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Increased security in detention centres

16-05-2011 05:49

A new phone system run by a private company will replace personal mobile phones in immigration detention centres, according to Corporate Watch, a group which investigates corporate activities.

As a result, detainees will not be able to call free numbers and will have to pay higher rates in order to call their families and lawyers. Furthermore, the new system, which will be connected to a central operating system, will allow immigration authorities and the centre’s prison management to record and monitor all conversations, as well as ending calls.

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John Holloway Thurs. 19th May 6pm Glasgow Uni Occupation

16-05-2011 01:05

19th May: John Holloway to Visit the Free Hetherington

A talk by John Holloway
19th May 2011
The Free Hetherington
13 University Gardens
G12 8QH
(NearByres Road/ Hillhead Underground Station)

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Shouting through fences - a Campsfield report

15-05-2011 22:21

quite an old photo but it shows campsfield and BoP
Every month a small group of campaigners gathers outside "Campsfield House", near Oxford. Inside, behind layers of tall, razor-wire fences, are 200 people imprisoned indefinitely for the "crime" of being poor, non-white, and foreign.

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GMB Union Promotes Workfare as Answer.

15-05-2011 20:55

The Leadership of the GMB Union selling out their own members and the public that have supported their anti-cuts stance

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Liverpool school strikes over academy plans

15-05-2011 19:44

A Liverpool school was shut down by strikes yesterday over plans to turn it into an academy.

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Israeli troops injure non-violent demonstrators

15-05-2011 17:55

The following cannot currently be posted on the international news section due to some error on that page which prevents posting. Concerns violence against non-violent protests today by Israeli army.



This is a quick note that Israeli soldiers arrested Mazin along with two
other Palestinians early this afternoon local time May 15, 2011 as he was
participating in a peaceful nonviolent civil disobedient march toward the
Green Line in Al Walaja (one of the many Nakba events taken place today.)
Many media were there and his arrest was caught on tapes as he was just at
the scene peacefully. He is currently being held at the Israeli military
compound near Rachel's Tomb. As this message is being written, I got a
call from a friend who was still in Al-Walaja reporting that IDF is firing
tear gas at the remaining protest crowd. Some protesters escape to village
houses, but IDF soldiers followed into one house and arrested five more
people (one Irish, one other international, and three Palestinians) from
inside the house.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, and Golan Heights, there
were reports that dozens were wounded in many places, including more than
150 wounded at Qalandia checkpoint. Please complain to your government and
demand them to stop supporting the brutal Israeli Apartheid regime. Please
support and participate the Nakba events around the world today and double
the effort of BDS on Apartheid Israel.



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Israeli troops murder 9 protesters at Naqba border demonstrations

15-05-2011 15:50

Today, within 2 weeks of the Gaza Flotilla massacre where 9 activists were murdered, Israeli troops have shot dead 9 protesters and wounded more than 100 across 3 different protests at the border.

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Atos Origin Protests Across the UK – full round up

15-05-2011 15:06

A successful week of actions called by disabled, claimants and anti-cuts groups protesting against ATOS Origin took place this week. Atos are the private company milking millions of tax payers money from the testing of disabled people through their tick box computer Work Capability Assessments. Over 50 groups supported the week of action which saw pickets, demonstrations and protests in every major city in the UK.

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New leaflet about Post Traumatic Stress Response, PDF available

15-05-2011 10:10

I've put together a new one double-sided A4, fold-me-in-three leaflet, about Post Traumatic Stress Response/Disorder. It describes the causes, symptoms, strategies for recovery and activist culture-conundruns, surrounding PTSR. E-mail me for a PDF to print up and scatter around squatts, resource centres, crisis centres and anywhere you think is appropriate.

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Victory against Office Angels

15-05-2011 06:55

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Gaza is Crumbling. Another flotilla prepares to sail

15-05-2011 05:13

Gaza is crumbling under the weight of an Israeli siege backed by the Obama administration. Roughly 80 percent of Palestinians in Gaza now depend on aid. Vast amounts of infrastructure destroyed in the Israeli attack of 2008-2009 require repair. Thousands of families still live doubled up with relatives or are homeless.

Children are being short-changed educationally because of damaged and horribly overcrowded schools and a lack of textbooks. Their health is compromised by polluted water and food insecurity.

In response, over 1,000 human-rights workers from around the world will sail this June on a dozen boats for the Gaza Strip to highlight this human-made tragedy.

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Oxfordshire Pride gears up for 2011

14-05-2011 20:27

Oxfordshire pride is getting ready for another feast of events to celebrate lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer life in Oxfordshire.

