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They hate our freedoms

21-11-2003 22:30

Thank you UK!!...but we don't want him back here either.....

check out the police brutality in the US at the Miami FTAA protests!

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VIDEO n PICs SAMBA DEMO After main BUSH march

21-11-2003 22:27

Video 1
2 min video from the SAMBA MARCH which was frogmarched down Oxford St to Speakers Corner.
Lights, Camera, Action...

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Gen. Franks Suggests Making US a Banana Republic Run by the Army

21-11-2003 22:05

General Tommy Franks (USA Ret.) has stated in an interview that the US Constitution could not withstand a mass-casualty-producing attack by WMD.

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Support for Tessaloniki during and anti FTAA demo in Montreal

21-11-2003 21:50

menacing EU-block with banner
A menacing EU-block of two persons caried a banner for the Tessaloniki prisoners during a reclaim the streets march in Montreal yesterday november 20, against the FTAA.

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Sketches of Fairford trial

21-11-2003 21:47

courtroom sketch 1
Sketches of the trial of the Fairford Gate 3 at Gloucester Crown Court.

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Hunger Strike: Solidarity Actions in London.

21-11-2003 21:42

Actions in London today.

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Anti-Bush Protest in London

21-11-2003 20:31

Assembling in Malet Street
Some pics and a short report from a member of the 250-strong Oxford contingent who went to London on 20 November to protest against the visit of George Bush.

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Greek embassy occupied

21-11-2003 20:09

Greek embassy in London occupied today

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The Happy Couple - Nuptials in country village

21-11-2003 19:52

The happy couple on honeymoon
After their wedding in Oxford Bush and Blair headed for a secret honeymoon in Sedgefield.

Although they have often been snapped holding hands and hugging in public, they now seem rather shy in public.

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Hunger striker's health: critical

21-11-2003 19:49

Spanish and English version
En estado crítico los dos jóvenes españoles presos en Grecia y en huelga de hambre

In critical state the two youths Spanish prisoners in Greece and in strike of hunger

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AntiBush Protest London 20 november 2003

21-11-2003 19:44

Some pictures tha I took on AntiBush Protest London 20 november 2003

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Video of statue toppling available

21-11-2003 19:30

Available to download now in broadcast highbandwidth quality

Compressed using On2 VP3 codec

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one minute on malet street, anti-bush protests

21-11-2003 19:26

A quick 360 degree video pan of a typical scene from yesterday's march against George Bush's presence in the UK. Good beats.

One minute, 5MB. Quicktime.

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More Photos from Stop Bush demo yesterday

21-11-2003 19:03

100s not 10s of Thousands
Some more Photos of Stop Bush demo:

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Trafalgar Square photos

21-11-2003 18:44

At 4:30 pm
These photos were taken yesterday on Trafalgar Square in the late afternoon and evening.

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Let's stick knives in PRESCOTTS BRAIN!

21-11-2003 18:41

The blood's on Prescott and Blairs hands!! The slimy SCUM!
Primate experiment lab approved

Cambridge University has received UK Government approval for a controversial laboratory in which it intends to carry out brain experiments on monkeys.

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"Bush Free Zone" banner hang - pictures

21-11-2003 18:40

Climber hanging the "Bush Free Zone" banner
At 8:30 am on November 20th at Admiralty Arch, Oxford activists unfurled a banner reading 'Bush Free Zone' and decorated with a (Bush choking) pretzel, and handed out leaflets which quoted the memoirs of George Bush Senior where he said occupying Iraq would be "unilaterally exceeding the United Nations' mandate," and "Had we gone the invasion [of Iraq] route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land."

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OxStu pinch material from indymedia

21-11-2003 18:40

The 'Oxford Student', the lesser of two evil (IMO) student papers in Oxford was caught out quoting Oxford indymedia articles without giving any credit this week.

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Council to ban 'anti-social' drinking - comments needed!

21-11-2003 18:33

Cambridge City Council seek comments on proposed new byelaw to ban 'anti-social drinking'

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Police greet protesters at Westminster and Whitehall

21-11-2003 18:24

police lineup by Westminster Bridge
These photos were taken around 6 pm on 20/11.