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“All I want is World Peace…”

Gabrielle Reilly | 11.07.2003 19:07

Ok, ok, so I was a Miss Australia contestant so you need to read this just for entertainment value… “What, Miss Australia, do you think America can do towards world peace”?

Changing the Perspective

I think world peace is a pipe dream and world stability should be the realistic goal. It is essential that the US needs to work at rebuilding friendly international relationships for global strategic positioning.

The US could better utilize the resources of immigrants living in America who have grown to love and understand the US as much, if not more, than many American’s. Immigrants from all around the world are a priceless commodity for translating information more effectively to there respective country or region. Instead of one press secretary at the White House addressing America and the international community, have these pro-American citizens living in America make individual addresses to the world. Divide the world into regions and do a geographical address that deals specifically with those country/countries concerns. If an American says anything to the world they are just screaming red, white and blue. If a citizen from another country makes the address it has third party validation which is a very effective model for promotions.

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