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Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Educational Needs - Deadline 3rd October

19-09-2005 22:48

The deadline for the Parliamentary Inquiry into Special Educational Needs is near – Monday 3rd October and has had no publicity to date. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone with an interest to have an input towards a report that will make an impact on policies that affect what is experienced, for the young person, the parent/carer, and the school.

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I'm in a right f***kin mood

19-09-2005 21:24

But not by a country mile...
All the while the Labor right maintained the States, received big fat pay cheques and toured the world as well paid losers with no intention or ambition whatsoever to even try to be elected into government office and were prepared to sabotage anyone in their own party who disagreed. Having inside information did help.

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Demo Parliament Square on Saturday

19-09-2005 18:58

Challenge the ban on fundamental civil liberties by the UK Government and Authorities in Parliament Square on Saturday 24th of September 2005.

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Two Britons detained in Iraq for firing at police

19-09-2005 18:31

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - Violence erupted in Basra on Monday after Iraqi authorities said they had detained two British undercover soldiers in the southern city for firing on Iraqi police.

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Be part of a radio revolution

19-09-2005 17:50

rampART radio is an internet radio station which was orginally set up to provide independent coverage during the London European Social Forum held in October 2004. When the ESF finished rampART struggled on putting out daily news and events listings, along with some of the best revolutionary tunes and parodies you are likely to come across anywhere on the net. Over the last year the station has had it's share of up's and downs, including a month of down time when we lost our ADSL internet connection after the post office decided not to deliver any more post (including our phone bill). During the G8 in July, rampART radio provided 5 days of live up-to-the-minute coverage and enjoyed it's highest ever audiences as the stream was rebroadcast around the world. rampART radio also played a role in covering the protests against DSEi and even the London bombings after the G8.

Now, almost one year since it was created, I propose to kill rampART radio.

Ok, not exactly kill but certainly a rebirth in a very different form.

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19-09-2005 17:47

Solidarity Benefit Cafe for the people (Gabriel, José, Bart and Begoña) arrested in aachen, germany last year.
6pm Monday
26th September.

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International Agreement Set to Ban Organic Food

19-09-2005 17:35

International Agreement Set to Ban Organic Food, Vitamins, and force GMO, Irradiated Food down our throats

Codex would allow the WHO and FAO control the way most of our food is produced...

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prayer rather than disinvestment will bring peace - says CoE

19-09-2005 17:10

Caterkiller: No current grounds for disinvestment says Church of England as there have been no recent sales of the killer diggers to the Israeli authorities.

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19-09-2005 15:58


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Exhibition of Pottery of Interned Prisoners

19-09-2005 15:12

Vase made by detainee B
Exhibition in London of pottery by men currently interned in Full Sutton and Long Lartin Prisons awaiting deportation and certain death and torture.

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Online petition: Support British Residents detained at Guantanamo

19-09-2005 14:47

Detainees in Guantanamo Bay on Hunger Strike.

At least 210 detainees have been on hunger strike since 11 August in protest at their conditions. An earlier hunger strike was stopped when the US authorities promised some changes. They reneged on these promises and the detainees have resumed their protest.

Anyone familiar with the Irish hunger strikes of the 1980s will realise that these detainees are at a critical stage – it’s a matter of life and death. Please contact your MP and urge him/her to press the British government to raise the matter with the American authorities as a matter of urgency.

Detainees have now been held at Guantanamo for over three years without proper access to a due process of law. Their families are refused access and they are not even allowed proper access to their legal representatives and where that access is allowed unreasonable restrictions are placed on the lawyers concerned.

This situation needs to be resolved and proper rule of law established in places that are used as prisons by the American administraion and its allies. Britain needs to use its so-called "special relationship" with USA for its residents currently held at Guantanamo and get the USA to honour internationally accepted norms on treatment of prisoners and the rule of law.

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George Fox Six on trial from 26th September!

19-09-2005 12:00

Pic of the George Fox 6
The six are up for Aggravated Trespass after handing out leaflets at a conference at Lancaster uni.

Join them at court on Monday to show solidarity and support Free Speech and "Education not Exploitation!"

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Great Reporter on DSEi demo and arrests

19-09-2005 11:16

Great Reporter article on the week at DSEi and arrests.

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Spodden Valley asbestos - more EU support pledged...

19-09-2005 09:57

Chris Davies MEP (right) and Paul Rowen MP (left) view destroyed woodland
The leader of the British Liberal Democrats in Europe, Chris Davies MEP has just visited the Spodden Valley of Rochdale where there is currently a controversial planning application for over 600 homes and a children’s nursery on the site of what was once the world’s largest asbestos textile factory.

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Buy One Get One Free & Party

19-09-2005 06:39

This year national shoplifting day is being cancelled, due to the law. However, in the run up to Christmas, at all chain stores, a National "Buy One Get One Free Day" will be held on the Saturday December 17. Or this year have your Christmas party in a chain store.

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Mindwalk 13: Mendacity American Style

19-09-2005 05:50

This Mindwalk rallys for the Anti-war protest in DC on Sept 24, and the Million Man March 2.0 on October 15. While still reeling over the aftermath of Katrina, I'm making an effort to keep my eyes on the prize. Hope you enjoy this episode.

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Hundreds attempt self-harm in detention

19-09-2005 03:30

Figures are appalling
"After people have been in detention for extended periods of time, almost all people that I've come across have harmed themselves in some way."

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Continuing protests at Brough BAe systems

19-09-2005 01:06

The regular monthly protests at Brough BAe military aircraft making plant on Humberside are set to continue.
This might interest any returning renegades from DSEi or any aspiring anti-arms trade virgins.!

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Protesters picket Blue Arrow in Liverpool to support Gate Gourmet workers

18-09-2005 23:00

Liverpool protesters picket Blue Arrow office
In solidarity with the sacked Gate Gourmet workers, protesters today picketed the Liverpool office of temp agency Blue Arrow and handed out hundreds of flyers with information about the dispute to passers-by.