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News Shopper Sucks

20-02-2002 20:09

Regarding comment by a rightwing fashist Rupert Smith dubbing the pro-republicans as traitors for snubbing that waste of tax payers money called the Jubilee.

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20-02-2002 18:50


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Bank Manager Trial Postponed

20-02-2002 18:38

Alleged hoaxer Eric Suschetet will stand trial on March 8th.

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Picture montages from NUS Grants Demo 20.02.02

20-02-2002 18:15

Picture montages from NUS Grants Demo 20.02.02
Pics from today's students demo march for free eductaion and living grants as opposed to loans and £12,000 debts. The march set off from ULU at Malet street, before passing parliament and downing street (2 brief sit downs) and ending up at a rally in Traf sq where some MPs and others spoke. (article 1)

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There were no colours in the '50s!

20-02-2002 18:10


It has been discovered by SCIENTISTS that before the 1960s, there weren't actually any colours!

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Join the Global Women's Strike 8 March

20-02-2002 17:51

Join the Global Women's Strike 8 March
Central event in London:
Invest in Caring Not Killing: Whistle-Stop Tour and "Cacerolazo" to Sweep Out the Global Killers (Shell, Ministry of Defence, Institute of Directors, World Bank). Giant puppets, drummers, dancing and chanting. Bring your brooms, pots and pans to bang. Wheelchair users, kids and buggies, cyclists...all welcome (article 1)

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Tube drivers vote to strike

20-02-2002 17:44

Forgive link to BBC, but they got the news out first!

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A Tabloid Demo Reflecting the NUS Failure

20-02-2002 17:12

When the usual 'lollipop' demo- placards are sponsored not by the SWP but by "The (Daily) Mirror", the radical student story looks like its near the end of its print- run.

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20-02-2002 17:11

A video about Trident Ploughshares and the 3 days of direct action that have just finished at the Faslane nuclear submarine base. While in Scotland the majority of the public support the protests and those activists engaging in civil disobedience, media coverage has been almost non-existent.

This video follows a group of activist from Oxford.

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NUS demo report

20-02-2002 16:42

NUS demo pretty much as expected.

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Human rights & other irrelevancies

20-02-2002 16:04

The author of this article has been a stateless asylum-seeker for the last 19 years.
It’s NOT a nightmare  -  it’s a reality …… living in a  *soap opera*  scripted jointly by Kafka, Machiavelli, Dante, de Sade  &  Torquemada,  being inflicted on asylum-seekers by governments  ...... & those are the good days!
Most of the time  -  psychologically  -  it’s a daily trauma of survivorship in what can justifiably be called the atmosphere of an open-air concentration-camp.   
It’s soul-destroying & dehumanizing.

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The "Anarchist" Cop

20-02-2002 14:56

Lambeth Police Commander attacked in press for consulting with local people.

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royal navys secret war in the gulf

20-02-2002 12:35

miltary operations in yhe persian gulf

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american terrorism against iraq

20-02-2002 12:30

who's the terrorist?

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excellent debate on imc censorship/spam etc

20-02-2002 12:17

good debate on future of imc ,re, how to structure posts

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Detention Centres not fireproof - Lives in Danger

20-02-2002 11:24

None of the seven detention centres a part from Yarlswood have sprinkler systems fitted Fire Brigades Union calls for immediate release of all detainees remaining at Yarl's Wood.
Fax campaign to Minister for Immigration started.

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Intifada ROCKS! (cartoon by Latuff)

20-02-2002 11:16

Intifada ROCKS! (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle for independence.

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italy imc under police attack

20-02-2002 09:37


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Planned Destruction of Canada

20-02-2002 08:45

Nice to know your fascist neighbour has your future foremost in their minds.

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Discrimination is OK for some.

20-02-2002 06:16

A new UK bill endorses discrimination in elective office and forces women-only selection of candidates on the voters. Of cxourse, there would be howls of outrage if men-only selection of candidates were allowed.