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The Happy Couple - Nuptials in country village

A Blinkin | 21.11.2003 19:52 | Bush 2003 | Gender

After their wedding in Oxford Bush and Blair headed for a secret honeymoon in Sedgefield.

Although they have often been snapped holding hands and hugging in public, they now seem rather shy in public.

The happy couple on honeymoon
The happy couple on honeymoon

"It's because their wedding in Oxford was so public...'scuse me I have to plant my beets.." said Precottery, the Sedgefield gardener.

Asked how he felt being the First Lady Tony was reported to reply, "Actually I am the First Man, and i have agreed that laura can carry on being the First Lady. Georgie and I will meet half-way mostly in the Azores or Iceland.

This shot was snapped by a paparazzi hiding in a plum tree in the Blair home in Sedgefield.

The former Mrs Blair (Cherie) and former Mrs Bush (Laura) are said to be on reasonable speaking terms despite everything, but there are no plans for them to marry as their former husbands have done.

A Blinkin


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