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US: "Can We Trust the Vote Count Anywhere?"

12-11-2002 06:34

US vote counting has been fraught with potential abuses since 1964, with electronic tabulation equipment containing proprietary "source code" and with the the establishment of the monopoly poll projection service, Voter News Service (VNS)

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AIDS Made By CIA? Interview of Dr. Len Horowitz

12-11-2002 05:08

AIDS Made By CIA? Interview of Dr. Len Horowitz
Interview runs for 73 minutes and can be downloaded as MP3 or streamed for modem users

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Cascadia Media Collective releases new film

12-11-2002 04:57

The Cascadia Media Collective's Guerrilla Video Primer will inform, inspire and entertain.

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McPoverty in downtown Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)

12-11-2002 04:05

McPoverty in downtown Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Ten Disgusting Things about Corporations

12-11-2002 03:08

Fast fact sheet about how corporations ruin our lives

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patriotism and the use of God

12-11-2002 02:59

An Emma goldman piece and a mom's, on children, american patriotism, the use of god, and war.

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A Canadian Remembrance Day Remembrance

12-11-2002 02:15

A history of American foreign policy in Nicaragua.

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BBC 'Want to be a spy'?

12-11-2002 00:02

Website link to BBC test 'want to be a spy'.

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11-11-2002 23:33

Stand down betty before your horrible anus flares up again.You are presiding over an illegal and imoral enterprise and one of the last big crime families.

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Who rules the World?

11-11-2002 23:09

A lot of superficial books and articles have been written about "globalization", "global corporations" and "empire" without the least notion of the real structure of power

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Richard Helms, a case of double identity?

11-11-2002 22:14

Richard Helms biographies list no single public document to verify his early life. Instead, Helms' public life began just as another famous mystery figure disappeared from public view. See the linked photo comparison.

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Citizen Weapons Inspections in California

11-11-2002 21:42

Who will disarm America?

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A Peace Poster Project

11-11-2002 18:42

We created a poster that is spreading around the world and can be downloaded by accessing The poster features a powerful Alan Pogue photograph of an Iraqi girl who was injured in a US bombing raid south of Basra in April, 1999.

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email-able campaign information videos

11-11-2002 16:41

These two short "adverts" were produced to help raise awareness of current campaigns being run by WWF and War on Want. They have been compressed to a size that allows them to be emailed comfortably so you can distribute them if you wish. The WWF clip was produced by me. The War on Want clip was produced by someone else and I have merely re-compressed it with there permission to help spread it around. (article 1)

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Deadly lesson for Israel left

11-11-2002 15:41

Read below

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Biotechnology Newswire Nov 11

11-11-2002 15:28

The following stories were posted to the on the biotechnology newswire. You too can post, comment, and search for some of the latest information on biotechnology. Stop by, add your stories, read, add events to our calendar and more!

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Disobedience against War, direct @ction meeting 12/11/02

11-11-2002 15:26

Meeting of the newly formed disobedience against war
network is on Tuesday 12th November at 7.30pm.
Venue: LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1.

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Trashing of Farnborough Town Centre

11-11-2002 14:44

Five year ago Farnborough had a thriving town centre. For the
last four years, KPI, a Kuwaiti-financed property company, has
been laying waste to the town centre. The latest plans are to
destroy the entire northern half of the town centre for a
superstore, a small housing estate is to be destroyed for the car

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6000 demonstrators in Brussels against war

11-11-2002 14:37


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11-11-2002 14:34

Independent on Sunday 10 November 2002 01:23 BDT
Stores shut and shares tumble as reality bites at McDonald's
[contains quote by Dave Morris in last paragraph]

By Andrew Johnson, Leo Lewis and Paul Kelbie