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FREE Peace News, plus comment re LITTER!!

Peace News | 15.10.2004 22:42 | European Social Forum | Anti-militarism | London

Info re FREE Peace News at autonomous (and formal) venues at ESF. No party, no charge, etc.
Plus comment re litter! And news re different venues this evening.

PN cover
PN cover

One day late due to random chaos with printers and delivery trucks (plus outraged calls from near the appeal court about Fairford Coach Action folk being persecuted by the cops .. more on that later ... probably), tonight we chugged around a few of the "offical" and autonomous ESF spaces and delivered little bundles of FREE Peace News.

This is a new 8-page tabloid format. Stories include the IMC datanapping, GM crop destroying, G8 organising, Iraq, Burma, BeyondTV, some feminist antimilitarst critique of the ESF, a feature on all the evil repressive laws the UK gvt brought in over the past few years and how they are used against actvists, and so on...

So, if you seem em hanging around - check it out. There are some on the War Resisters' stall at AP, plus at RampART, LARC, Beyond ESF etc.

(no party, no charge, no recruitment, etc).

And... (as a vaguely legitimate news report!) ... AP was awash with litter at 7.30 pm tonight (pls don't pick stuff up if you don't actually want it; pls don't chuck food/drink waste everywhere either ... scary is this is the "other" world that is possible!), things seemed chilled and nice at Beyond ESF and RampART.

And finally, respect to all our alt media compadres slogging their guts out over the weekend : )

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