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Government of warlords or government of the poppy

24-07-2004 14:08

Kabul - Forces loyal to the commander of Army Corps No 7, Gen Atta Mohammad, attacked the police headquarters of the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif last week and took control of it.

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News and photos from Afghanistan

24-07-2004 14:04

A Butcher
So the elections are now on 9^th October 2004. These are the presidential ones.
The parliamentary, district etc elections will be next April or maybe May or
perhaps June or even never (see related articles). Massaoda Jalal, the only
female candidate for president was in UK this week (see articles). From Bush’s
point of view if the elections are going to be relatively peaceful they can be
spun as bringing democracy to Afghanistan but if it looks like they will be a
violent mess then they are likely to be post phoned again until next year and he
can spin how the process of democracy is firmly n place n Afghanistan.

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sherman austin released [sort of]

24-07-2004 12:57

finally ...

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Demo Against National Front/Al-Mhajiroun Rally in Trafalger Square

24-07-2004 12:14

Sunday 25th July sees a rally in Trafalgar Square at 1pm, by the Islamic fundamentalist group Al-Mahajiroun.
The National Front have called a counter demonstration.

The new anti-fascist group Anti-Fa sees very little difference between the fascism of the National Front and the Islamic fundamentalism of Al-Mahajiroun.
Indeed their views on gay people, Jews, Women, Trades Unionists, Anarchists etc would appear to be virtually identical.

Meet outside the national Gallery at 12.30pm.

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india issues

24-07-2004 08:45

2 sheffield activists were part of the imc team at wsf 2004, mumbai.
Here are links to their reports.

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Next ~Sudan Benefit - next sunday (1 August) at Tuffnel Park

24-07-2004 07:18

Due to oncoming humanitarian disaster in Western Sudan estimated to be the largest of its kind in last two centuries and general ignorance on it (about 300 thousand to 1 mln people are forecasted to die) we are having a benefit to support the campaign to save children lives. This action was initiated be Unicef with Oxfam now joining in the humanitarian emergency aid.

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Wind Farms v Nuclear

23-07-2004 23:48

We need real debate about this

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23-07-2004 20:47

Use Your Loaf, squatted Social Centre in Deptford, South London, is under threat of eviction on Monday 26th July.

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Friday 30th July , Critical Mass rides again.

23-07-2004 20:33

Friday 30th July put it in your diary, Critical Mass rides again.

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it's a set up - Sudan - BNP, BBC, Berlusconi, it stinks

23-07-2004 20:29

Is Blair trying to pull a 'Clinton in Kosovo'?
trying to gain popularity after the iraq occupation

strange parallels - Are the Islamic Sudanese a wicked faith?
or is that kind of twisted uber-patriotism 'different' to Blairs
corporate sponsored 'moral crusade'

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Sheffield Bus Strike, to all drivers, stop and think...

23-07-2004 19:23

Current sheffield first bus strike, the reality for customers.

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Midwest anarchists questioned about RNC, DNC

23-07-2004 17:53

The FBI has actively been harassing activists in the past two days in Denver, Lawrence, Kirksville, Columbia, and Topeka.

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SPEAK: National Demo 24th July

23-07-2004 17:37

The animal torture centre currently under construction in Oxford is the latest attempt by the university and its friends in this vivisection-obsessed Government to make the UK the new animal abuse capital of Europe. The Oxford University hierarchy like those at Cambridge have sought to use lies and deceit in a bid to hide the truth behind their plans for an expansion of animal experimentation at the university. The new building will host suites of labs and be open to 'visiting' animal researchers keen to boost their academic credentials or chase ever more lucrative research grants.

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If you have testicles or know someone who does…

23-07-2004 17:16

I see I have your attention.

Before I get onto testicles, let me just say:

In section 1, we’ll talk balls. Section 2 will look at why exactly our precious genetic inheritance is being threatened – for no good reason at all, it turns out, except meeting government targets and enriching one bloated company. Section 3 has a list of resources from Greenpeace for anyone who wants to act…

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23-07-2004 16:57

What is coyright?
Now can you think of a good reason not to copyleft your work? It's free, it's easy to do, it maintains the integrity of your work by ensuring it remains free and for non profit use, and not least it directly challenges the existing copyright laws and their emphasis on private property rights.

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Death toll rising fast in Iraq

23-07-2004 16:40

Dear friends,

Below please find details of some of the latest horrors from Iraq as compiled by Note that the death toll for U.S. GI's now stands at 905 and is rising fast. Please spread this report as widely as possible. jamie

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- Art of War : Family

23-07-2004 16:08


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Train - is it the way to travel ?

23-07-2004 15:50

With news this week that the car is a less polluting form of transport than the car should we re-think our views ?

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Corruption in the Occupied Territories

23-07-2004 14:32

Corruption and pocketing of donated funds.

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23-07-2004 14:15

Metrolink's proposed extensions to areas of Greater Manchester such as Manchester Airport, Eastern Manchester/Ashton and Rochdale/Oldham have had their funding pulled by the Department for Transport