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British Sunday Times Rich List: Austerity? Not for the elite

14-05-2011 19:31

If further proof was required to refute Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that all in the UK are suffering his government’s austerity measures equally, one need look no further than the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

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No End to the “War on Terror,” No End to Guantánamo

14-05-2011 19:28

With the death of Osama bin Laden, there is a perfect opportunity for the Obama administration to bring to an end the decade-long “War on Terror” by withdrawing from Afghanistan and closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

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Yorkshire Zapatistas - Viva Mexico Event

14-05-2011 17:55

The Yorkshire Zapatistas held another successful event in Bradford raising awareness about Zapatista Struggle in Mexico.

Zapatista coffee, crafts and copies of the film 'Viva Mexico!' are available at the Treehouse Shop, 2 Ashgrove, Bradford, BD7 1BN (opposit the Uni sports centre)

On Friday 6th May around 30 people came down to the 1in12 Club, Bradford to watch 'Viva Mexico!' a film about Zapatista and indigenous struggle in Mexico.

Film director Nico Defosse introduced the film and answered questions after the showing. The documentary follows Sub-Comandante Marcos as he travelled around southern Mexico in 2006 as part of 'The Other Campaign' which sought to create a network of movements in Mexico of indiginous people engaged in struggle against the oppression of the state government.

Before the film a vegan dinner of peanut stew was served in the cafe where an exhibition of photos from Chiapas Indymedia was on display, plus Zapatista crafts and copies of the film were on sale.

After the film showing and question and answer session there was chocolate cake and zapatista coffee in the cafe. In the bar the Ned Ludd soundsystem provided some funky beats while two local teams took on mexico in a mini league of table football - Mexico were victorious, although the women's team put on a mighty show of talent.

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UK State Racial Hate Machinery Grinds On

14-05-2011 17:20

The five young men arrested for daring to be brown-skinned in Cumbria (aka behaving suspiciously near Sellafield nuclear plant) have all been released without charge [1] - and had not, contrary to MSM lies [2], been taking photographs of the plant.

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Dale Farm: COuncil hit by Legality Challenge

14-05-2011 16:55

A day after the debacle of false reports announcing his resignation, Cllr Tony Ball is facing a challenge to the legality of a committee meeting due next week to fix plans for the now hugely contraversial Dale Farm eviction operation.

Ball has merely stepped down as leader pending possible re-appointment by the first full council meeting following the recent elections. That meeting is scheduled to take place on 26 May.
But while this piece of council business may be running smoothly, the other looks likely to run off the rails. If the committee meeting goes ahead on Tuesday evening as publicized any decisions it makes could be declared invalid. 

The reason is that like Ball, committee chairpersons etc need to be appointed by a full council. Clearly, in the case of the development control committee this can only happen after the event - and that's not proper according to Basildon's own constitution.
Both council executives and committee members have been appraised of the ultra vires issue, which appears to have gone unnoticed by Basildon's lawyers. If the meeting can't be legalized it must surely be postponed.
Action concerning the bulldozing by Constant & Co bailiffs of at least one yard at Hovefields Drive and the delivery of the final 28-day Notice to Dale Farm residents could thereby be delayed for some weeks, a small but significant victory for Dale Farm campaigners.

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PCT kicked by the terminally ill

14-05-2011 14:55

Campaign to Save Hayward House Daycare Saves Hayward House Daycare!

We have been told that DAYCARE IS NOW NOT CLOSING

and that patients have been given letters of apology from the NHS.  The details are still unclear, and we don't know if/when referrals will recommence or whether there will be any substantial changes.  It is possible that patients with other life-limiting illnesses will in future be referred to Hayward House too, to be treated by experts in palliative care for cancer patients, thus reducing the number of cancer patients receiving the treatment.  If so, we don't know whether there will be any increase in staffing. 

Campaigners are mighty relieved, but still wary.  And angry.  We want to find out who was responsible for the very serious distress that was caused to current patients. 

The campaign is therefore continuing and will still meet on Monday evening at Carlton Fire Station (7pm), and we hope to be able to issue a proper press release after that. 

We'd all like to say an enormous thanks to everyone who has supported this campaign, and urge you not to go to sleep yet, as we are still unsure of future plans.  But thanks to all.  If you have any filled petition sheets, we'd  like to have them back as they will strengthen our voice when talking to the NHS - please send them to the address on the bottom of the sheet or contact me.

This campaign has been self-organised by patients, carers and volunteers.


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Global week of action against Air France-KLM: 27 May - 3 June

14-05-2011 14:38

What will you do?
Air France-KLM are the number one transporter of laboratory animals worldwide and for this reason they are the target of a global animal rights campaign!

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Reminder: Save the Harlan Beagles National Demo - 18/06/11

14-05-2011 02:03

Harlan in Belton, Loughborough, are one of they few remaining suppliers of beagles to vivisection laboratories left in the UK. Over 1,000 dogs are held in the kennels onsite at any given time - 250 of which are killed each year as surplus to stock.