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The capture of Hussein, again a sleazy farce

backdraft | 19.12.2003 11:59 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | World

A poorly staging á la Hollywood with date palms on scene of the asserted imprisonment which yield fruits in December although the last crop was in August. A fake like the Jessica Parker story, the rollig chemical laboratories, the nuke treatment and further shit. All for justify a illegal war of aggression, only for moronic voters and for a flying splice. Enjoy the movie 'Wag the dog' and you know how the wind blows. This U.S. regime has
propagate so much featherbrained propagana lies that nobody but morons can believe them over again

flying splice
flying splice

The old Regime meets the new Regime before the final torture begin. Saddam Hussein a broken dictator filled up with drugs by CIA tantalizer counterparts the new collaborating myrmidon Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the new U.S. Puppet Regime. On Saddam the U.S. myrmidons have earned billions of Dollars and Chalabi with his backer Bremer will now arrange the total cannibalize of Iraq. He is the right man for U.S. myrmidons. He is completely corrupt, he knows how to despoil and betray people and he is sentenced to 20 years in prison by a jordanian court for his criminal machinations. This cretin could buzz off and now he settled down on the right place and he will be Bush's best friend but he never can set only one step outside the greenzone, he will be killed in the next moment. Hussein could not buzz off and if he had the choice he would died in a final fight against the U.S. myrmidons like his sons because he had known what a bestial torture will come over him. There is no humane torture like U.S. cretins claims and if he will die by U.S. torture or later by a 'fair' court case which death sentence is predefined by Bush he will become a martyr for all arab nations in this century and it will become impossible for the U.S. cretins to control the arab oil resources without genozide

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