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Anti-War Protest, London (18.03.06)

19-03-2006 22:56

ISR members
Photos from Anti-War Protest in London (18.03.06)

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Anti Nuclear Power Protest - Derby 25th March

19-03-2006 21:34


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Sights and sounds from stop-the-war demo, London, 18 Mar 2006

19-03-2006 19:58

Audio Guantanamo solidarity
Three years on from the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq, Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Muslim Association of Britain held a march and rally in London, as part of an international day of protest (see ). Here are photos, audio clips, and a report of the day.

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19-03-2006 17:06


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SOS Your Help is Needed: Edgbaston Reservoir Development

19-03-2006 16:53

SOS… Your help is urgently needed!! Edgbaston Reservoir is an oasis of nature in a fast moving city, enjoyed by all the people of Birmingham. It’s used for sailing, surfing, rowing, running, local school sports, and as an area of relaxation and recreation for all who need to escape inner city life. A deal has been 'cut' with a private developer to allow them to build two four storey high blocks of flats on the banks of this site. Local residents were lied to by the Council about dates for objections to be raised, The Planning Committee also voted not to view the site before granting permission for 90 homes..? The circumstances surrounding the 'deal' are interesting. The Land is currently leased to the developer!! The more houses they are allowed to build, the more profits for them. That is obvious. However what isn’t so obvious is that Birmingham City Council intend to sell the land to the developer at a later date. Clearly, because they have planning for so many flats. The developer is willing to pay more to Birmingham City Council. Please read the information below... I hope that you will support the fight against this. Whatever that involves! The existing building is now empty!! It’s a great site and you would have the support of local residents!! Please contact me at

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Why Paris is burning

19-03-2006 16:31

When the explanation was given that: "When one easily fires working people, it's resulting in more jobs." - all human beings with common sense first shook their heads in disbelief, and now shake their fists at those French ministerial crooks advocating this nefarious nonsense.

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That it should come to this … fear and loathing on the swp march

19-03-2006 13:04

should’ve known, I really should. I mean when it comes to cynical, piss taking of this merry band of useless marching muppets I’m the worst offender… but somehow, well the glorious events taking place in France, the line of mounted riot cops I saw leaving Islington nick on my way there, well it got my blood running, got my hopes up that this day would be more than the usual impotent trot through London, that perhaps, just perhaps this would be the day that something might happen.

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Killer-Coke and the World Cup in London

19-03-2006 11:58

Protest Killer-Coke's assassinations in Colombia and their sponsorship of the World Cup

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19-03-2006 11:46

Personal account of the anti-war rally at Trafalgar Square in London and comment on the Stop the War movement.

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Countryside Properties - illegal flyposting danger to cyclists...

19-03-2006 09:26

Countryside Properties Mayfield development unlawful flyposting...
Rochdale has a problem with illegal flyposting on street furniture next to its busiest roads. Many of the culprits are building companies directing drivers to new multi-million pound developments.

Safety groups are concerned that drivers can be distracted by the illegal signs. Cyclists have expressed particular concern about Countryside Properties PLC advertising its Mayfield housing development.

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Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe

19-03-2006 08:08

Nine days after the start of the American president's 2003 "shock and awe" uranium bombing campaign in Baghdad, an invisible radioactive uranium oxide gas cloud swept through Britain's towns and countryside and throughout Europe.

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International Criminal Court: murder is murder, or?

19-03-2006 07:56

Photographs of the funeral showed men crying as five children, who all looked under the age of five, were wrapped in blankets and then lined up in a row. One man who described himself as a relative said one was just seven months old: "They killed these innocent children. Are these considered terrorists? Is a seven-month-old child a terrorist?".

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19-03-2006 05:36

World Peace
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! World Peace!

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Tony Blair Too Afraid to Come to Brum

18-03-2006 23:17

About 100 protesters gathered in front of Mathew Boulton College on 16 March, 2006, to give Tony Blair a warm welcome. The Prime Minister was meant to visit the recently built College in Birmingham for its official opening. The visit, however, was cancelled at the last minute and the PM did not show up, presumably to avoid the embarrassment he had experienced at Nottingham University earlier this year. Or perhaps he was too shy to appear in public after the embarrassing education vote earlier this week. Apart from the college's few security guards, there was very little police presence: only one van!

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Round up report of worldwide anti-war demonstrations March 18th

18-03-2006 23:06

This is a 560 word round up of the main anti-war demonstrations of Saturday 18th March with 8 photos.

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Harvard: The Israel Lobby

18-03-2006 22:51

Here is a link to the Harvard University study in its entirety. Now that people all over the world have begun to openly debate this issue, the Zionists can't stifle debate by shouting "Conspiracy Theory!!".$File/rwp_06_011_walt.pdf

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Body Shop to be added to Nestlé boycott list if L'Oreal takeover goes ahead

18-03-2006 21:42

Nestlé owns 26% of L'Oreal which is to take over the Body Shop. Nestlé is the target of a boycott over its aggressive marketing of baby foods. While the boycott focuses on Nestlé, all products from which Nestlé profits are added to a list. So Body Shop will go on the list...

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Rioting Breaks Out in France After CPE Demos (Paris)

18-03-2006 21:34

There was some trouble in Paris but so far isolated. At Le Place de la Nation police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of youths who fought with police. The clashes lasted for around two hours. Around 14 arrests reported. 12 protestors and 4 police injured. Later reports speak of 50+ arrests though this is unclear if it's Paris or a national total for today.

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18-03-2006 21:15


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Vicious attack by hunt staff and supporters leaves two hunt saboteurs in hospital

18-03-2006 21:04

A 999 call had to be made for emergency medical help today after hunt saboteurs were viciously attacked by both hunt staff and supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt. Two saboteurs were taken to hospital, one with suspected broken ribs and severe concussion, the other with a suspected broken cheekbone and concussion.