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Police surround and close off Victoria station

ell | 15.10.2004 22:43

News just coming in:

22:20:Friday october 15th.About 30 minutes ago,we recieved word that police are suurounding victoria tube and railway stations and evacuating the public in a terrosist threat style.
Around 20 - 50 activists were outside the station (along the Buckingham palace road),apparently passing by. Included in the group were the german samba band.

The metal security grills came down to close off the now empty station, and trains,underground services and busses are stopped.We hear that the group had come from white hart lane, and were travelling the cirlcle line as a 'circle line party', travelling round and round(unclear at the moment).
There are around 20 police vehicles surrounding the station, and police dogs are on the scene. Police have surrounded the group aggressivley, pushing and shoving activists as well as members of the public evacuated from the station and waiting on the street.Particuarly agressive are PC1701 and PC4115.The group is being herded towards Belgravia police station.POlice seem reluctant to arrest,as most of the group are foreigners.

11:26:Police are at the moment moving quickly in the direction of victoria station,possibly chasing activists who havebroken freefrom the cordon, or chasing a second group of activists:this is right now unclear.The station is still closed off.

11:30: A plain clothed officer (dressed as an activist) has just arrested an activist who was alone, and police are moving back towards belgravia, apparently rounding up people on their own.

11:41: police are still closing off the street between victoria station and belgravia policestation. the arrested activist was a fair haired male , handcuffed and arrested. No other arrests reportedat the moment. Photos will follow tomorrow morning.

12:00: witnesses at the scene say that police have just closed off victoria station: for the secondtime.They have declared another emergency and sealed off the taxi rank.It seems theyhave found a'suspicious' bag , and suspect the activists left it there. Travellers are still held up, and finsing it difficult to leave the scene because of blocked streets.