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The struggle continues in Sarayacu

19-12-2003 17:02

"progress" in the Amazon
On december 5th and 6th several actions and demonstrations against oil exploitation in the territories of the indigenous community of Sarayaku and other regions took place in the city of Puyo in the western part of the ecuadorian Amazon.
The situation was getting worse...

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wintwr solstice out2lunch club @larc

19-12-2003 16:41

breakfastinbread @ the out2lunch club, larc on sunday, 21/12 - happy solstice

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Two more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

19-12-2003 15:56

By SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer

Capt. Tammy Galloway of the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division said a homemade explosive device exploded on the roadside as a military truck was passing. Iraqi witnesses said earlier that it was an oil tanker and that two soldiers were killed in the blast.

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Indymedia UK Video projects page revamped

19-12-2003 14:49

UK d(((i)))y video
The IMC UK video projects page has been given a make over.

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London Class War Xmas Social and demo tommorow!

19-12-2003 12:17

Class War Xmas social Friday 19th December 7pm

Picket of Wilko's in Stratford - Saturday 20th December Noon

Class War 2004 calendar available

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The capture of Hussein, again a sleazy farce

19-12-2003 11:59

flying splice
A poorly staging á la Hollywood with date palms on scene of the asserted imprisonment which yield fruits in December although the last crop was in August. A fake like the Jessica Parker story, the rollig chemical laboratories, the nuke treatment and further shit. All for justify a illegal war of aggression, only for moronic voters and for a flying splice. Enjoy the movie 'Wag the dog' and you know how the wind blows. This U.S. regime has
propagate so much featherbrained propagana lies that nobody but morons can believe them over again

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Stars fight to get Anna back her life's work.

19-12-2003 04:02


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Video screening of The Fourth World War

19-12-2003 03:16

Here is a short trailer for the
wonderful Big Noise Tactical film,

(quicktime format)

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19-12-2003 01:09

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, China, and Cuba.

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Subertisment taking the P out of bristol IMC

18-12-2003 23:45

Crikey, we should be able to laugh at ourselves.

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Iraqi Workers Refuse CPA Slave-Wages, Threaten Mass Oil Strike - report

18-12-2003 18:37

Oil workers in Iraq's biggest and most profitable company the Southern Oil Company have refused American Occupation Administration slave-wages and created their own wage scale instead. to be accepted on pain of mass energy sector strike. CPA forced to retreat and start paying workers more.

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Bayer CropScience drop 6 of their GM crop varieties from UK commercialisation

18-12-2003 15:10

Bayer CropScience the principle company pushing for the commercialsation of GM crops in the UK has withdrawn 6 of its 9 UK GM crop varieties from the UK national seed listing process

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Alternative Christmas Carols

18-12-2003 12:29

Christmas Carols with a difference...

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Saddam has been Captured; Time for yanqui to go home

18-12-2003 11:19

Yanqui go home

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Can the Znet Demand to Produce Vision Lead to Vanguardism?

18-12-2003 09:33

The demand that the global justice movement should produce a detailed “vision” or blueprint of a future post-capitalist society is today most forcefully made by Znet. I will seek to present an opposite view in this article

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Stop Advertising Day on Friday in France

18-12-2003 09:25

This Friday, French activists will paint the town black - literally. They are all calling for an international day of action against advertising and will paint their own advertising hoardings black.

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GLOBALIZATION, TIME AND ANGUISH- “Diez horas con la globalización”(google)

18-12-2003 09:16

According to the book-“DIEZ HORAS CON LA GLOBALIZACIÓN”(google,amazon,yahoo,Foro-los retos de la globalización, netbiblo,,
“ Nowadays time escapes from our lives, without us being able to catch it, as a result of an apparent acceleration of the vital-global process. We are offered numbers and percentages but they are all uncertain, they are obsolete, and have lost present value while they are facilitated to us”.

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The staircase wit of this century

18-12-2003 08:48

myrmidons brand
The U.S. remote-controlled fake president claims fair legal proceedings and death penalty for a U.S. hellhound.
He has decided for a colossal bloodbath among European and U.S. politicans, his backers and himself

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18-12-2003 07:43

Federal Court Judges and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission conspiring to undermine Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act (1986)

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Surrey Anarchist Group meeting/social

18-12-2003 02:01

Surrey Anarchist Group meeting/social