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UG#659 - Countering Intelligence 2 (Gladio, The Strategy of Tension, False Flags

15-08-2013 09:35

This week we continue our look at the secret state with the help of Scott Noble's latest film, Counter Intelligence on the out of control apparatus of "national security services". The focus this week is on drug trafficking and False Flag operations. We supplement the adaptation with some classic Michael Ruppert on the narco-connection to US politics, Mark Crispin Miller on the phrase "conspiracy theory" and a speaker on the FSB and the Ryazan Apartment bombing of 1999.

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One in four still blame rape victims — survey [TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE]

15-08-2013 00:55

NEARLY one in four young men in Scotland still blame rape victims for drinking or dressing “provocatively”, alarming new research has found.


The figure comes from a snapshot survey by men’s pressure group White Ribbon Scotland, who polled nearly 2000 men from across the country on their attitudes to violence against women.

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Berlin: Projects raided by police on August 14th

15-08-2013 00:37

According to first reports, there were huge police raids on eight house projects and apartments in Berlin, including the Rigaer 94, this morning (14/8). The cops are supposedly looking for people responsible for attacks on various job centers (‘welfare offices’) as well as a recent molotov attack against police, who were conducting a drug raid in Köttbusser Tor during a solidarity demonstration for the revolt in Turkey. More news as it comes…

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freespirit community festival Saturday August 17th

14-08-2013 18:55

If you're knocking around the midlands this weekend get yer sen down to Newcastle under Lyme and check out Freespirit Community Festival, its going to be a cracker! :-) An extravaganza of freeness, there's going to be a Free Market, free vegan cafe, free activities and workshops. free live music and poetry, disinfo stall and library, discussions and other don't buy anything get one free offers :-) See yous down there.

Community Arts Cafe proudly present the Freespirit Community Festival. Saturday 17th August 2013. The Scout Hut ( behind Holy Trinity Church ), London Road, Newcastle, ST5 1LQ. Opens 11am, Workshops from 12am.

more info at

apologies for the fakebook, we're on a journey and hopefully our next manifestation will be organised using something better :-)

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The May 29 Case in La Paz (TIPNIS and the FAI-FRI)

14-08-2013 13:05

On May 29, 2012, 13 people were arrested in La Paz, Bolivia, as part of an antiterrorism witch hunt directed against anarchists in response to a series of arsons, bombings, and sabotage claimed by the FAI-FRI and related to government plans to build a highway through TIPNIS, a protected rainforest. Subsequently, most of those arrested have been released, in some cases after snitching to prosecutors. Two people remain locked up. This article is an attempt to cut through the pervasive misinformation surrounding the case, and facilitate solidarity for those who deserve it. It is also an attempt to learn certain practices of communication in anarchist circles that aid repression and hinder solidarity.

Together with comrades in La Paz we have convoked an international day of solidarity for May 29, 2013. We intend this article to lend clarity and background to that convocation.

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Mapuche youth assassinated, call for solidarity

14-08-2013 12:49

From // A new death has plunged the Mapuche nation into mourning this Tuesday, 6 August, with the confirmation of the murder of Rodrigo Elicer Melinao Licán, member of the community Rayen Mapu of Lof Lolokos in Ercilla, who was persecuted by the Chilean state and business interests in Wallmapu.

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Dark Nights #36 – ‘Freedom to the Wolves of the North’ – August 2013 (ACN)

14-08-2013 12:41

August 2013 issue of Dark Nights dedicated to a long hot dangerous summer. International news and reports from the informal network of counter-information and translation. Front page covers the repression in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, against comrades from the Nadir squat after the attacks of the Phoenix Project by cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front. Front page sidepanel is the contribution of Actforfreedomnow!/BoubourAs to the gathering concerning the informal network of counter-info and translation which took place at Nadir itself previous to the repression.

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Demonstration against Stop & Search and Justice for Jason O’Connor

14-08-2013 09:25

Date & Time: Thursday 15th August at 9:30am

Location: Camberwell Green Magistrates Court, 15 D’Eynsford Rd, London, SE5 7UP

Facebook event:


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Freespirit Community Festival Saturday August 17th

14-08-2013 09:24

If you're knocking around the midlands this weekend get yer sen down to Newcastle under Lyme and check out Freespirit Community Festival, its going to be a cracker! :-) An extravaganza of freeness, there's going to be a Free Market, free vegan cafe, free activities and workshops. free live music and poetry, disinfo stall and library, discussions and other don't buy anything get one free offers :-) See yous down there.

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NO TAV movement again under attack

14-08-2013 09:12

NO TAV movement again under attack

For twenty years in mountains of North West Italy, not far from Torino, a powerful movement has grown that has resisted the Italian government’s plan to build a high velocity railroad, which in addition to being very costly and economically useless would certainly destroy the mountain environment. Over and over, the NO TAV movement, now well-known throughout Europe, has come under attack by the police and the army, besides being the object of a smear campaign by politicians of almost every political stripe. However, so strong has been the determination of the people of Val di Susa and their many supporters to resist this assault on their land and their lives that so far no real construction has taken place and all that the companies in charge of the project have achieved has been to surround thousands of acres of land, belonging to the local population, with barbed wires and cops.

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The Killers of Peace

14-08-2013 08:31

Writing in the “National Interest” on September 6, 2012, the President of the U.S./Middle East Project, Henry Siegman, agreed that “Israel’s colonial… settlement project has achieved its intended irreversibility, not only because of its breadth and depth but also because of the political clout of the settlers and their supporters within Israel.”

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Occupy vs. The Arms Fair

13-08-2013 20:24

The DSEI Arms Fair is a global showroom of bloodshed and profit.
Come and create a mass action against the arms fair in solidarity with the international struggles for justice.

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REPORT, VID - Jello Biafra calls for support for Bradley Manning at London gig

13-08-2013 14:56

5 mins 18 secs into this VID - Jello Biafra's statement in support of Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden

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Nottingham Fixers - become a Fixer

13-08-2013 14:55

Nottingham Fixers is a Nottingham-based community group who run a Fix-it space at Sneinton Market on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

The group are currently looking for new fixers to get involved.


The Nottingham Fixers repair space aims to help people fix items, by not only fixing them, but by teaching them how to fix, so in future they can fix items instead of buying new.

The reason? Because we have a major problem with consumption, and we are in a society where people are very happy to buy new things, instead of fixing them, simply because it is easier & cheaper.
Nottingham Fixers is a community group who want to change the way we consume things, so that instead of throwing things away we fix them, and just as importantly we teach people how to fix things themselves.

We need people with all sorts of skills, because we never know what people will bring to have fixed. It could be:

  • mechanical
  • electrical/electronic
  • digital
  • textiles

You don't need to be an expert in these skills - we will have fixers on the day who can shadow you. You will need to bring your own tools, and conduct a risk assessment on what could go wrong.

It's great fun, and is great satisfaction for helping to fix someone's broken item for them.

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Glasgow Anarchist Social

13-08-2013 10:55

Thursday 29th August 2013 Scotia Bar, 112 Stockwell Street, G1 4LW. Website | Facebook Event Come join Glasgow Anarchist Federation for the re-start of our regular pub social.

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Statement on “Libcom and Aufheben working with the police" by Samotnaf

12-08-2013 18:12

On the inaccuracy of the 'non-fides' article “Libcom and Aufheben working with the police".