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british airways/wrexham snatched family

Davey | 17.12.2008 20:41 | Birmingham

British Airways , should be ashamed

british airways email send to them a while ago.The mother and children are striken fear worry,and perhaps not seeing there dad agian and husband

I wish to express my concern and register my fears regarding the
removal of the Boumerdassi family on your airlines. In addition to a
number of community residents, community , reginal and national
organisations the Husband, Wife and three chilren are scheduled to be
forcibly removed to Algeria where they face definite persecution and
potential violence. This family is well respected and liked and it has
been unfortunate that we have only been given four days to attempt to
organise any kind of support. In addition to assisting in the breach
of the childrens human rights, you will be sending a family now
experiancing varying forms of emotional and mentaly vulnerable states,
back to an enviroment where this will become much worse. I am under
the belief that whilst in your custody their well being will be the
responsibility of British Airways so I request that you consider that
the huge amount of effort being inniated to attempt to reverse this
decision goes some way to express our concern. I have been handed a
letter from a fellow pupil of one of the children being forcably
removed from the security of this country. Two seperate schools
providing education to the three children of the Boumerdassi have
additionaly written reports, indicating the high levels of educational
attainment. The popularity is evident in the provision of the letter
backed with 340 fellow pupils names established in the one day since
this young person found out. They call for more than four days to
present an argument as a community requesting a reversal of the
current decision made. I ask my request carefully and ensure that you
are ensured that all rights including those stipulated within the UN
Rights of the child are respected and that all family members are both
physically and emotionally well.
This family are in real risk and I hope as a National Company you will
appreciate our concerns and provide assurances that all aspects of
your passengers rights have been respected before forcably moving them
to a country that they have previously felt it neccessary to sek
refuge from.
I thankyou in advance for your consideration and should any further
information be needed please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerly