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solidarity demo for Thessaloniki prisoners in Athens

fwd | 11.07.2003 23:23 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

About 700-800 anarchists demostrated today in downtown Athens, in solidarity to the people arrested (some of them still in jail)in the events of Thessaloniki.

"The passion for freedom is stronger than any jail cell."
"The passion for freedom is stronger than any jail cell."

The demo started shortly after 7.00 p.m from Klathmonos Square, lead by a big banner with the message "Freedom to the 8 people jailed, solidarity to the prosecuted for the events against the E.U summit in Thessaloniki". Hundreds of people (i would say about 600) from the anarchist movement in Athens, marched passionately towards the E.U. offices in Basilisis Solfias street. They shouted slogans loudly and with strength, the most usual being "The passion for freedom is stronger than any jail cell". After they remained for about 5 minutes outside the E.U. Offices, the demonstrators headed back towards Propilea Square, were the demo ended with no incidents.

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