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FTAA Summary updates and links 20.11

ronya | 20.11.2003 16:44

Summary links and updates from FTAA protests in Miami 20th NOvemeber 2003

Summary from FTAA protests in Miami / 20th of November
11:12: Un-Arrest
One individual was singled out because he called out an undercover. This person was successfully un-arrested.

11-20-2003 11:08: undercover cops violently arresting people without provocation
undercovers just tackled black bloc person and dragged him behind the police line at biscayne and second.

another individual was subjected to the same treatment, but was successfully unarrested...

11-20-2003 11:07: Undercover cops Dragging Protestors
In about 15 minutes, protestors will be allowed into the Amphitheatre. Police are tackling someone. Undercover police dragging BLack BLocers across the police line. This is at Biscayne and 2nd. Two people are behind the police line. Protestors coming to the line. Many cameras out.

11-20-2003 11:01: afl cio
from a aflcio spokes person, they have negotiated w/ police that the protesters have until noon to eter the ampitheater. After noon, they will be sealin off the entrance and closing off the street and arresting everyone still there.

11-20-2003 10:58: black bloc affiliates subject to harassment on the street
People leaving ground zero were followed by some men, dressed as protesters, in a red Ford SUV. One man carried a 9mm pistol on his lap, leaned out the window and yelled "you don't want to fuck with us."

10:42: AFL-CIO March
Biscayne and 3rd. APC by the torch of friendship. AFL-CIO is assembling at the park. AFL going up 2nd. Another APC in the park. Police closed 2nd at Biscayne.

Medics report tear gas fired and rubber bullets fired at E. Flagler. Cops are banging on their shields at Biscayne.

10:15: Police Brutality 14 th and 2nd Ct. Police ran over a cyclist. People have been tazed. People are blockaded in there. There has also been pepper spray and about 5 people are down right now.

10:12: status of 12:30 legal march
All downtown routes to downtown blocked off(many union buses can not reach the assembly point for their legal rally and march at 12:30, police may be trying to revoke their permit, afl-cio is negotiating with the police over these issues and perhaps also about the continuing police brutality towards direct action participants.

10:01: access available to crowd around fence.
There have been reports that Biscayne is completely clear of cops. Anyone trying to reach the fence should use Biscayne.

09:58: Police Beating
Channel 7 is LYING. Saying that protestors are attacking cops. The cops attacked from behind. The police beat a girl over the head, medics took her away. "This was a peaceful demonstration."

09:57: Call-out Protesters that dispersed are walking down 2nd St. Police running their bicycles into people, threatening them. Labor unions and legal observers needed on the streets.

09:46: 395 Shut Down
I-395, the last corridor into downtown has been shut down. Busses full of marches stranded outside of the city.






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