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IMC Birmingham, 05-05-2005 13:28

IMC Birmingham Contact

Birmingham Indymedia can be privately contacted at or publicly via

Email Lists

is a working list for all things concerning Birmingham IMC. Anyone is free to join this list or view the archives. Please note that this list has an open archive — if you want to be anonymous you will need to make sure that your email account is not publicly associated with you, the list also allows posts from non-members so you don't need to join it to post to it.
is for those who want to be kept informed with Birmingham IMC events such as film nights, fundraisers, parties etc. This is a very low volume list so don't worry about getting swamped with emails (roughly no more than 1 - 2 emails are sent per month).
is a private contact list for Birmingham IMC, it has no public archive but it is open for anyone to post to — if you want to get it touch and not have your email publicly archived please post to the list using


Anyone is free to come to our meetings which generally happen every two weeks at the MAC in Cannon Hill Park. To check for the next meeting keep an eye on the events box on our website and look out for announcements on the mailing lists. We also increasingly use 'we' for collaborative work and minuting . You can get a we account here : . Once you have an account you can request to join our group - Birmingham Indymedia (birmingham-indymedia) .


We hold a number of different events such as film nights, stalls and workshops so come along to any of these if you want an informal chat. These are usually listed on our website or keep informed by joining our announcements list.

Please remember that this is an open publishing project and that you do not have to be part of the collective to publish your news on this site, use the "Publish Your News" feature on the Birmingham IMC main page.

Birmingham Indymedia