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Women Against Rape Xmas Benefit Gig

Women Against Rape | 02.12.2003 14:50 | London

The famous music venue The Telegraph, 228 Brixton Hill, SW2, known for showcasing new and established acts, will host Women Against Rape’s Xmas Benefit Gig on 21st December.

Music promoter and WAR supporter Richard Pearl has brought together DJ MAXI JAZZ (from the band Faithless), with live acts including the deep soulful voice of LORNA MARSHALL (played with Diana Ross, Chaka Khan), sonic soul from THE SEEN (recently on Virgin Radio and featured on Virgin’s website Homepage), and A GIRL CALLED BOB (Ronnie’s Scotts and 100 Club). Doors open 7pm, acts on stage from 8pm, closes 1am. A FANTASTIC NIGHT OUT FOR A GREAT CAUSE!

A dramatic award-winning 90-second date rape advert made for WAR by leading advertising company TBWA-GGT will also be featured during the evening. It was first shown at Warner Village Cinema in Leicester Square, where male viewers felt challenged by the uncompromising question to men, “What are you doing?”

WAR, a multi-racial grassroots women’s group, provides counselling to victims of rape, including asylum seekers, helping women get the protection, justice and compensation to which we are all entitled, including pressing for prosecution of rapists (only 1 in 7 men reported for rape are brought to trial, only 6% found guilty).

The combination of support, legal advice and practical back-up by grassroots women is unique to WAR and has set a number of important precedents, including the first private prosecution for rape in England – the rapist was jailed for 11 years. It was WAR which got rape in marriage recognised as the crime it is. We are consulted by the police, Crown Prosecution Service and Home Office. The media has come to us for over a quarter century for information and opinions. We have raised awareness of issues such as date rape, child abuse, domestic violence, the vulnerability to violence of women with disabilities, racist sexual assault, rape in war-torn countries and the plight of women seeking asylum from rape in war and under dictatorships . . .

In January, the Association of Local Government in London suddenly cut our funding after 17 years. They did not criticise our work. But we have consistently told the unvarnished truth about the legal obstacles women trying to get justice are up against.

Lisa Longstaff of WAR said: “Having seen the closure of London Rape Crisis earlier this year, women are very concerned that this leaves rape survivors in London without the vital support services they need. Our volunteers are working under great stress while we seek alternative funding. We are determined not to be closed down. We call on all women and men in London to come out against rape, this time by raving with WAR for Xmas!”

Tickets: £6 unwaged; £10 waged; £25 to sponsor WAR for a year and receive a copy of the 90-second date rape video. Café-bar, with food.
Disability access: ramp & help to upper ground floor, accessible loo on ground floor.
We welcome online donations via our website:

Women Against Rape
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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