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Rioting Breaks Out in France After CPE Demos (Paris)

leftbank | 18.03.2006 21:34 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Education | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

There was some trouble in Paris but so far isolated. At Le Place de la Nation police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of youths who fought with police. The clashes lasted for around two hours. Around 14 arrests reported. 12 protestors and 4 police injured. Later reports speak of 50+ arrests though this is unclear if it's Paris or a national total for today.

There was also touble in Marseille as protesters clashed with riot police, while protesters were also tear gassed in Rennes and Lille where clashes were more serious. In Rennes police charged protesters blocking the railway line while a group of demonstraters attacked a local office of the ruling UMP party. There were also reports of a small clash in Tours.

Either way and regardless of any clashes the stage is now set for a growing confrontation over the coming week or two...



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19.03.2006 10:24

On the whole the fighting was short lived apart from Paris and respresented a tiny percentage of the overall show of force on the streets. After the Nation Square 2 hr clash in Paris some fighting continued as people fought with police near to the Sorbonne where police had bolstered their presence earlier in the day. There was also reports of small clashes in Clermont-Ferrand.

The Sorbonne was due to open after the weekend, perhaps monday or midweek, but now the authorities have said it will remain closed while trouble continues. Teachers and lecturers are offering students support, but given that the Sorbonne has been a flsh point over the last ten days or so, it looks likely the authorities will not allow it to re-open.

FIDL the high school students' union has called for a new day of action this coming Thursday if the government does not back down.



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