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ocupaton of hackney nursery and festival

30-08-2002 13:25

Parents and children at st john's nursery in hackney have occupied their nursery to stop its closure. They defied the police, security guards and contractors preparing to board up the building with their children inside! Festival onSaturday 31 August

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Bayer Responsible in Pesticide Poisoning in Peru

30-08-2002 10:13

Peruvian Congressional Investigative Committee finds the agrochemical company Bayer Responsible in the Pesticide Poisoning Deaths of 24 children in the Andean Village of Tauccamarca. Families Appeal to Secretary General Kofi Annan to Exclude Bayer from the UN Global Compact

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Campaign against Sanctions on Iraq

30-08-2002 09:42

The Iraqi people have been collateral victims of the undeclared Anglo/American war against Iraq which has been ongoing for nine years. A full-scale war will probably be launched in the last three months of this year: IT IS TIME TO ACT: -- REMEMBER LONDON: National demonstration28 September, London: CND and the Stop the War Coalition has a mass demonstration against an attack on Iraq, scheduled for the week before Labour Party Conference. Begins at 12noon at Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, Central London

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Southwark & Lambeth Community Action Network

30-08-2002 08:17

Community Action Network Established in South London

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Racist Murder in Sunderland - Tayman Bahmani

30-08-2002 07:19

The death of Tayman Bahmani, an asylum seeker in Sunderland has shocked us. We condemn the racist murder, which has taken his young life.

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Vigil for Racist Murder Victim - Tayman Bahmani

30-08-2002 07:12

The family and friends of Mr Tayman Bahmani have called for a peaceful vigil. This will take place today at the spot where Tayman was stabbed. The details are:

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30-08-2002 01:49

Between the non-binding, unenforceable Global Compact and the partnerships being used by the likes of McDonald's to cloak themselves in the U.N. flag, it is becoming more and more evident that the U.N. has fallen into the pockets of big business -- all to the detriment of those who are supposed to matter most, the people.

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Why racism is stupid

30-08-2002 01:46

An article promoting all the positive aspects of cultural diversity, both in the UK and worldwide, in an attempt to counteract the Nazi filth thats been polluting the newswire these past few days.

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Strap Menwith

30-08-2002 01:03

Ugly vortex site. NSA global imprisonment.

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Carnival of fools V's BNFL follys

29-08-2002 23:31

A carnival of fools is going to laugh at BNFLs follies, come join us.

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Fax your MP to oppose the attack on Iraq

29-08-2002 22:22

Has Your MP signed an EDM opposing military action against Iraq? - check here to see if they have and also provided is a link to send them a message

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Forum Education and Demonstration at september 13 & 14 in Cologne (Germany)

29-08-2002 21:32

Forum Education and Demonstration at september 13 & 14 in Cologne (Germany)
Latest: During the Forum there will also be an international meeting of Education is not for sale. points of discussion will be the coordination of an European week of protests in november, the EU summit in Copenhagen and the European Social Forum in Florence.

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Potential pitfalls with 'green electricity'

29-08-2002 21:11

An anaylsis of the poteinal pitfalls the people could be facing if they put too much faith into 'green' electricity tarrifs, based on the nationwide People and Planet campaign to get all universities to switch to 'green' electriticy, including the eco-group at my own univerisity, Keele.

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29-08-2002 18:21

Defence Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer expresses regret at the incident in which Palestinian innocents in the Gaza Strip were killed as a result of Israeli army fire

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Media Censorship in Zimbabwe

29-08-2002 18:05


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Robert Fisk: It is not my job to provide the evidence for a war crimes trial

29-08-2002 17:37

A reporter's job does not include joining the prosecution. We are witnesses and we name, if we can, the bad guys

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Another media is possible - but first you have to smash corporate media

29-08-2002 16:59

Another media is possible - but first you have to smash corporate media
Another media is possible - but first you have to smash
the corporate media.

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Another World Is Possible Festival

29-08-2002 15:46

Another World Is Possible Festival
Saturday 31 August, Tankerton Slopes, Whitstable. from 1pm into the evening.
Organised to promote the European Social Forum.

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Women lead Colombian March against the War

29-08-2002 12:05

On the 25th of July 10-20,000 or more women converged on the centre of Bogota from all over Colombia to refuse to support any side in the war, by refusing war taxes, conscription and the militarization of all aspects of life. This piece is part-report, part-critical discussion.

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Reclaim the future [party 20/22nd sept]

29-08-2002 09:39

Reclaim the streets invites you to: