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HMIC Policing Protest Report Published - Police Tactics Condemned

cv | 25.11.2009 11:08 | G20 London Summit | Climate Chaos | Repression


The long awaited second report by Denis O'Connor, the chief inspector of constabulary, is critical of many aspects of public order policing which alienate the public and infringe the right to protest.

The report "Adapting to Protest – Nurturing the British Model of Policing" looked at the now infamous policing of the G20 protests in london as well as the Climate Camp protest at Kingsnorth and other mass demonstrations.

See Full Report:

In related news, campaigners from Climate Camp have won their legal battle to secure a full hearing for a Judicial Review around the brutal policing of the G20.

Responding to the publication of the report, people from the Climate Camp said:

"The HMIC report shows that there is some movement within the police force for change, but we'll be watching how things happen down on the ground at direct actions in the lead up to the Copenhagen climate talks.

Hundreds of british climate activists are going to be making their way to Copenhagen over the next few weeks - let's hope the police don't use this as an excuse for intimidation and monitoring.

When it came to the G20, the police behaved like violent thugs - and the granting of a Judicial Review to put the senior police officers involved under scrutiny will surely bring more of their mistakes to light. Let's just hope they learn their lessons in time. We're watching you."

Whilst the policing of the Climate Camp protest at Blackheath in London was indeed low key and drew almost no criticism at all, the recent cases of four climate campaigners detained and questioned under anti-terror legislation whilst on their way to a protest meeting in Copenhagen raises further questions about political policing.


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