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Call For Solidarity With Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint Denis Strikers

03-01-2008 10:11

For seven weeks, a massive movement has been growing within the French
University system, uniting professors, students and staff in a struggle
against Sarkozy's new university reform law, the law concerning the
"Liberties and Responsabilities of the Universities" (LRU).

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Wrexham Peace & Justice News - Issue 23

03-01-2008 10:04

WPJN masthead
Local Peace & Justice quarterly newsletter out now. Read it here or at

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Saint Bhutto, Devilish Musharraf and American Gangster Politics

03-01-2008 09:57

U.S. gangster policies in the developing world have come home to roost, yet again.

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France: Revolt in foreigners camps

03-01-2008 08:58

In France, in 2 "centres de rétention" (one of the types of detention centers for migrants, where they are held before deportation) in Paris region, a strong protest movement has been going since Dec 20, 2007. Migrants went on hunger strike to try to alert public opinion on detention, which they characterize as "shameful and arbitrary".

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Global Call-in Continues Jan 2-4: Hands off the Uhuru Movement

03-01-2008 05:23

Boley Center is attacking the Uhuru Movement through illegal firings, a false arrest, and taking away people's housing vouchers – effectively throwing them out on the street. The only connection to all these incidents is that all these people are supporters of the Uhuru Movement. Boley is violating freedom of speech, freedom of association, federal housing and worker's rights! Now the Uhuru Movement is uncovering and exposing Boley Center's culture of larceny!

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Housing and Regeneration bill - End of low cost rented housing?

02-01-2008 21:29

On the Housing and Regeneration Bill
Taken from Defend Council Housing website.
See website for more on campaign to stop the destruction of low cost rented housing.

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"This how the law looks like, the law created by the immaculate dictators"

02-01-2008 18:16

This letter was sent to ABC Poznan address, we have no idea how this prisoner got our address. But three months before sending this letter, he sent the first letter asking us to send him some press, zines etc. We did so, but apparently, he didn't get the package we sent to him. This letter was sent without any censorship. We don't know the case of this prisoner, but the letter describes Polish prison reality perfectly. Artur asks for publishing it all over and he also wrote that press is very welcome. We don't think he speaks any other language that Polish but you're all welcome to send him signs of solidarity and publishing this letter everywhere you can.

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Sadie Grahams house raided by police

02-01-2008 16:59

We hear that just before xmas, the house of Sadie Graham and her boyfriend Matt Single was raided by a large number of police. The couple, recently expelled from the BNP for plotting against Nick Griffin (allegedly!) had their house in Church Lane, Brinsley, near Nottingham turned over by police - looking for weapons.

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Palestine Today 010208

02-01-2008 16:15

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday January 2nd, 2008.

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Anarchist Guilty of Extortion in Green Scare/SHAC Case - Support Dylan!

02-01-2008 15:36

On October 29, 2007, Dylan Barr entered a guilty plea to one felony count of Second Degree Extortion in Seattle, WA for disrupting the operations of Washington Mutual Bank with a Denial of Service attack because of its investment in Huntington Life Sciences. After a two-year period of legal limbo and non-snitching plea deal negotiations, he was sentenced to 232 hours –29 days— of community service and ordered to pay Washington Mutual Bank $25,000 in restitution.

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Tesco(poly) comes to Mottram

02-01-2008 14:39

Tesco have been invited to build a store in Mottram, near Hattersley, part of Tameside. The local authority and the Highways Agency (HA) have asked them to delay planning permission until after Easter 2008, a time period which exactly matches that for a delay requested by the HA into the Public Inquiry for the Longdendale Bypass.

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wmv film of xmas slackers karaoke

02-01-2008 14:00

Video slackers choir in carnaby street
here is the wmv file of the slackers xmas karaoke

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xmas karaoke with slackers anarchist choir

02-01-2008 13:39

Video the slackers choir in carnaby street
just before xmas the south london anarchist choir (slackers) took to the streets and shops of the west end to perform their anti-capitalist christmas carols. sing-along with this karaoke rendition of their wonderful performances

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Israel’s Lobby debunked in a new book by two American professor

02-01-2008 11:30

Bungled wars, like the current debacle in Iraq, leave disastrous fallouts and kindle soul-searching for causes and culprits. Suddenly alliances are challenged, accepted truisms disputed and victims metamorphose into villains, villains into victims.
In this atmosphere of escalating introspection in the U.S. two American professors have managed to publish a meticulous investigation into the negative effects of the Israeli lobby over the last 45 years on the foreign policy of the United States.
In the process they exposed the intimidating power ‘The Lobby’ wields in suppressing academic and media criticism of the Jewish state.

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Jan 11th 4-6pm-U.S. Embassy "Shut Down Guanatanamo!" (6th. anniversary)

02-01-2008 10:04

"Shut Down Guantanamo!" Vigil
at U.S. Embassy, London
Grosvenor Square (closest tube Bond St.)
4pm - 6pm
Friday January 11th.

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11 January - 6 years of Guantánamo day of action

02-01-2008 09:41

Six years of arbitrary detention, detention without charge or trial, without access to full legal representation, adequate medical care or their families, at the whim of the US military, for almost six years. Enough is enough. Will 2008 be the year to see Guantánamo close?

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How independent was the BBC Persian Service in the period 1941-79 ?

02-01-2008 09:01

This paper attempts to look at whether and how far the British Government has tried to use the broadcasts as a tool for political propaganda and influence.

It will in turn ask whether the Persian Service has -- as part of the BBC’s editorial whole – managed to keep its independence intact in reporting events in a balanced and objective way.

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Japanese Government to Keep ‘Hooligans’ Away from Summit

02-01-2008 08:28

An article reposted from the mainstream media about immigration regulation for G8 in Japan 2008

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Zapatista womin gathering:Loud and clear,the struggle will be long and difficult

02-01-2008 08:07

"We tell you so you are clear about it:The struggle will be long and difficult" Traduccion

Impressions from the second day of the gathering amongst zapatista indygenous women and women from the world.

Translation of original article

author Lv

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Third attempt to remove Comfort Adefowoju and Family

02-01-2008 07:59

Comfort Adefowoju and children
Comfort Adefowoju and children still detained at Yarl's Wood IRC, have been issued with a new removal directions, on British Airways flight BA0075 from Heathrow airport terminal 4 to Lagos/Nigeria at 12.50 hours Thursday 3rd January 2008.