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What is a neo-Nazi doing working in a cat’s shelter?

17-12-2008 23:52

Tommy Williams - Nazi Scum!
Why on earth is an animal charity employing one of the vilest neo-Nazis in the country?

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Shut BMI Airlines day- 20th Dec

17-12-2008 22:37

Nigel Turner, you bad man, Cardiff 15/12/08
This coming Saturday 20 December will be the third day of action against BMI Airlines.

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Abahlali baseMjondolo (Shack Dwellers) Movement

17-12-2008 22:12

Speech delivered by S'bu Zikode on 14 December 2008 at the Blue Lagoon, Durban, after the Annual General Meeting

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british airways/wrexham snatched family

17-12-2008 20:41

British Airways , should be ashamed

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Suicidal Bankers

17-12-2008 20:40

Last week Reuters reported the apparent suicide of Alex Widmer, the Chief Executive Officer of Bank Julius Baer, the Swiss bank with over $300 billion in assets invested ('hidden') on behalf of extremely wealthy individuals and institutions.

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wrexham snatched update

17-12-2008 20:00


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It's Decision Time For Nepal's Monkeys!

17-12-2008 17:57

The new 'Wildlife Act' has been published although details of the actual breeding laws remain unpublished at this stage. There is currently a lot of speculation in the Nepalese media but NO hard facts.

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The murder was just the occasion

17-12-2008 17:40

At this moment, they fear us, and they will keep on fearing us if we are thousands and everywhere. We are calling everyone to actions of solidarity, to fight for the rights of all of us.

Let 20 December be the beginning.

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UK government bans photography

17-12-2008 17:08

The face of the future
A leaked Home Office letter informs us that publci photography can be stopped by the police at any time. As the number of workers on the dole rises to 1.86million this is more evidence that the state is expecting serious dissent over the next few years.

By Keir Snow, published on December 16th, 2008

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NY plan to tax non-diet drinks [with aspartame info]

17-12-2008 16:57

Governor David Patterson is proposing to tax non-diet versions of soft drinks by 15%

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NY plan to tax non-diet drinks [with aspartame info]

17-12-2008 16:57

Governor David Patterson is proposing to tax non-diet versions of soft drinks by 15%

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Palestine Today 121708

17-12-2008 16:15

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday December 17 2008

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Athens:Bureaucrats attack the occupation of the workers confederation

17-12-2008 14:54

Their "shop" occupied by rebel workers, Bureaucrats can not stand it...

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Greece; letter from the workers to the students

17-12-2008 14:47


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Scottish coal rail terminal shut down for 9 hours

17-12-2008 14:29

On Monday 15th, thirty campaigners from Coal Action Scotland together with local residents peacefully blockaded the entrance to the Scottish Coal-operated Ravenstruther coal rail terminal in South Lanarkshire. This action prevented the delivery of thousands of tonnes of coal to power stations across Scotland, for the whole day.

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STOP The Weymouth Relief Road

17-12-2008 13:54

A few protesters are trying to save our trees by occupying a site of ancient woodland in Dorset to try to stop clearance work ahead of the building of a new £84m relief road. Help is needed

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Unity Care & Sandwell Social Services

17-12-2008 13:34

It is one thing for Sandwell Social Services to raise a letter and post it on the internet, but a whole other ball game to have the Courage of your Convictions to stop Rackmanism and Profitering happening in your area where it is your responsibility.

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First identity cards issued to foreign nationals in Sheffield

17-12-2008 12:40

For the first time, foreign nationals in Sheffield can enrol for identity cards containing their facial image and fingerprints, the Home Secretary announced during a visit to the city today, Wednesday 17th December.

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wrexham asylum snatched update

17-12-2008 12:02

more information, help still needed