members of Press TV at the student demo on 11 Dec 2011 [go to Utube and type in words "Press TV" & "London Student Demo", watch 2 mins-in interview with Press TV cameraman Adam Apostol].

I could also have titled this posting "Cops Suck Arse".