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Women Against Rape Xmas Benefit Gig

02-12-2003 14:50

The famous music venue The Telegraph, 228 Brixton Hill, SW2, known for showcasing new and established acts, will host Women Against Rape’s Xmas Benefit Gig on 21st December.

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Autonomous January Delegation in Argentina

02-12-2003 13:45

Winter Break to the summer sun, January 7-21, 2004

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Dirty Digger Awards 2003 - Winners Announced

02-12-2003 13:44

The winners of the Dirty Digger Awards 2003 have been announced. The awards expose the activites of the mining industry, and award those companies and executives that have particularly (un)impressed the judges with their conduct.

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Kickstart C@fe -Timetable of events

02-12-2003 13:28

Yo skanky ho's

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WSIS Strategic Conference

02-12-2003 12:42

Part of the "WSIS? WE SEIZE!" events and actions taking place around the World Summit on Information Society , S-CONF is two days of open discussions involving local Genevans, WSIS delegates, NGO members, info-activists and diverse net participants. The conference is intended to allow exploration of the key issues involved in information
politics - including those excluded or removed from the official WSIS agenda.

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CNN reports the real story of Anti War March

02-12-2003 11:43

Cnn reporter quizes one or our great British Bobbies.

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Indymedia Cinema Special!! Dec 3rd - The 4th World War

02-12-2003 11:41

The Fourth World War -
The first London screening of the latest film from Big Noise Films, who also made Zapatista and This is what democracy Looks Like!

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Democratise the ESF 2004

02-12-2003 09:41

The next European Social Forum (ESF) is going to be held in the UK in late 2004. Serious issues have been raised about the process by which this decision was taken, and by which it is going forward. This article gives an account of what's happening, dates for two important meetings, and a Proposal for the Preparatory Process calling for an open and democratic ESF, for people to put their names to.

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ALL uk children contaminated with plutonium

02-12-2003 04:27

Recent research shows ALL the children in the UK are probably contaminated by Sellafield plutonium.

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Video: Bayer Noise Demo

02-12-2003 02:27

5 minute video about abuse of police powers at a demo in Newbury.

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Bristol IMC feature on Fairford trial

02-12-2003 01:25

Link to (and extract from) Bristol indymedia feature about trial of the Fairford gate 3.

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President of the Apes videos

02-12-2003 01:00

Funny movie clips about George Bush's ape-like behaviour, and his Dad's Darth-Vader-like approach to life.

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Nu Labour to attack the disabled again

02-12-2003 00:43

THE government is to crack down on Britain’s disabled “workshy” by introducing a new review of medical records as well as compulsory jobcentre interviews to find them work.

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02-12-2003 00:42



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Sheffield Stop the War benefit this Thursday

02-12-2003 00:12

A benefit this Thursday

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You are welcome to Meadowhall - as long as you want to spend, spend, spend...

01-12-2003 22:42

Drop in for a snack - but if you don't BUY you will be thrown out
Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield was visited on Saturday (Buy Nothing Day) by a number of people who just wanted to have a good time in this pleasant community area.

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Bush Protest Photos...

01-12-2003 22:20

discussions with SWP-er
more photos from the london march on the 20/11/03 against bush's visit. black and white.

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Indymedia Cinema Special!! Wednesday Dec 3rd - The 4th World War

01-12-2003 20:27

The Fourth World War -
The first London screening of the latest film from Big Noise Films, who also made Zapatista and This is what democracy Looks Like!
Indymedia Cinema @ The Other Cinema

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URGENT: Aldermaston - appeal against new plans

01-12-2003 18:05

objections for Aldermaston extensions needed now