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Occupation for & In Athens

20-11-2003 20:53

Daily newsreports on Greek tv as well as occupation of Athens University tonight

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attendance numbers

20-11-2003 20:34

Here is my immpression of the numbers of people attending the march today.

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time to deal with the BAND OF THUGS

20-11-2003 19:57

so Bush and Blair are now advocating more violence to deal with the mess they have already created? wonder who THAT benefits, hmmm?

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Text from Anti Bush Leaflet

20-11-2003 19:23

Text from leaflet linking and contrasting Bushism and Nazism, Bushism looking worse!

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Time lapse video of Trafalgar Square

20-11-2003 19:20

Time lapse video of Trafalgar Square from webcam. 16:00-19:00. More later.

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Audio Report: Party in Trafalgar Square (18:53)

20-11-2003 19:13

mp3 file: 36 seconds, 580 kb

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Vox Pop on Bush from Bristol

20-11-2003 18:49

The people of Bristol on Bush, Blair and the war

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20-11-2003 18:34

Bush arrives in London, Blair starts the suck up, Protesters stand united, then suddenly...bang a BRITISH building is bombed, 'terrorist' attack you say. Coincidence? Is Bush trying to get a nation of protesters to rethink by killing innocent british people and blaming turkish terrosim. Does anyone else see a conection here?!

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Jon Snow's tie

20-11-2003 17:56

Nice stars...
Look what Jon Snow was wearing on the 7pm Channel 4 News Wednesday...

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Audio report from Trafalgar Square: the toppling of Bush (17:22)

20-11-2003 17:53

mp3 file: 53 seconds, 836 kb

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Audio report 16:05

20-11-2003 17:35

mp3 file 23 seconds, 372 kb

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False Alarm: White House Evacuated

20-11-2003 16:58

The evacuation of the West Wing of the White House was just a false alarm.

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Solidarity Statement of SOA, FTAA & Bush Protests

20-11-2003 16:56

Joint Solidarity Statement of The Stop the War Coalition (UK), The Mobilization to Stop the FTAA (US), and The School of the Americas Watch Movement (US)

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Miami protests updates 20.11

20-11-2003 16:51

More updates and photo links from FTAA protests in Miami

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FTAA Summary updates and links 20.11

20-11-2003 16:44

Summary links and updates from FTAA protests in Miami 20th NOvemeber 2003

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Statement of Solidarity from the DC Anti-War Network

20-11-2003 16:44

Statement on behalf of the D.C. Anti-War Network (DAWN) to
officially declare our support and solidarity for your protest of George
W. Bush's visit to your country.

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A word in your ear Mr President...

20-11-2003 16:38

MORE than 100 students protesting over US President George Bush's visit to Britain caused traffic disruption in Sheffield city centre. Students swelled the ranks of a Stop The War Coalition protest outside the Town Hall. Shoppers on Pinstone Street were greeted with chants of "George Bush, Uncle Sam, this is your Vietnam". The group made its way through the city centre to Furnival Gate roundabout where protesters sat in the road causing hold-ups. Traffic began to mount up as more police arrived and closed part of the road while they attempted to persuade the protesters - with banners declaring the American president "World's No1 Terrorist" and "Bush Blair Butchers" - to move on. Demonstrators chanted through loud hailers "we all live in a terrorist regime" to the melody of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Dick Pitt, a member of the Heeley Against The War group and a Hallam University maths lecturer, said: "Bush is not welcome here. It is Iraq which brought us all together, but all sorts of people are objecting to America's policy, on nuclear weapons and the agreements they have torn up around the world." He said he believed there was still pressure on the US to use its massive stocks of weapons and that it was "actively planning other military adventures". Mr Pitt added: "We came within an ace of stopping this war and pulling the British out. It was clearly naked American aggression. "MPs look at this sort of protest and will know people care. That's why Britain was wobbling over this conflict. Sadly it wobbled the wrong way." After the march, Inspector Pat Casserly, who is in charge of the police response to anti-war protests, said he welcomed the co-operation of the protesters and the tolerance shown by those affected by the disruption. A police spokeswoman said: "The police have a contingency plan for the flexible deployment of resources to accommodate a safe and peaceful protest, and to assist people going about their local business. "There will be a number of future protests to coincide with the visit of President Bush, as far as we understand." n Tony Blair put a noose around George Bush's neck last night then pulled him to the ground. But this was not part of the US President's state visit to the UK - but a stunt staged by anti-war protesters in Barnsley. The 'straw man' statue of George Bush was pulled over from the empty plinth in the town centre to mirror the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein by US troops in Baghdad during the war. 20 November 2003 Source

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Protest in Chester: Optimism and Observation

20-11-2003 16:30

Toppling Bush
Chester held its own welcoming committee for the President un-elect last night, complete with a seven foot papier-mâché statue of Bush and a list of 20 indictments against the man.

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STOP PRESS: Times reporter done it before

20-11-2003 16:25

+++====+===TIMES REPORTER Laura Peek at it BEFORE!!!+++====+===

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tell the world

20-11-2003 16:24

we wish to hear and read and see reports of the protests in vancouver, canada, if you will please.