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12-07-2003 12:53

It would be great to see as many people from the Oxford area as possible at the protests against the DSEi.

Many thousands are expected and these demonstrations will also serve as a European focus for anti-WTO dissent in solidarity with those in Cancun, Mexico as called by People's Global Action. Below is the Disarm DSEi call to action.

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12-07-2003 12:41

Any of you west country people fancy coming down for this? It's the next Really Big Demo, and it doubles as a European focus for anti-WTO dissent as called by People's Global Action, since the WTO Cancun meeting will happen at the same time.

Here's the original Call to Action put out by the Disarm DSEi umbrella group.

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12-07-2003 12:33


One of the world’s biggest ever trade fairs for guns, bombs, military planes, small arms, mines and tanks is taking place in London from 9th – 12th September 2003.

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What Israel does to Palestine, we are doing to Iraq

12-07-2003 12:30

Having been amonst the first to opine (on this forum on 11th Sept 01 in a comment entitled American Reichstag) that the events of that day were identical in perpetration and intent to the Reichstag fire, I'm only too happy that the great Robert Fisk has come to the same conclusion in print. See the final 2 paragraphs below.
Robert still accepts the official line too readily, when he states that

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Government Gone Mad - Official.

12-07-2003 12:11

The Nanny State now wants to dictate every nuance of our personal and private life.

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Videi evidence -- BLAIR LIED -- United Nations Charade

12-07-2003 11:56

tiny MOVIE (27 seconds) showing the ALIEN Blair, giving it away.

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12-07-2003 10:21

We went to war (and stay there) on a number of big fibs.

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The Contemporary American Art Of War

12-07-2003 06:33

The Contemporary American Art of War

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solidarity demo for Thessaloniki prisoners in Athens

11-07-2003 23:23

"The passion for freedom is stronger than any jail cell."
About 700-800 anarchists demostrated today in downtown Athens, in solidarity to the people arrested (some of them still in jail)in the events of Thessaloniki.

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~*~@ purple~peace~pixies @~*~ at the Fairford RIAT

11-07-2003 22:42

Gather a peace pixie posse of between 3 and 7 people, come and play and sing and bring peace, light and laughter to these rural lanes. Scatter purple petals, hand out sweeties and leaflets, be a pixie tour guide for a day or more, tell the RIAT tourists that pixies want the Cotswolds back for good.

~ * ~ @ War is Terrorism @ ~ * ~ @ Peace is Fun @ ~ * ~

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Protest Tactics

11-07-2003 22:33

Try not to get cornered by police on your protest about the Ariel Sharon visit
The United Kingdom ,the United States are both suppliers of arms to israel,therefore lots of money is made here in Briain from death and destruction..........
So expect particularly aggressive and nasty police tactics such as sectioning off protestors,hair pulling ,pushing and slapping etc.......

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Ulster Special Newsletter

11-07-2003 21:30

The Truth about Ulster.

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11-07-2003 21:16

Intelligence not evidence

Several analysts also believe that shortly before the war started on March 20, Baghdad had no missiles capable of reaching Saudi Arabia or Israel.

"Intelligence is not evidence," said Gregory Treverton, a former vice chair of the National Intelligence Council, which produces US security evaluations.

"The Bush administration has turned intelligence into evidence."

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The Conservative Assault on our Environment

11-07-2003 21:12

Fitzsimmons, a free-market policy analyst and former libertarian and conservative think tank consultant, contends that ecosystems exist only in our imagination -- thus, federal policies should not be used to manage or restore the environment.

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Ripe for a Revolution? A Revolution?

11-07-2003 21:01

When many gathered and spoke
As of now I am preparing proposals to amend the Human Rights Activities within the human right responsibility that affects us all.

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London Rising Tide strike again

11-07-2003 20:43

London Rising Tide strike again, this time at the head offices of EBRD: one of the two
multilateral lenders involved in financing the proposed pipeline. Officially there is a 120 day consultation period at the end of which they will either be out of the project or fully on board.

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Demo against Ariel Sharon's visit to London - 14 July 2003

11-07-2003 20:24

There will be a demo against the Occupation and Ariel Sharons Visit to London on 14th of July 2003 (5.30 pm - 9pm). He will be meeting Tony Blair for Dinner at Downing Street. Please come along. Bring banners, placard, flags, whistles. The louder the better.

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“All I want is World Peace…”

11-07-2003 19:07

Ok, ok, so I was a Miss Australia contestant so you need to read this just for entertainment value… “What, Miss Australia, do you think America can do towards world peace”?

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Manchester GM nation debate

11-07-2003 17:58

Manchester leg of the national GM debate!!! Miss it not!!!

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War criminal Ariel Sharon visits London Monday - join the picket

11-07-2003 17:45

Ariel Sharon is coming to London to meet Tony Blair, Jack Straw and others. Give this war criminal the welcome he deserves!