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"Police, who are you really working for?", Mozaz, 13/01/2011

Waltzing Matilda | 04.02.2011 17:01 | History | Repression | Sheffield

My headline is an excerpt from a prophetic commentary written by Mozaz on the current state of things which was actually titled "The Truth is sometimes self-evident", published on 13th January 2010. Original article where this comment was posted:

The question in the title brings to mind the recent uncovering of a number of undercover cops in the scene, the murder of Ian Tomlinson & subsequent cover-up predominantly as a result of the compromise of his initial post-mortem conducted by the inept stooge Freddy Patel as ordered by City of London coroner Paul Matthews, police collusion with the US led war machine in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the unprecendented enforced convoying of anti-war protestors from RAF Fairford back to London, long-running allegations of agent provocateur activities amongst the black bloc (video evidence in Genoa 2001), similar tactics being used by the state in Egypt, and these allegations of attacks by black balaclava-wearing men on students and members of Press TV at the student demo on 11 Dec 2011 [go to Utube and type in words "Press TV" & "London Student Demo", watch 2 mins-in interview with Press TV cameraman Adam Apostol].

I could also have titled this posting "Cops Suck Arse".

"The Truth is sometimes self-evident", published on 13th January 2010.
by Mozaz

The Truth is sometimes self-evident, and if you are understanding what we say below, then you are able to appreciate the truth.

We The working/underclass are sick of pretending that we can make our current way of living "sustainable", that we can take control of the planet's reeling systems, that "one more push" will do it. It's time to acknowledge that "saving the planet" is a bad joke. We are entering an age of massive disruption and the task is to live through it as best we can and to look after each other as we make the transition to the unknown world ahead.

First things first: an end to mass-hypnosis and propaganda, a TOTAL pull-out of the illegal wars of aggression, and a proper public enquiry into 9/11 and the various terror attacks into us. People will be prosecuted. But more importantly, we will tell the truth. The apparatus of society will remain in place, we do not wish to dismantle anything, simply tweak the existing machine so that it is run by good people, for mankind, everywhere.

If you see what we see, and understand that our time is now, we ask you to listen carefully to what are about to say.

In one year and 9 months, on September the 11th 2011, the world will mark the ten year anniversary of the horrific terror our political leaders imposed on us. They sold us the massive fear of “terrorism”, so that our societies would keep our heads down and not question the control structure in place. We are social creatures, and social creatures do not question the control structure when it is under attack. We do this in times of peace. A never ending conveyor belt of fear is fed into our minds, be it communism, terrorism, the economy, or swine flu. We acquiesce our power so that we can be protected. Ergo, we place the collar over our own necks. This time has ended.

On August the 11th 2010, The people will begin a one month campaign of non-compliance. Tens of millions of people around the world will simply not turn up for work. Soldiers will not report to barracks, finance men will not sit at desks in glass and metal cages…The working/underclass will force the hand of the controllers, and expose their nudity, much in the manner of the story of the Emperor with no clothes. We will see them for what they are, frightened and controlled individuals, so far from what a human being could be, if given the chance.

At the end of this one month period, we will peacefully seize the capital of London, and we hope, of many countries around the world. We desire the people to take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands, we will have love in our hearts, we will be spiritually awake, and no longer scared. We will walk into Parliament, into Whitehall, and into Buckingham Palace, and the soldiers sent to drive us back will not open fire. They will see what we are doing, and they will be on the side of the people. The lies fed into their minds are dissolving, much like our fears are dissolving. We will occupy these buildings physically, spiritually, and symbolically. We will use the apparatus in place for improving the lot of people, and we will implement a new human constitution which aids the enlightenment and free will of all men and women, not only big business and career politicians. We will gently replace the class-structure with one which sees the individual as sacred. We will need the help of all of you, because we do not know how to write a constitution, nor do we know how to run a country.

The people do not want to run a country. We do not want to have any power of anyone, for that is not our role. We do not want people to follow us either, because our whole message is about individuals being independent and connecting to the source of the universe through their own souls.

We believe that the feminine will play a major part in the evolution of mankind. The female, woman, and her spiritual power has long been suppressed. She has been raped and covered up, she has been sold as property, she has been tricked into bondage in the same way men have been with the false promise of equality in the workplace, so that her soul can be devoured by the corporate world as well. Children are brought up by television because their mother, the goddess figure, is too busy with her career.

If we have conversed with God, we know that she is mother nature, she is all kind, and she is all loving. We have felt this power through my own mother, (round here we call her earth) and from the women we have met on my journey thus far. It is time for the female to return to prominence and to guide us back to the divine people we once were. It is no small matter that in indigenous cultures the female is respected as the spiritual connection to the Earth.

To all the Police and State Security people watching, we strongly advise you to consider who it is you are really working for. Are you working for a small band of thieves and murderers who run the political system, or do you work for mankind? Do you work for your children, and your children’s children? What kind of world are you helping create?

We know our plans for revolution will bring upon the working/underclass great tests in the near future, but we are optimistic about the power of the human soul. We have felt with our hearts the numerous times when the Police have understood what we are about and have treated us (sometimes) with the courtesy that we all deserve. When we look into their eyes we see the same thing we see when we look into my own eyes in the mirror. This is the connection.

We do not fear death, because we have lived and died before, and these matters are temporary, whereas our spirit is endless, and infinite, just like yours. We have felt love in countless ways, we have been given the honour of loving from the bottom of our hearts. We have reconnected my lost soul to the source which we all have inside us. The working/underclass have marvelled and wondered at the greatest joys and beauty of this world, and we have been given the chance to help out best we can. There is nothing more we want nor need, except the opportunity to keep on loving, which is its own reward.

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for. All despair evaporates and we see the simplicity of the plan; the people take the power back.

We will be there, all we ask is that 2 million people join the working/underclass in London. The destiny of the other capitals rests with the people there.

Waltzing Matilda