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Nottingham opposition to the M1 widening

11-03-2006 14:40

Nottingham No Widening M1 group went out to Kegworth to spread the campaign message.

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straw bale foundation making

11-03-2006 14:31

tyres laid out
A few photos showing a low inpact way of making foundations for a straw bale building.

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Saving Iceland Activists visit Rossport; report, interview & photos

11-03-2006 14:27

Saving Icelanders at the Bellanaboy the gas refinery site
Four activists from the Saving Iceland campaign visited Rossport this week meet with Shell to Sea campaigners from the area and the solidarity camp.

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French filth riot against student revolt.

11-03-2006 12:56

Riot police have stormed the Sorbonne University in Paris, forcing out students who have been occupying the building since Wednesday in protest against government labour laws.

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2nd Renaissance -14

11-03-2006 10:46

unexploded munitions, radiation, and toxic substances
Withdrawing Support For Militarism [179]
The problem with revenge is that it lowers the humanity of those who exercise it down to the same level, of even below, those who committed the original crime. Although we can't yet know who was responsible for 911 or 1012, we do now know that forces of the Coalition of the Willing (CoW) have, on occasions, been just as barbaric as the people who killed on those dates. This has been amply demonstrated in Afghanistan and again in Iraq. If you doubt this, seek out more facts about the CoW's use of DU and NDU weaponry and cluster bombs. These horror weapons continue, to this day, to put young children and adult civilians at risk of injury or death from unexploded munitions, radiation, and toxic substances in the ground water and the food chain.

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Norman Kember update

11-03-2006 09:01

Friend of Kember found dead

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Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

11-03-2006 05:33

The land of International penny stock fraud makes for strange bedfellows and here often right wing cons of all stripes lie together.So it should come as no surprise that by touting or allowing his name to be used to tout a Michael Zwebner pump and dump penny stock scam(one of many over the years) President of Israel Moshe Katzav not only mixes his name and reputation with American mafia and international crooks and gangsters but also Mr.Zwebner's business partner in a number of scams over the years including UCSY or Universal Communications Systems is the infamous Mohamed Hadid,a Palestinian of ill repute connected to the Herndon,Virginia Muslim charity suspected in both money laundering and terrorist funding activities,including Al Qaeda.

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The Torture as a Fashion.

11-03-2006 03:10

The Torture as a Fashion. Hanging up and chaining a human being is “In”.

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Ukrainian noborder activists call for solidarity actions

11-03-2006 02:29

10 or 11 refugees from Uzbekistan applied for asylum in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities arrested them and handed them over to Uzbekistan's government infamous for its use of tortures and death penalty. It's the latest, but not a unique, case of such a deportation. Ukrainian activists ask comrades from other countries for help.

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What's wrong With the Green Party

11-03-2006 02:21

The Green Party manifesto is unworkable, misconceived, authoritarian and would punish the poor it has been claimed today. Following extensive reading of their policies (link below) it seems that the whole affair has been put together by someone with a Green magic wand, which seems to have limitless amounts of cash and a misguided belief in the inherent ‘goodness’ (in their terms) of the average citizen.

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The Real Oxford Union First Annual Address

11-03-2006 00:31

TUC Deputy General Secretary gives the first Real Oxford Union Annual Address.

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Venezuela 2006: Anarchism against all odds

10-03-2006 21:36

Our friends from abroad continuously ask us to explain our views about the current situation in Venezuela. This reply is based on two recent texts by the editing team of El Libertario, already published in their entirety in the internet (in Spanish), and from which we extract our main points.

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Little London PFI scandal - how Leeds City Council blackmailed a community

10-03-2006 20:47

Parts of Little London will now be sold off under the PFI scheme
Leeds City Council's announcement yesterday that nearly two-thirds of tenants have backed their proposed £35m PFI regeneration scheme in Little London is both expected and misleading. Here is the full story of how it happened.

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Xrail hole Bill MPs will need to be vigilant of slippery Xrail-backer

10-03-2006 20:15

The UK House of Commons hybrid draft piece of legislation, the Crossrail Bill, is being ‘scrutinised’ by a small group of MPs, collected from mainly the three ‘major’ Political Parties. The process has been overstated in its relevant capacity to alter the substantive contents of any Bill. Given that the Crossrail Bill contains monumental powers that will enable the destruction of entire communities in the East End of London, the ability – or the chances - of the MPs committee on the Crossrail Bill to make any difference must be examined against the performance of another committee which in October 2002 ‘heard evidence’ from one Michael Keith, a councillor on the East End Borough of Tower Hamlets Council. The same Michael Keith is now leader of the same council and is widely associated with the promotion of the Crossrail Bill and plan as a whole. Keith is set to be among Tower Hamlets Councillors who would enjoy the chance to appear before the Crossrail committee to make the case for the Council’s defiance of the local community. The MPs need to be much more alert and vigilant this time round then their counterparts were on Tuesday 15 October 2002.

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4 crucial things to remember re: iran '53 . . . . ( + first hand accounts)

10-03-2006 19:32

. . . . that every journalist working on the iran story should make themselves aware of . . . . since its the forgetting that causes the very worst tragedies.

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Shepton mallet update!!!!

10-03-2006 18:38

Still going!!

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Little London PFI Consultation Results Announced

10-03-2006 17:37

After months of so-called "consultation events", Leeds City Council has taken the somewhat surprising step of releasing the results as if they were a "ballot" of Little London tenants. As expected, they have managed to con enough people to support their gentrification plans.

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srilanka tsunami social project fundraiser @ rampart centre

10-03-2006 16:45

sri lanka tsunmai benefit @ rampart arts centre, 17 rampart st e1, 8pm -2am //

//////////////////music and lights #5 ////////////////////////////
our 2nd night at rampart. coming at you with a mixed bag of funky live aucostic+electronic music, slide & video visuals in a comfy atmosphere.

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Animal Rights Media Online Repository Forum Launched to celebrate > 2000 files

10-03-2006 14:58

To celebrate the achivement of reaching over 2000 images, videos and files, A.R.M.O.R.Y has launched a forum.

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Youth Against Heavy Industry invade offices of Icelandic National Power Compnay

10-03-2006 14:23

The Reykjavík offices of the much loathed Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic National Power Company, were gatecrashed yesterday by over thirty angry young people who banged drums, shouted and blew whistles in defiance against Landsvirkjun, heavy industry and ecocidal dams in the Icelandic highlands.