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A Warm Welcome for Mr Blair

Dave | 15.03.2006 10:26 | Birmingham

Tony Blair is to visit Birmingham this thursday (16th), lets ensure he gets a warm welcome from the residents of birmingham.

On Thursday March 16th Tony Blair is set to visit Matthew Boulton College in Birmingham. Its up to the residents of Birmingham to make a public show of their discontent with the Blair government, with the back-door privatisation of council housing, the wars to establish pipelines and military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the undermining of pension schemes, the implementation of a higher retirement age, the plans to introduce compulsory ID cards for every citizen in the UK making annonymity from the state impossible and surveilance unavoidable, the attacks on asylum seekers and their demonisation, the governments predictable support of business over workers and the general assault on the working classes of britain and beyond.

Opposition to government and their puppet masters in big business is made up of many different facets, organising resistance and wildcat strikes against employers in the workplace, organising tenents against the sale of council housing in our communities. This thursday we should aim to make a public show of our discontent with the Blair government and all government by making our opposition known in a public manner.

I'd urge everyone who can to get down to Matthew Boulton College to voice their discontent with the Blair government. He is due to arrive at around 2pm so if people could get down there around 12ish that would be good. We shouldnt miss this opportunity to make a public show of our discontent and anger.