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Climate Camp G20 Policing - Judicial Review Hearing Granted

25-11-2009 11:26

Climate Camp Protestors win battle for High Court scrutiny of G20 Policing

Protestors who were ‘kettled' and beaten during the Fossil Fool's day protest outside the Climate Exchange on 1st April 2009 have won the first round of a battle to hold the senior Metropolitan Police officers involved accountable. Granting permission for their judicial review to proceed to a full hearing, Administrative Court Lead Judge Sir Andrew Collins commented that the claim concerned, "issues that can properly be regarded as suitable for the Administrative Court", including the decision to deploy force which was made minutes after officers had noted a "party like atmosphere" at the demonstration.

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HMIC Policing Protest Report Published - Police Tactics Condemned

25-11-2009 11:08


The long awaited second report by Denis O'Connor, the chief inspector of constabulary, is critical of many aspects of public order policing which alienate the public and infringe the right to protest.

The report "Adapting to Protest – Nurturing the British Model of Policing" looked at the now infamous policing of the G20 protests in london as well as the Climate Camp protest at Kingsnorth and other mass demonstrations.

See Full Report:

In related news, campaigners from Climate Camp have won their legal battle to secure a full hearing for a Judicial Review around the brutal policing of the G20.

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Demo At Polish Embassy: Save The Cegielski Plant!

25-11-2009 10:13

Friday, 27th November, 4.30pm, Polish Embassy in London : 47 Portland Place W1B 1JH

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The Value of Fear

25-11-2009 10:09

"We do not negotiate with terrorists". The mantra has long been a cherished value of western democracies. In reality all the major powers have at some stage been lowered to discussions with militants, from Northern Ireland to Iraq. Now Israel seems on the verge of granting their fiercest enemies of Hamas a major coup with the mooted released of up to 1,000 prisoners. What message does this send?

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Danish Police Warn Cop15 Protestors Not To Publish Legal Advice

25-11-2009 09:46

Believe it or not that's the latest message being conveyed by the Danish media this morning.

The Copenhagen Post reports that Mogens Lauridsen, deputy chief superintendent of Copenhagen Police, has made a statement on advice for protestors published on the Internet.

The advice for protestors includes an explanation of laws which the police may use against them as well as their legal rights under Danish law. Such legal guides are often published ahead of protests to inform demonstrators of the risks they may face and advice about how police may act towards them - during protests and if they are arrested. They are of particular relevance where protestors are coming from other countries where laws and police procedures differ.

The Danish police force, like all police forces, does not have an unblemished record when it comes to the treatment of protestors.

Recently a letter signed by members of several British NGOs including Friends of the Earth, Jubilee Debt Campaign and Christian Aid was sent to the Danish embassy (and published in the Guardian) highlighting concerns over the curtailing of legitimate protest around the Copenhagen climate summit after new repressive public order legislation was proposed. The legislation proposed includes an extension of pre-emptive detention from 6hours to 12 hours.

National differences in public order laws also led a mainstream NGO coalition to ask for clarification over whether its members wearing panda costumes would be arrested on the streets of Copenhagen, since in Denmark the wearing of masks (or even the assumed intention to wear a mask) can be an arrestable offence.

The people from around the world planning to protest at the Cop15 climate summit deserve to know how the police may treat them, and no civilised society should object to such information being published.

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Schizophrenic jailed for refusal to decrypt files

24-11-2009 23:45

The first person jailed under draconian UK police powers that Ministers said were vital to battle terrorism and serious crime has been identified by The Register as a schizophrenic science hobbyist with no previous criminal record.

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Doncaster's former 'Earth Centre'

24-11-2009 22:28

Doncaster Climate hearing Meeting details can be found here -
this coming Fri 27th November

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Magic Roundabout possession order served - Vestas Solidarity Camp to be evicted

24-11-2009 22:27

Welcome to the Magic Roundabout
So, earlier today a Crown Court Judge in Newport, Isle of Wight granted a possession order in favour of the local landowner, and against the Vestas ex-workers and supporters who have been camping there for 4 months. Despite support from a raft of protest-expert lawyers and the Advisory Service for Squatters, the Judge refused to listen to arguments regarding right to protest, "vexaxious"-ness (I don't even know what that means, apologies).

