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Have these very special people seen Bush ?

16-10-2004 05:42

What do you think ?

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nuff radios.. bring a kettle!

16-10-2004 02:57

its cool wi d coffee and t and lovelyness an lots of lovely esf and artist abstract

and we love radio/ radio digitalis

but can we be allowed more than one kettle?

any suggestions email radio rampART

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Indymedia Centre @ Camden Centre (pics)

16-10-2004 02:18

Pics of the Indymedia Centre @ the Camden Centre on Friday 15th October 2004.

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photos :: Beyond ESF and action reclaiming public free transport

16-10-2004 02:01

many police around london.
not in the papers esf, why?
we all are precarious...
we want things for all, not for the reach multinationals.
love autonomous spaces :)
let's defend indymedia!!!!

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Insurectory pointing in the city.

16-10-2004 00:03

The Lab of Insurectory Imagination went on a tour of the city (one of the most heavily CCTVed places on earth) and pointed into the cameras to confuse and annoy those watching the monitors on the other side. Those who may consider this activity to be pointless should consider that dozens of cops were kept busy for the duration of the action and were therefore unable to carry out their usual duties like harrassing the financial district's homeless.

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interview from Venezuela about O12 prisoners

15-10-2004 23:23

interview with Marcelo Andrade (director of "Venezuela Bolivarian: People & Struggle of the 4th World War") 2004-10-15 in Caracas by phone (recorded & uploaded at indymedia ESF-media centre, king's cross, london)

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Genocide, Torture, Globalization Polices and Ritualistic Living Standards

15-10-2004 23:12

World Wide Globaliiztion patterns and Slave labor policies, in the pattern of violations of human rights, civil rights, and seemly decline, and indoctination of these basic standards in the Mass Media.

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Circle line party part 2

15-10-2004 23:11

More on the Circle line party

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Caracoles, Zapatismo and the Piqueteros at Beyond ESF

15-10-2004 23:04

South and Latin American solidarity was strong at the autonomous space at Beyond ESF (at Middlesex University, Tottenham Campus) on Friday.

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US Army platoon mutiny

15-10-2004 22:53

US soldiers have mutinied, refusing orders to embark on what they called a "suicide mission".

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Circle Line Party Report

15-10-2004 22:48

A circle line party was announced for this evening and got prevented by the
police. Returning Partygoers gave indymedia reports:

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Grassroots movements against the Clash of Civilisations

15-10-2004 22:45

Today at the Beyond ESF space at Middlesex University there was a meeting called "Resisting the Clash - Building Networks of Solidarity Against Colonialism in the Middle East and the "Clash of Civilisations". This is part of a tour organised by "Marhaba Europe !"

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Police surround and close off Victoria station

15-10-2004 22:43

News just coming in:

22:20:Friday october 15th.About 30 minutes ago,we recieved word that police are suurounding victoria tube and railway stations and evacuating the public in a terrosist threat style.
Around 20 - 50 activists were outside the station (along the Buckingham palace road),apparently passing by. Included in the group were the german samba band.

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FREE Peace News, plus comment re LITTER!!

15-10-2004 22:42

PN cover
Info re FREE Peace News at autonomous (and formal) venues at ESF. No party, no charge, etc.
Plus comment re litter! And news re different venues this evening.

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Swapping lives at Beyond ESF

15-10-2004 22:42

In a small room at Middlesex University about 40 people crammed in to share experiences of social centres across Europe.

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CANARY WHARF DEMO goes ahead-sort of...

15-10-2004 20:48

80 polis and loads of private security watch an entirely peaceful and unhassled gathering happen, with only 20 people present!

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Critical Mass 6 p.m. takes place

15-10-2004 20:36

ESF Critical Mass 6 p.m. "The rain cant stop us!"

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Unmask the Spanish State

15-10-2004 20:12

The Spanish Government honors the Nazis