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Why Paris is burning

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars | 19.03.2006 16:31 | Analysis | Globalisation | Social Struggles

When the explanation was given that: "When one easily fires working people, it's resulting in more jobs." - all human beings with common sense first shook their heads in disbelief, and now shake their fists at those French ministerial crooks advocating this nefarious nonsense.



by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - France - March 19th - 2006 - Millions (74%) of the French people fight the indecent labor laws and have after yesterday's huge demonstrations given the French 'government' an ultimatum. Either de Villepin's inhuman law goes, or the French government is in deep trouble; starting with a country-wide general strike. It's not only in Paris or at the Sorbonne University it's burning, as we are falsely shown on the selected TV-'news': millions of parents, workers and at least 41 universities and over two hundred cities in France are affected. And reacted.

Because - contrary to what the employer's mainstream media* globally report - this is about much more. It's not only back to the last century in Europe with 14 year olds working for free as 'apprentices', and again making it the law that 15 year olds can work night shifts. The main plan within the EU is to reduce - through law and by opening the borders for other unemployed or low paid workers - all wages to a very low level, resulting in bigger profits for the EU 'managers'. To most observers the growing protests reflect a much broader discontent of the people with their government and the totalitarian direction they are forced in.


Front man, and because it didn't work yet, now 'fall guy' for the plan - is monsieur de Villepin, who was never elected but appointed PM by Chirac. And who has never held an elected office. - [BBC - Url.:] - Representing the EU managers is the by Blair and his 'advisers' in London appointed, not elected by the people, EU boss Peter Mandelson, after he fell from grace when in England a 'house loan' by his friends was uncovered. - []

People revolt against this umbilical cord to the likewise wage lowering Dutch neocon Bolkestein's Directives*, trying to annul a model that has assisted in providing for nearly 60 years a relative peace and stability across some countries of the European continent.

''The Bolkestein (or services) Directive* epitomises this on-going attack by global capitalism on the long fought for conditions of labor across Europe and indeed the globe, it is the public face of a transnational race to the bottom being waged on workers and citizens alike by a growing right wing rump of liberalising, privatising and deregulating evangelists that have found their way onto the centre stage of European politics.

The Bolkestein Directive proposes to deregulate and liberalise services across Europe, all services except those already subjected to previous acts of deregulation. Health, Education and social welfare services, both public and private as well as local government services, all come under the Directive's provisions that demand the removal of any restriction to the opening up of the market to the cheapest bidder." [end quote] - []

As many times before, people are very critical of the role of the trade unions as a student explained: “In Jussieu, we’ve been organised for three weeks now, and we’ve closed the university down, but the trade unions have shown little interest. They’ve expressed their support and then waited for us - if we hadn’t got going, the trade unions would have done nothing.” - The infiltration, and thus following loss of power within the unions, is clearly shown in many EU countries where the workers lost valid weapons. However: the French mixture of mass demonstrations and Molotov cocktails seems to work.


As she said in a further comment: "de Villepin is making it a personal issue. If he resigns, that might solve the problem, but only in the very short term, because the person who replaces him won’t be any better. I’m talking about politicians in general today. In my opinion, they are all more or less the same.”- []

The French group behind de Villepin, is headed by the neocon minister for the Interior, police and secret services, Nicolas Sarkozy, who, like Mr. de Villepin, hopes to run for president next year - something which de Villepin now can forget. So Sarkozy at a televized press conference held up a damaged police helmet for the cameras and said: "Those who do this are not demonstrators, they're thugs."

Sarkozy didn't show any pictures of the hundreds of people who got busted and arrested by his stormtroopers, nor their victims with broken limbs. Or those with cracked skulls in the hospitals, because they couldn't afford a helmet. But the people know and react against the real pin-stripe suit thugs, which are to be found at the source of the inhuman laws for the labor force. The pseudo-Machiavellis of the Villepin-law, which must make lower salaries and therefore higher profits in the whole of the European Union possible.


In France, and it's not only the 'students' or 'youngsters' as we're shown, the people know reality and are not accepting the worsening EU fraud. That's why they - and thereafter the Dutch - voted NO to the fake EU 'constitution'.* Many people in France and the rest of the European Union fight for universal rights as human beings. And against the forced devaluation of what once were fairly democratic ideas resulting in acceptable societies. Knowing 'the other side' has all the weaponry - paid for by extorted tax money - some of the people in desperation will use violence. But first they'll try the guillotine of the national strike.

The dumbing down and those strange laws are mostly and strongly suggested by the man looked upon as 'the manager of the European Union': mr. Peter Mandelsohn.* - Who by the PNAC Group in London was named to be the 'Europe director'. He was appointed; not elected by the EU. In France, where many people are aware of this and still know what Justice is, they are marching and fighting for everybody who knows that 'when equals among equals go on the wrong track, the guillotine should be awaiting them.' The crisis is a fact - like the resistance, which in French is called 'maquis' after a type of foliage on the island of Corsica, behind which resistance fighters used to hide. But today in France they're not hiding, but fighting.


Day and night now TV, radio sets and papers - wherever you are on this globe, you are in reach of their propaganda channels - will be quoting 'International News Agencies" - propaganda sewers which they themselves own. You'll wake up and at breakfast be told that - contrary to the facts - 'actually very little happened in France'. Otherwise - if they don't keep lying to you - there's a danger that you might start thinking.

That's why 'The Group' runs all of the international 'news agencies' and 'adjusts' [falsifies] everything as they wish. Like with the start of the illegal war in Iraq the facts are adjusted to the policy of war. In this case including the figures of people taking part in protest marches and especially omitting, spiking and 'killing' every form of protest to their inhuman abberrations.*


The people demonstrating in France have many placards reading: Send the Bourgeoisie to the Gulag* - meaning those creatures illogically insisting that the law will actually stimulate job creation by encouraging employers to fire people. In other countries - like EU member and PNAC colony The Netherlands - all shopping centers, offices, factories etc. show 'Dutch gold' Bolkestein's results: when reaching eighteen years of age, many youngsters - even those having the simplest of manual jobs - are fired and replaced by a 14 year old 'apprentice' which is 'cheaper'.

And the more unemployed people there are - willing to take any job - the lower the wages get.

And of course, 15 year olds working night shifts are cheap...

Henk Ruyssenaars


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* There is however managing Editor Barry Fockler - FPF - France -

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