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UK Rossport Solidarity Gathering Feb 12-14th, Sumac Centre, Nottingham

24-11-2009 16:54

Find out more about the Rossport Solidarity Camp in Co.Mayo, Ireland & how to support the community struggle against Shell in 2010.

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Trident replacement - views from Wrexham

24-11-2009 16:04

Wrexham peace activists canvass public opinion on Trident replacement.

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Stitched-Up In Honduras - Workers speaker tour - UK

24-11-2009 15:38

Come and hear how together we can fight sweatshops!

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Jump the Channel!

24-11-2009 14:58

Transnational protest against the border regime! Whatever side of the channel you live on, join us on Saturday! Protest outside the 'Joint Centre for Intelligence' Bouverie House, (Folkstone police station) Bouverie Road West, 3pm..

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More Bailiff activity at Mainshill

24-11-2009 14:53

Two Welsh bailiffs were found walking around the site this morning and followed to one of the bunkers which has been built as a defence.

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Thessaloniki, GR antiauthoritarian space attacked w explosives ahead of December

24-11-2009 11:57

Regarding the ignition of an explosive device at the free social space “Buena Ventura” (Thessaloniki) this morning

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Legal Threat to the Vestas Campaign 'Magic Roundabout' Camp:

24-11-2009 11:14

The Roundabout at Night, a few months ago...
The people remaining on the ‘Magic Roundabout’ protest camp down on the Isle of Wight outside the now closed Vestas factory have been officially handed their eviction order by the land owner (Hanslips?), and the court hearing is today Tuesday 24 November.
If people want to get in touch with the Roundabouters, please email and we’ll do our best to get your message to them.

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New Cop15 Book: Carbon Trading: How it Works + Why it Fails (pdf)

24-11-2009 11:04

Carbon Trade Watch, Transnational Institute

Carbon trading lies at the centre of global climate policy and is projected to become one of the world’s largest commodities markets, yet it has a disastrous track record since its adoption as part of the Kyoto Protocol.

"Carbon Trading: how it works and why it fails" outlines the limitations of an approach to tackling climate change which redefines the problem to fit the assumptions of neoliberal economics. It demonstrates that the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the world’s largest carbon market, has consistently failed to ´cap´ emissions, while the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) routinely favoursenvironmentally ineffective and socially unjust projects. This isillustrated with case studies of CDM projects in Brazil, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

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Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms – Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral

24-11-2009 06:48

logo petition
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19

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UN conference: Denmark threatens protesters

24-11-2009 00:54

Before the UN conference in December in Copenhagen, the Danish government wants to tighten the right to demonstrate - even against peaceful protesters.

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Brian Anson - Architect, Story Teller, Poet, Revolutionary... passed away over t

24-11-2009 00:10

From Donegal and Clare, and Connaught and the Munster hills...... Your plea is remembered and we battle on, energised by your passion

Brian Anson (1934-2009) passed away over the weekend after being inflicted with a sudden illness, he was a Liverpudlian, who came to Ireland to do what he could to help..

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Bradford Anti-Vivisection Demo - This Saturday

24-11-2009 00:08

Over the past week, demonstrations have been held at the University of Bradford against their vivisection laboratories, which have succesfully brought what is happening to the attention of students and staff alike.Although the vivsection labs at Bradford are small, the amount of suffering inflicted is huge and sickening. We can reveal that animals are routinely starved to force them to perform procedures, mutilated and generally abused.

In one experiment, nursing mothers were forced into cocaine addiction in order to see what they found most attatched to - their offspring or cocaine. Other research includes into the effects of being wounded by a scalpel on scarring, whether animals lose weight when given anti-psychotics and inducing schizophrenia onto rats.