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SPEAK: National Demo 24th July

abstrACT | 23.07.2004 17:37 | Animal Liberation

The animal torture centre currently under construction in Oxford is the latest attempt by the university and its friends in this vivisection-obsessed Government to make the UK the new animal abuse capital of Europe. The Oxford University hierarchy like those at Cambridge have sought to use lies and deceit in a bid to hide the truth behind their plans for an expansion of animal experimentation at the university. The new building will host suites of labs and be open to 'visiting' animal researchers keen to boost their academic credentials or chase ever more lucrative research grants.

Oxford University has a long and disgraceful record of animal research within the walls of its animal labs, animals like the 'Oxford Two' who have spent their entire lives in the sterile world of a university vivisection lab. These two rhesus macaque monkeys had parts of their brains removed when they were just five years old, ten years later they were still being used by Oxford University scientists in a battery of pointless and utterly worthless experiments.

The site currently under construction on South Parks Rd sits next to the Dept of Experimental Psychology the place where the 'Oxford Two' were last known to be. This place of animal suffering will be connected to the new centre via a covered walkway. Those who provide funding and labour for the new lab have entered into a contract for which the price to be paid by the animal victims counts for nothing.

The animal rights movement has already achieved amazing victories against those who show contempt for sentient life. NOW countless thousands of yet to be born animals that will fill the concrete and steel structure that Oxford University is building deserve our total commitment in making sure that this savage dawn never becomes a reality.

Come to Oxford on Saturday 24th July and make your voice heard, do not let the blind prejudice and arrogance of a few condemn thousands like the 'Oxford Two' to a life of fear and pain. SPEAK out for real science, SPEAK out for compassion and SPEAK OUT for the voiceless. STOP THE OXFORD ANIMAL LAB - NOW.

Meet 12-noon on Saturday 24th July 2004
at Carfax Tower,
Junction of Cornmarket St and High St,
Oxford City Centre.




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