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Shut BMI Airlines day- 20th Dec

no borders south wales | 17.12.2008 22:37 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

This coming Saturday 20 December will be the third day of action against BMI Airlines.

Nigel Turner, you bad man, Cardiff 15/12/08
Nigel Turner, you bad man, Cardiff 15/12/08

We once again call on all those who oppose the deportation industry and the inhumane treatment of migrants to contact BMI Airlines and make their phone lines as busy as possible with the demand that they stop deporting migrants!

Being a Saturday, we suggest that callers focus on phoning the BMI Reservations & General Enquiries numbers:
01332 854854
01332 648181

Bmi baby Reservations
01332 648181.

e-mail BMI CEO Nigel Turner:

The shut-down BMI campaign day coincides with a day of action that has been called in solidarity with the recent uprising in Greece, which erupted following the murder of a teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a police officer in Athens on 6 December.

As a migrant solidarity organisation we stand with all those struggling against state repression and for freedom and equality for all!

"Our lives do not belong to the states and their assassins! The memory of the assassinated brothers and sisters, friends and comrades stays alive through our struggles! We do not forget our brothers and sisters, we do not forgive their murderers"

no borders south wales
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